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The Library of Congress Detroit Photo collection(Great photos of all-related subjects!)
The Library of Congress Documentation site on the Spanish-American War
Cuban Battlefields of the Spanish-Cuban-American War
The Treaty of Paris
Motion Pictures and the War (The Library of Congress)
Film Studies and the Spanish American War
The Age of Imperialism
The World of 1898
US Naval Historical Center - The Spanish-American War
Medal of Honor Recipients in the Spanish-American War
Women in the Spanish-American War
Harvard in the Spanish American War
Jews Who Served with Honor in the Spanish American War
Fort Macon (North Carolina) in the Spanish American War
Stories of the Ohio Battleflags
Spanish American War Forts and Camps


Spain in the Americas-Human Rights and Guerrilla War
An account of San Juan Hill by Sgt. Major Frank Pullen, an African American
Info. on Spanish American War and its Cuban Backgrounds by an Authentic Cuban
Regiments of the Cuban Army of Liberation (1895-1898)

The Philippines

Irregular Warfare in the Philippines
Troops Embarking for the Phillipines Thomas Edison film clip available on line!


Theodore Roosevelt, his Ethic and The Battle of San Juan Hill
William McKinley Birthplace Memorial
Major General Frederick Funston
Major Walter Reed
Alexander Oswald Brodie ("Rough Riders")
John Jay "Jack" Humbert, 20th Kansas
Benjamin Franklin Stewart, 1st DC Volunteer Infantry
Newman Potts Jones, 1st North Carolina Volunteer Infantry
The Halburnt Brothers who served in the Spanish American War
George Percival Scriven and his diary
Library of Congress Recording Archive
Hear the voice of General Leonard Wood talking about Theodore Roosevelt!
Admiral Segismundo Bermejo y Merelo, Spanish Minister of the Navy
Basilio Augustín y Dávila, Governor-General of the Philippines
Práxedes Mateo Sagasta, Prime Minister of Spain
Enrique Dupuy de Lôme, Spanish Minister to the U.S.
Ellen May Tower - Contract Nurse


The Naval Historical Center's Spanish American War Ship Photo Page
Independence Seaport Museum The Home of USS Olympia
Yahoo on-line discussion group for the United States Navy of 1898
The American Merchant Marine in the Spanish American War


Sons of Spanish American War Veterans
Arctic Explorations and the 1898 Gold Rush
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