American Medals of the Spanish American War Period

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One of the more frequent requests we receive at the Spanish American War Centennial Website is to help identify medals from the time period. There were many medals issued - some officially by the Federal Government, some by state governments, the Spanish War Veterans organzation, and by the many military organizations themselves. We cannot show every medal, but we will begin by adding a variety of what we have available. If you have a medal not represented, send us an image of it, along with a the information you know about (i.e., who received, his background, etc.)

If you have a U.S. government-issued Spanish American War Service medal with a rim number or a Spanish Campaign medals with a rim number, we may be able to provide you with some information on the original recipient, such as his name, possibly his homestate, unit, and rank as well.  For recipients of the Sampson medal, we can verify rank and ship name by the rim number. This information is only available for these medals since the numbers on state-issued medals are not traceable! If you have a numbered U.S. government issued medal and want this information, simply provide the information to Andrew Lipps, one of our correspondents by clicking here (please note...this is free for individuals. If you are a dealer with a large number of medals, contact Andrew and work something out).

For the medals below, click on the label below the image for more information.

U.S. Navy Spanish Campaign medal

U.S. Marine Corps Spanish Campaign medal

U.S. Army Spanish Campaign medal

U.S. Army Spanish War medal

U.S. Navy Philippine Campaign medal

U.S. Cuban Army of Occupation - medal

U.S. Army of Occupation - Service in Puerto Rico medal

The United Spanish War Veterans Medal

The Brooklyn Medal

Rough Rider medal issued by Theodore Roosevelt

The Manila Bay Medal ("Dewey Medal")

U.S. Navy West Indies Naval Campaign Medal ("Sampson  Medal")

U.S. Navy West Indies Naval Campaign Medal ("Sampson  Medal"), Second Issue

U.S. Navy West Indies Campaign Special Meritorious Service Medal

U.S. Navy Good Conduct Medal

20th Kansas medal

California Veterans Medal

First California Volunteers Public Commemorative Medal

Michigan State Commemorative Medal

6th Missouri Volunteer Infantry Commemorative Medal

First Montana Volunteer Infantry Commemorative Medal

Montana's 3rd U.S. Volunteer Infantry Commemorative Medal

New York Volunteers Medals (Army Volunteers and Navy Militia)

1st New York Volunteer Cavalry

Battery C, Pennsylvania Volunteer Artillery Medal

Rough Riders Reunion ribbon

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