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Item 11001 - 1884 Map of the Arizona Territory - This map, entitled "Map of the Territory of Arizona, 1884" is drawn at a scale of 23 miles to the inch. The extremely detailed map includes locations of Indian reservations, military reservations, confirmed grants, unconfirmed grants, county seats, completed railroads, railroad grant limits, cities, towns, and a depiction of the topography. The map measures approximately 16"x19".

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Item 11002 - Historical Map of Texas - Two sided wall map of Texas. The first side includes Texas and portions of the surrounding states at a scale of 1”= 43 miles. The map includes historical notes concerning various events and locations such as the founding of specific towns and cities. The second side has 6 maps with associated historical texts. The maps include 1) “Weak Spanish Frontier 1519-1821;” 2) “Era of Independence, 1821 – 1845;” 3) “Vigorous Expansion 1845-1900;” 4) “Broadening Base, 1900-1950;” 5) “New Frontiers, 1950-Present;” and 6) “Mexican Borderland.” The map was produced by National Geographic in 1986. The map is in excellent condition. The map measures 27 1/4“ x 20 1/4“ overall (5 “ x 6 3/4“ folded).

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Item 11003 - Historical Map of Texas - TSame as above, but with some minor soiling on the title portion of the map when folded up.

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Item 11004 - Map of the American Southwest – Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah - This map was produced by the National Geographic Society in 1977. The front of the publication is a map of the four states drawn at a scale of 1” = 33.5 miles. The map has many notes for places that a tourist may like to visit, providing city and town highlights, etc. The map also includes data such as locations of ghost towns, state and national parks, Indian reservations, ski areas, railroads and major highways. The back of the map provides text that gives a basic description of each state amid artistic images of the southwest. The map measures 35” x 22 ½” overall (8 ¾” x 5 ½” folded). The map is in excellent condition..

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