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Coins! We presently have the following coins:

Item 7001 - Ancient Indian Copper Coinage - This coin appears  to be from the Indian Native State of Kutch.  It has fairly thick flans and is patterned after  a coin from the sultanate of Malwa.  The coin dates from between 1570 and 1850 (this is what has been told to us...we are not experts on ancient Indian coinage). We have a number of these, and they vary in the markings, but all are equally distinct. They are all roughly 1/2 inch in diameter.

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Maps! We presently have the following maps:

Item 7002 - Historical Map of the Holy Land - Two sided wall map covering present day Israel and portions of Lebanon, Syria and Jordan (including the Dead Sea, Sea of Galilee, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip). The first side features a map of the areas above including the historical areas of Palestine, Ammon, Galilee, Decapolis, Moab, etc., at a scale of 1” =6.4 miles. The map has historical notes about specific events and event. The map also includes a legend which indicates the time period of major historical and archaeological sites (the legend includes Stone and Bronze Age 500,000 BC to 1,200 BC; Israelite and Persian Period 1,200 BC to 332 BC; Hellenistic and Roman periods 332 BC to 324 AD; Byzantine Period 324 AD to 640 AD and the Islamic Period 640 AD to 1917 AD). The second side includes 12 maps: 1) The travels of Abraham, Paul and Muhammed; 2) The travels of Moses and Jesus; 3) a pictorial panoramic view of Jerusalem with various important sites and buildings located; 4) Jerusalem at a scale of approximately 1” = ¼”(including the Old City with the Christian, Armenian, Jewish and Islamic Quarters indicated, as well as important historical sites); 5) the area surrounding Jerusalem with historical sites located using the same legend as on side one at a scale of about 1” = 3.5 miles. The remaining maps are small maps giving the general geographic areas of the following: 6) Egyptian/Israelite period, 7) Persian/Babylonian period, 8) Greek period, 9) Roman/Byzantine period, 10) Islamic growth/Crusades, 11) Ottoman/Mamluks, 12) and the 1920-1967 period. The map was produced by National Geographic in 1989. The map is in excellent condition. The map measures  20 1/4“ x 31“ overall (5 1/4“ x 7 3/4“ folded).

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Item 7003 - Map of Central America - Two-sided wall map produced by the National Geographic Society in 1986. One side of the map has seven maps. The largest is a map covering from the Yucatan Peninsula/Isthmus of Tehuantepec to the southern end of Panama. The map locates sites occupied between 1500 AD to prior to 250 BC. The map has an associated historical text. The other maps on this side are “Pre-Columbian Glory – Before 1500;” “Conquests and Colonies, 1500-1821;” “Time of Independence – 1821-1900;” “Prelude to Change, 1900-1945;” and “Upheaval and Uncertainty, 1945-present.” The other side of the map has four maps. The main map is a large scale (1”= 40 miles) covering from Guatemala to Panama. Three smaller maps show land use, ethnic distribution and population density. Text provides basic information on the countries included: Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama. The map measures 21 1/4” x 31 ½” overall (8” x 5 ¼” folded). The map is in excellent condition

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