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Events, re-enactments, etc.:

May 1-2, 2010 - Philadelphia, PA  - Living History Weekend aboard the USFS OLYMPIA. Duiring this weekend, the Living History Crew of the USFS OLYMPIA will be aboard the historic cruiser to help visitors understand the lifestyle of the sailor of 1898. The event will celebrate the 112th anniversary of Battle of Manila Bay. For more information, please visit the website of Independence Seaport Museum.


Beginning March, 1998: Ybor City, FL - In the heart of the Latin District, the Ybor City Campus of Hillsborough Community College has a FLORIDA HISTORY INTERNET PROJECT. Starting in March there will be a special section of the Project dedicated to the war, including VIRTUAL TAMPA 1898, VIRTUAL YBOR CITY 1898, VIRTUAL PORT TAMPA 1898 etc.... the site will have guided tours of the remaining buildings and sites of the Spanish-American War. It will be a total historic overview for visitors and history buffs with downloadable photos, maps, and materials and lots of useful stuff.For more information visit the website at

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -  Independence Seaport Museum has a permanent entitled "OLYMPIA." The exhibit will feature the ship's history, and many of the unusual artifacts recovered from her, and related to her. For more information, visit Independence Seaport Museum's website.

The Miami Valley Mistory History Museum, located in Building 120 on the campus of the Dayton VA Medical Center, has an exhibit that includes Spanish American War artifacts.

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