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Plans! We presently have the following drawings for sale:

Item 1001 - Plans of the British sloop HMS SWIFT. The plan consists of a plan, profile and stern view. The plan shows the ship as of December, 1783.

Cost: $10.00  To order a copy, Click here!

Item 1002 - Plans and profiles of the British naval swivel gun. The plan is dimensioned.

Cost: $10.00  To order a copy, Click here!

Item 9010 - Ordnance Drawings, 1832 - This is a set of drawings of cannon barrels, carronade barrels, mortars,  5 1/2" howitzer carriage, limber, ship gun traversing gear ( including Congreve's traversing gun carriage). Some gun tubes shown in plan and section. The set includes 21 drawings on three 8 1/2" x 11" sheets. Title sheet of original publication included also. The drawings were originally published in the Edinburgh Encyclopedia, First American Edition (Philadelphia, 1832) .

Cost: $5.00  To order a copy, Click here!

Item 9011 - 24 Pounder Carriage Drawings, 1797 - Scale drawing, entitled "A 24 Pound Naval Truck Gun of the Year 1797." This drawing, drawn at a scale of 1/2" to the foot, shows the plan, profile and sections of a 24 pounder wooden gun carriage. The sheet contains 6 views and is reproduced on an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet.

Cost: $3.50  To order a copy, Click here!

Item 9012 - 24 Pounder Carriage Drawings, 1797 - Same as above, but reproduced on an 11" x 17" sheet.

Cost: $4.50  To order a copy, Click here!

Books! We presently have the following books and publications for sale:

Item 10014 - Military Record of  Lancaster Countians (Pennsylvania) - Journal of the Lancaster County Historical Society (Vol. XLVIII, No. 4, 1944) containing the article entitled "Military Records of Lancaster Countians, 1784-1815" by Bertha Cochran landis and Eleanore J. Fulton. Each of the alphabetical listings contains info. such as  rank, militaryn unit, name of spouse, where buried, and sometimes a reference to additional data in the Pennsylvania Archives. The article has three engravings of  veterans - George Bryan Porter, Adam Reigart, and Jasper Yeates.  27 pages. This is an original copy of the 1944  publication, not a reprint. It is in excellent condition.  6" x 9"!

Cost: $7.50  To order a copy, Click here!

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