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Plans! We presently have the following plans:

Item 5001 - Section Drawing for the 155 mm Schneider Gun Carriage - This plan includes the assembled longitudal section of the 155 mm howitzer carriage, Model of 1918 (Schneider). The plan is dated September 29, 1917, and has signitures from the U.S. Army Ordnance Department indicating that it was approved. The section is dimensioned. The drawing is 23"x35".

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Books and Publications:

Item 3014 - Wilson White House - Journal of the Lancaster County Historical Society (Easter, 1968) containing an article entitled Last Child Born in the White House" by Miriam Eyde Bixler. The birth of Francis Bowes Sayre, Jr. on January 17, 1915 in the White House. Sayre was the grandson of Martha Nevin of Lancaster County. The article is 4 pages long. This is an original copy of the 1968 publication, not a reprint. It is in excellent condition.  6" x 9"!

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Item 5002 - World War One/Russian Revolution -  A book entitled Sidney Reilly - The True Story of the World's Greatest Spy.  According to the book jacket, Reilly was a "man who lived for danger and who, at the height of his career, conceived a plan to overthrow Lenin and place himself at the helm of the new Russian state, Daring and resourceful, a dashing and romantic figure, fluent in many languages, his is a true stry of international high adventure and suspense, rife with double-crosses, elaborate disguises and duplicity." Reilly disappeared in 1925. The book was written by Michael Kettle, and was published by St. Martin's Press in New York in 1983. The book is in good condition, but shows evidence of libary ownership (name stamp, and evidence of sihn-out pocket). 5 3/4" x 8 1/2".  144 pages.

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Item 4021 - Colt Automatic Gun! - This is a copy of a two rare publications concerning the Colt Automatic gun.  The first is taken from an 1898 manual and is entitled “Colt’s Automatic Gun,” By Lt. Cyrus S. Radford and  Lt. Stokeley Morgan and is taken fro the Hand-book on Naval Gunnery (New York: D. Van Nostrand Company, 1898) .  This article discusses the mechanical operation of the 6 millimeter version of the weapon. The second article is “Colt’s Automatic Gun, Cal. 30,” reporduced from the Ordnance Instruction Book of the Gunners’ Mates School (United States Navy, 1917-1918) . This article discusses the mechanical operation of the 30 caliber version of the weapon, and includes info. on loading firing, dismounting and assembling, and contains a fold-out lengthwise section through the gun. .The work is reproduced on an 8 1/2" x 11" sheets, with the fold-out being on 11" x 17" paper, 9 pages, total.

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Item 8017 - Loss of the Britannic - The Account of Violet Jessop – This book, entitled Titanic Survivor, contains the remarkable account of Violet Jessop, who survived the sinking of both the TITANIC and BRITANNIC (sunk during World War One). The account was written in 1934 but not published until 1997. It is illustrated with photos, and has a listing of all of the voyages Jessop was on, serving as a stewardess. The book was edited and annotated by John Maxtone-Graham. The book was published by Sheridan House, Inc. of New York in 1997. The book is hardbound and has origial dust cover. It is in excellent condition. 238 pages. 6” x 9 1/4”

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Other odds and ends.

Item 8004 - Red Cross lapel pin  - overall, 1" tall. The pin was meant to be crimped and bent at the center to lock onto a lapel, collar, pocket, etc. We have a limited supply of these unique items, so order now!

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