The Roster of the 1st Kentucky Volunteer Infantry

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Field and Staff ||| Company I

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This is a partial roster of the First Kentucky Volunteer Infantry. If you have rosters of additional companies of the regiment not listed below, please consider contributing this data to us.

The Roster:

Regimental Staff and Field

Colonel John B. Castleman
Morris B. Belknap

Company I


Captain Vola Trimble
1st Lt. Charles H. Morrow
1st Lt. Wm. A. Campbell
2nd Lt. Green V. Logan


1st Sgt. Barnie L. McDonald
2nd Sgt. Thomas L. Mullaney
3rd Sgt. Perry N. Colyer
4th Sgt. Thomas S. Kennedy
Quartermaster Owen W. Thomas


Joseph M. Newport
Charles P. Gragg
Edwin B. Cundiff
William O. Owens
Williarm R. Jackson
Oliver O. Holmes
Harry L. Fowle
Marion F. Farmer
Henry C. Waddle
James H. Shadoan
Josh Jones
Joseph G. May
George B. Davis (Died December 1, 1898)

Musician: Robert M. Barron.

Wagoner: William Jackson.

Artificer: Lindsay M. Watson.


Walter C. Abbott
Eliah H. Baker
Everett Baugh
Andrew J. Bigley
Miles F. Brinkley
Hayes Brummett
Elishu Burton
George K. Burton
Montgomery S. Burton
Charles H. Busch
William F. Campbell
Odie Carter
Newell F. Clark
William H. Collins
Benjamin Cundiff
Clifford H. Day
King Durham
Charles Emmick
John F. Farmer
Loren E. Floyd
Elihu Ford
Dock E. Foster
Anderson Freeman
Herbert C. Gann
George C. Garrett
Paul Goodpaster
Otis Gragg
Frank H. Gray
Matthew A. Hale
James A. Hall
William F. Hall
George M. Ham
Daniel P. Hamilton
William T. Hansche
Andrew Hardgrove
George T. Hargis
John M. Hartgrove
Albert T. Haynes
John H. Haynes
Jeseph Hines
William C. Hopper
Rutherford H. Howell
Reuben O. Jones
George W. Karns
Snode Keith
Gustave Kissel
William L. Lester
Zeno G. Logan
Willis G. Loveless
Thomas L. Marcum
James Massengale
Roland McGahan
Walter O. Mercer
Elswick W. Newport
Charles Patterson
Qualo Phelps
Raffet, Henry (killed by blow on the head when struck by guard at Newport News, Virginia December 10, 1898)
James E. Reedy
William J. Reid
John Roberts
Samuel R. Sandifer
Andrew Schneider
John Shadoan
Dennie P. Shadoin
George Solomon
Joseph E. Staples
James F. Stewart
Granville E. Stringer
Marion Tarter
John R. Tate
John P. Tompson
William R. Trusty
Joseph D. Turpen
John N. Underwood
John M. Vanhook
George Webb
William Welburn
Charles F. Zachary`


Young, Terry  - Company I from records found at the Roster Family History Museum in Mesa, Arizona.

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