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The Roster of the 1st Florida Volunteer Infantry

Company C

Contributed by William Morgan

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Below is the roster of the First Florida Volunteer Infantry ("Shine Guards").



Capt. John N. Bradshaw
1st Lt. Augustus C. Hart - transferred to Company B, per SO #136.
1st Lt. Joseph C. West - transferred from Company B, per SO #130
2nd Lt. Frank X. Schuller - appointed Regimental Quartermaster
2nd Lt. Charles E. McDowell - promoted from 1st Sergeant


1st Sergeant John R. Wilson
Sergeant James Forsythe
Sergeant Frank P. Kenny
Sergeant Eugene B. Morey - transferred to Regimental Band 07-13-98
Sergeant Edward Roberson
Sergeant Charles H. Welch
Quartermaster Sergeant Thomas M. Decker - promoted from ranks
Corp. Amory O. Amsden - appointed Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant
Corp. Edward Banks - transfered to Company B, per RGO #42
Corp. Percy G. Bartlett - promoted from ranks
Corp. John C. Carter
Corp. Geoffrey Elwes Cary - discharged per SO #118.
Corp. Frank M. Gleach - promoted from ranks
Corp. Roswell King
Corp. Samuel Perkins
Corp. James Rogers
Corp. Gabe H. White - promoted from ranks
Artificer Benjamin W. Clayton
Bugler Roland Amold
Musician Arthur T. Butt


Clifford Allen
John E. Allen
John A. Anderson - died at Ft. McPherson, Georgia, 08-15-98
Walter Baker
George A. Barker
Edward H. Barksdale
R.E. Barrow
Clifford T. Bartlett
Walter Bates - transfered to US Hospital Corps, per SO #126.
William B. Boone
Bert T. Bowman
Horace Browne
Laurence E. Brunson
James H. Bruton
Guy A. Bryant
Jesse Bumby
William B. Campbell
Norman J. Carlton
Rufus Christopher
Victor W. Cisco
Walter H. Combs - transferred to regimental hospital service.
Vanden W. Cooper
Emory E. Cox
Joseph L. Crews
Frank Curdollo
Thomas J. Darling
William DeCantillon - deserted 08-28-98
Patrick Donnehy
Hugh W. Dumsuer - transferred to US Signal Corps
Marvel Edwards
Frank Evans
Thomas M. Frierson - discharged for disability Sept 98
John W. Fulford
Frank E. Gainer
Charles E. Garner
William S. Gates
William G. Golladay
W.R. Hall
Peter Hansen
Charles E. Hartley - discharged for disability 04-05-98
Oscar S. Hawes
Edmund R. Holley
D.E. Hurlbut
Van D.R. Hurlbut
Edwin L. Jackson
Paul B. Jaudon, Jr.
Leroy Jones - transferred from Company D 10-09-98
Daniel Kettel
Harold Lake
Arthur C. Landis
Louis M. Lanier
Eugene E. Lee - deserted 10-08-98
Edward R. Libby
Charles R. Lord - transferrd to Company F 10-09-98
Walter Lynch
John F. Lyons
Adolph M. McConnell
Charles L. McDonnald
James T. McGuire
Charles E. McLarty
W. McLarty
W. William McNeil
Robert Martin
Charles F. Miller
C.W. Mitchell
Ralph E. Nix
Seymour Norton-Taylor
Bracy Norton-Taylor
John E. Partin
Elton G. Pennell
A.S. Piatt
Charles B. Piatt
Edward H. Piatt
Jacob D. Propst
Weather H. Reans
Fonda Reed
H.C. Robertson
J.W. Robertson - transferred to Company D, 10-09-98
William Rouke
Adolph Sacher
Frank Schmidt
Thomas M. Scott
William J. Shaw
Charles S. Smith
Thomas F. Smith - transferred to US Hospital Corps, 06-07-98
Louis Sraman
Robert F. Stafford
Albert R. Stephens
Clarence E. Strand
George A. Taylor - transferred to Company B 10-09-98
Robert Taylor
Luther Walker
William C. Wall
William T. Webb
James M. White
William W. White
Elbert L. Whitehurst
Daniel C. Wilson


Bacon, Eve, Orlando: A Centennial History (Chuluota, FL: The Mickler House Publishers, 1975) Pages 211-213.

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