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Political Buttons! We presently have the following political and advertising buttons:


Item 8002 - Political pinback - the 1 1/4" diameter button reads "Bush Quayle 88." The button has no maker's mark  We have a limited supply of these unique items, so order now! (Above)

Cost: $3.00  To order, Click here!

Item 8003 - Sunday School pinback - the 3/4" diameter button reads "Ebenezer S S," and features a cross and crown. The back indicates that the pin was made by Little's Cross and Crown System, Christian Finance Association, NY."  Probably from the 1930's. We have a limited supply of these unique items, so order now! (Below)Cost: $1.50  To order, Click here!


Item 8004 - Red Cross lapel pin  - overall, 1" tall. The pin was meant to be crimped and bent at the center to lock onto a lapel, collar, pocket, etc. We have a limited supply of these unique items, so order now! (above)

Cost: $1.50  To order, Click here!

Item 8005 - Annapolis Royal Pin  - This hat pin or lapel pin commemorates Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, one of the oldest settlements in North America. It is at Annapolis Royal that explorer Samuel de Champlain built his first permanent settlement (below)

Cost: $2.50  To order, Click here!

Books! We have the following books for sale:

Item 3017 - 1857 Copy of Waverly Novel - This book, in excellent condition, is an 1857 copy of the Waverley Novels, Household Edition, Volume II. The book was printed in Boston by Ticknor and Fields. Waverley was the famous novel written anonymously by Sir Walter Scott. The novel, set in 1745 during the Jacobite rebellion, is a combination of fictionalized Scottish history and romance was immensely popular. This book features a beautiful frontispiece of the character Fergus MacIver, with musket and full Scottish kilt and regalia. The book is bound in brown bookcloth. The cover features two Scottish broadswords crossed on a shield embossed in gold. The back cover features a crest with the words “Weel Watch.” The book has some minor wear, and the spine is faded, but otherwise it is in good shape. It’s a great period book for the Civil War re-enactor to read in the field! 7 1/2" x 4 3/4', 369 pages

Cost: $7.50  To order, Click here!

Item 3005 - Lutheranism/African American Sailors/David McNeely Stauffer - Journal of the Lancaster County Historical Society (Winter, 2005) containing the following articles: "The Origin of Organized Lutheranism in Lancaster County,  Pennsylvania" by Frederick S. Weiser, edited by Jed H. Kensinger. The article provides early history of the Lutheran Church in Lancaster in the early 1700's (24 pages).  "Black Sailors from Lancaster"  by Glenn Knight. The article provides data on known Afican American sailors who came from Lancaster, PA and who served in the U.S. Navy during the Civil War (6 pages) .  "Bookplates by David McNeely Stauffer" by Gerald S. Lestz. Stauffer was a member of Independent battery I, Pennsylvania Light Artillery during the Civil War. Later, he became a well-known civil engineer and artist. He was well-known for his design of persnal bookplates, and this article addresses his bookplates (4 pages).  "Lancaster County Communities: Mars Hill to New Haven" by John Ward Willson Loose. The article provides brief paragraphs on Lancaster communities providing info.  on their location and sometimes their origin (13 pages).   This is an original copy of the Winter , 2005 publication, not a reprint. It is in excellent condition.  6" x 9"!

Cost: $7.50  To order, Click here!

Item 5002 - Russian Revolution/Espionage -  A book entitled Sidney Reilly - The True Story of the World's Greatest Spy.  According to the book jacket, Reilly was a "man who lived for danger and who, at the height of his career, conceived a plan to overthrow Lenin and place himself at the helm of the new Russian state, Daring and resourceful, a dashing and romantic figure, fluent in many languages, his is a true stry of international high adventure and suspense, rife with double-crosses, elaborate disguises and duplicity." Reilly disappeared in 1925. The book was written by Michael Kettle, and was published by St. Martin's Press in New York in 1983. The book is in good condition, but shows evidence of libary ownership (name stamp, and evidence of sihn-out pocket). 5 3/4" x 8 1/2".  144 pages.

Cost: $9.00  To order, Click here!

Item 8007 - The Battle of Trafalgar - This softbound book is entitled The Battle of Trafalgar by Paul Davies and is part of or the Panaoram of History Series. Published in 1972, the work is profusely illustrated with many of the images being in color. The book covers the history of the famous battle, providing maps and appendicies with the order of battle and the ratings, commander and number of guns of each ship. The chapters of the book are entitled "the Protagonists," "The Campaign," "September 14th - October 20th, 1805," "The Battle," " October 22nd - December 24th, 1805," "The Men," "the Ships,"and "Aftermath." The book is in good condition, with some minor wear.  64 pages. 6 3/4" x 8 1/2"

Cost: $7.50  To order, Click here!

Item 10012 - Wallace Nutting/Pennsylvania Beautiful -  This is a reprint of artist Wallace Nutting's 1924  book entitled Pennsylvania Beautiful (Eastern), which is "illustrated by the author with many examples of landscapes and old houses in all the counties herein described." The book covers the following counties: Lancaster, Bucks, Berks, Chester, Luzerne, Montgomery, Wyoming, Lackawanna and Philadelphia counties. The book also deals with regions such as the Poconos, the Water Gap, and the Susquehanna and has specific sections on Pennsylvania barns, roads, etc. The books consists of an artistic description of the author's visit to these areas. The book is profusely illustrated with photos and drawings. The book is indexed. This 1974 reprint was done by Bonanza Books fifty years after the original book was published. The book is virtually in new condition, with little wear and the original dust jacket. 302 pages 6 1/4" x 9 1/4".

Cost: $8.50  To order, Click here!

Item 8009 - U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, March 1958  -  This Cold War issue of the Proceedings, the magazine of the Navy’s personnel’s thoughts and research, contains the following articles. The issue is No. 661, Vol. 84, No.3. The magazine is in very good condition, with only some slight damage at the top of the spine, and some pencil marks on the cover. 160 pages. 6 ¾” x 9 ¾”

"Security through Seapower" (by Cmdr. Ralph Williams)
"Errors of the Korean War" (by Cmdr. Malcolm Cagle)
"Japanese Treasure hunt in Manila Bay" (by Cmdr. W. L. Marshall)(about the Spanish and American search
   for the Philippine treasure dumped in Manila Bay to avoid it being found by the Japanese)
"LCT’s in a Typhoon" (by Lt. Melvin Tennis)(A typhoon in the summer of 1945 is discussed)
"Changing Trends in the Mediterranean Balance of Power 1935-1957" (by Wyatt Barnes)
"Leadership: A Case Study" (by Cmdr. Frank Smart)
"The Advance of Preventative Medicine" (by Lt. Edmund Gleason)
"Deep Battleground" (by Cmdr. Charles Rush)(About submarines)
"Our Status of Forces Agreements" (by Lt. Cmdr. James Doyle amd Lt. Cmdr. Haroace Robertson)
"Royal Canadian Navy – Atlantic" (a pictorial)
Cost: $5.00  To order, Click here!

Item 8010 - Ellis Island (A novel by Fred Mustard Stewart)  -  This novel tells the story of five of immigrants (including a Jewish man escaped from a pogrom, a penniless Italian, a Bohemian miner headed for the Pennsylvania coal mines, and two Irish girls headed for their prosperous family in Brooklyn. The story of their lives come together aboard ship and through their experiences at Ellis Island. The story of their lives continues as they seek their futures in the new America. The book tells what it was like to live in the U.S. as an immigrant in the early part of the twentieth century.  Hard bound. Very good condition. Virtually no wear. Has original dust cover. Only damage is a partially removed bookplate! 396 pages. 6 1/2” x 9 1/2".

Cost: $7.50  To order, Click here!

Item 8012 - A Tale of Two Cities (A novel by Charles Dickens)  -  This is one of Charles Dickens' most famous novels. This version was published by the MacMillan Company in 1926. This version has an introduction by Walter Phillips, assistant professor of English at the University of Cincinnati. Hard bound. Very good condition. Some wear. There pencil marks inside the front cover and a few other places showing use in a school. One small hole in the bookcloth on the spine. 459 pages, 5” x 7 1/2".

Cost: $3.00  To order, Click here!

Item 1012 - Rebellion - A Northwest Territory novel  -  This book is a novel written by Oliver Payne, and is billed as a novel of romance, war, honor and adventure.  The title is Rebellion - Northwest Territory Book 4. The blurb on the back of the book reads "1776 And the smoking fies of revolution burst into flame. At the peril of their lives, Owen and Ella Sutherland forsake their great trading company and travel east. Here Owne is agin fated to become a soldier and will battle Tory and redcoat...while the Sutherland's son, with his young English bride, must also choose sides...even if it means turning against his own family. But the Sutherlands will triumph as they blaze new pathways for the freest nation on earth." The book was published in 1983 by Berkley Books of New York. 415 pages. Paperback. The pages are slightly yellowed. Minor wear. The binding is strong, however,  the paper on the has some creases from previous use.

Cost: $3.00  To order, Click here!

Item 8014 - Biographies of  U.S. Presidents  -  This book contains biographies of U.S. presidents from George Washington to Calvin Coolidge.  It is entitled Our Presidents - Brief Biographies of Our Chief Magistrates and was written by James Morgan. The book was published by The Macmillan Company of New York in 1924.  The book contains 15 illustrations and is also indexed. The book is bound in gray bookcloth, with the title and author embossed on the cover in dark blue print, and on the spine in gold print. The book is in excellent condition. 326 pages, 5 1/2" x 8".

Cost: $6.00  To order, Click here!

Item 8015 - Biographies of  Famous Men in History  -  This book is entitled Famous Men of Modern Times and was written by John H. Haaren Lld., amd A. B. Poland, Phd. I contains biographies of Lorenzo de Medici, Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand of Aragon, Vasco da Gama, Chevalier BayardCardinal Wolsey, Charles V of Germany, Solyman [Suliman] the Sublime, Sir Francis Drake, Sir Walter Raleigh, Henry of Navarre, Wallenstein, Gustavus Adolphus, Cardinal Richelieu, Galileo, Oliver Cromwell, Louis XIV, Sir Isaac Newton, William III of England, Sobieski, Peter the Great, Charles XII of Sweden, William Pitt, George Washington, Robespierre, Napoleon Bonaparte, Horatio Nelson, Thaddeus Kosiusko, Abraham Lincoln, Garibaldi, William Ewart Gladstone, Count von Bismarck. Almost every biography includes an image of the person being discussed. The book was published by the American Book Company in New York in 1909. The book is bound in light greenish-tan bookcloth,. The book is in good condition. It has some water staining along the top of the book. Some discoloration on the spine. Some wear. 5 ½” x 7 ½” 352 pages.

Cost: $6.00  To order, Click here!

Item 8016 - California Recall Election of October 7, 2003 – The famous California Recall Election of October 7, 2003 – This is the official voter’s guide to the famous election. It includes the grounds for the recall and gives candidate’s statements for many candidates who were running to fill the void including Cruz Bustamante, Larry Flynt, Lorraine (Abner Zurd) Fontanes, Arianna Huffington, Trek Thunder Kelly, Kurt “Tachikaze” Rightmyer, David Laughing Horse Robinson, Peter Ueberroth. The booklet also includes info. on Propositions 53 and 54. The work is printed on newspaper-grade paper. 47 pages. 8 ½” x 11”

Cost: $7.50  To order, Click here!

Item 8017 - Titanic Survivor - The Account of Violet Jessop – This book, entitled Titanic Survivor, contains the remarkable account of Violet Jessop, who survived the sinking of both the TITANIC and BRITANNIC. The account was written in 1934 but not published until 1997. It is illustrated with photos, and has a listing of all of the voyages Jessop was on, serving as a stewardess. The book was edited and annotated by John Maxtone-Graham. The book was published by Sheridan House, Inc. of New York in 1997. The book is hardbound and has origial dust cover. It is in excellent condition. 238 pages. 6” x 9 1/4”

Cost: $5.50  To order, Click here!

Item 13007 - Death of Robert Kennedy, Original NewspaperLancaster New Era newspaper dated June 6, 1968. The headline of this Pennsylvania newspaper is “Sen. Kennedy Dies of Gunshot Wound 25 Hours After Attack.” The front page and many articles throughout relate to the death of Robert Kennedy, his killer Sirhan Sirhan, the funeral plans, details of his death, and local services. The newspaper is complete with all 56 pages. The newspaper is folded but is in remarkably good shape. Some yellowing, but no major tears.

Cost: $8.50  To order, Click here!

Item 8018 - Committee on UnAmerican Activities Report entitled World Communist Movement Selective Chronology 1818-1957, Vol III covering 1951 - 1953. The report was prepapred by the Legislative Reference Service of the Library of Congress, and was published by the U.S. Government Printing Office in Washington DC in 1964.  The chronology begins with the visit of Indian Communitists to the Soviet Union to gain guidance in January of 1951 and goes to the December 29, 1953 report of Viet Mihn Communist forces on a five day drive across Laos.  Each event covered is generally given a paragraph of description. The work includes info. on mcCarthy and the American Communists vowing to fight "McCarthyism." The work is a paperback and is in excellent condition. The book includes a Library Dewey decimal number on a piece of black booktape on the bottom of the spine. The book measures 6" x 9" and is 303 pages long.

Cost: $9.50  To order, Click here!

Postcards! Stereocards! We have the following postcards and Stereocards for sale:
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