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The Partial Roster

of the

1st Nebraska Volunteer Infantry

Contributed by Mary Rickey

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The following is a partial roster of the 1st Nebraska Volunteer Infantry. If you have rosters of additional companies, please consider contributing the information to us by clicking here.

The Roster:

Field and Staff
Company A ||| Company B ||| Company C ||| Company D

Company E ||| Company F ||| Company G ||| Company H
Company I ||| Company K ||| Company L ||| Company M

Company Field and Staff:


Bratt, John P. (Discharged)
Stotsenburg, John M.  (Killed in action, April 23, 1899)
Mulford, H. B.

Company G:


Williams, Fred A. (Promted to Major)
Forby, Lee (Killed March 29, 1899)
Talbot, V. Claris

1st Lieutenants:

Ough, Claude H. (Promoted to Capt., Co. B)
Burr, Deo W.

2nd Lieutenants:

Fisher, Burton (Promoted to 1st Lt., Co. M)
Hannes, Harry E.


First, Stewart, John A.
Q.M., Underwood, Henry C.
Higginbotham, George S.
Walker, Francis M.
Camp, Wilber E. (Wounded February 17, 1899)
Camp, Franklin R.


Hyde, Charlton B.
Hannes, Arthur S.
McPherson, John H.
Scott, Alvin R.
Waite, Ernest W.
Roberts, Ward G. (Wpunded March 25, 1899)
Witter, John A. (Company Cook)
Parmelee, Arthur H.


Head, Claude F. (Wounded August 5, 1898, Discharged June 30, 1899)
Bender, Elwood


Geller, Frank W.


Cameron, James J.


Allen, Ethan J.
Anderson, Hugh S.
Ashbrook, John M.
Ashton, Lee R.
Barnes, James
Barth, Henry F.
Belknap, Clarence A.
Chenoweth, Claude M. (Wounded March 30, 1899)
Cleaveland, Howard G.
Coon, Marion L.
Cobb, Winfred R. (Discharged December 28, 1898)
Craig, Walter A.
Deakins, Oliver M.
Deaver, Harvey W.
Dedmore, Oscar D.
Dowis, Jonathan E.
Gregg, Alva V.
Harvey, Oscar C.
Harwood, Ernest G. (Discharged March 8, 1899)
Haughawout, George L.
Heckman, Henry M. (Wounded March 30, 1899)
Heckman, Shelly E.
Hensel, Claude P.
Higginbotham, Charles B
Hitchcock, Henry M.
Hogue, Walter W. (Died September 20, 1898)
Hughes, Silas E.
Johnston, Wilber B.
Madison, Charles H.
Marsh, Samuel B
Merryman, John R.
Milligan, Walter W.
Mohler, Charles E.
Morrow, Stanley F.
McPherren, Edmond C.
North, Thomas C. (Died December 30, 1898)
Oberkotter, John F.
Ogden, George E.
Placek, Emil E.
Porter, Charles K.
Pool, Edward
Ray, George R.
Reed, Lewis E. (Wounded March 29, 1899)
Scriven, Alba J.
Scriven, Loomus A
Shaffer, Ned
Shumaker, Harry L.
Simacek, Charles
Simmons, William H.
Smith, Arthur C.
Smrha, Charles Jr.
Spivey, James (Killed May 4, 1899)
Steven, William A.
Talmadge, Edwin R. (Discharged December 13, 1898)
Van Buren, Frank R.
Van Nort, John H.
Walker, Charles E.
Walker, Gilbert D.
Walker, Willie P.
Walker, Guy C. (Killed March 7, 1899)
Warner, Leonard H
White, Charles C.
Whitzel, Loyd E.
Wilson, Edward F.
Williams, John (Wounded February 17, 1899, Dsichaged March 8, 1899)
Woodworth, Charles R.
Wright, Robert O. (Discharged April 17, 1899)

Honorably Discharged on December 12, 1898:

Q.M. Sergeant William H. Carson
Sergeant William H. Smith
Sergeant John Burlington
Corporal Carl V. Propst
Wagoner Perry L. Sargent
Carter, Oscar M.
Eaton, Sylvester
Ekwall, Fred S.
Huston, Arthur H.
Kingsley, Howard F.
Marsh, Judson C.
Merrill, William J.
Moore, Percy H.
Pfleiderer, Fred
Taylor, Guy E.


Bunnet, Sara, editor, Manila Envelopes: Oregon Volunteer Lt. George Telfer's Spanish American War Letters. (Oregon Historical Society Press, 1987) 175

Thiessen, Thomas D., "The Fighting First Nebraska: Nebraska's Imperial Adventure in the Philippines, 1898-1899" Nebraska History Magazine, Fall, 1989 p. 228.

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