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The Roster of the

First Nevada Volunteer Infantry Battalion

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Below is a partial roster of the First Nevada Volunteer Infantry. Should you have rosters of additional companies of the regiment, please consider contrubuting the data to this page by clicking here.

The Roster:

Company E (later combined with Company B):

James R. Allen (Lincoln Co.)
Moses Anderson (Elko, Elko Co.)
Edmund W. Bass (White Pine Co.)
Barney Blockyon (Elko, Elko Co.)
Ernest E. Brown (Elko, Elko Co.)
Ben Bryson (Lincoln Co.)
Andrew J. Burke (Lincoln Co.)
Guy H. Butterfield (Lander Co.)
Edward D. Cooley (Lander Co.)
William Akin Cox (Elko, Elko Co.)
Charles M. Eager (Elko, Elko Co.)
Lorenzo Edmunds (Carlin, Elko Co.)
William H. Edwards (Lincoln Co.)
Joseph O. Elderidge (Carlin, Elko Co.)
James F. Elliott (Tuscarora, Elko Co.)
John E. Elliott (Wells, Elko Co.)
Walter H. Fullerton (Lincoln Co.)
Samuel F. Gilland (Tuscarora, Elko Co.)
J. T. Greenwood (Carlin, Elko Co.)
Fernando P. Hershey (Elko, Elko Co.)
Hiram H. Hill (Elko, Elko Co.)
Frederick Hoppie (Tecoma, Elko Co.)
James H. Jensen (Lincoln Co.)
John Jewell (Palisade, Eureka Co.)
John J. Kelley (Lincoln Co.)
W. S. Kelton - failed physical (Elko, Elko Co.)
Louis Kremen (Elko, Elko Co.)
James J. Madden (Elko, Elko Co.)
Carl Markgraf (Elko, Elko Co.)
James D. Martin (Elko, Elko Co.)
W. T. McArdle (Elko, Elko Co.)
T.A. McCharles (Elko, Elko Co.)
Hubert McNamarah (Fort Halleck, Elko Co.)
Ole Michelson (Lincoln Co.)
Andrew Nelson (Elko, Elko Co.)
Ben M. Nelson (Mountain City, Elko Co.)
F. H. Oakes - failed physical (Lander Co.)
Thomas H. O’Toole (Elko, Elko Co.)
Charles W. Parker (White Pine Co.)
Albert H. Pate (Battle Mountain, Lander Co.)
Harry Pierce (Delamar, Lincoln Co.)
Carl L. Quinn (Mound Valley, Elko Co.)
John E. Quinn (Bald Mountain, Elko Co.)
George W. Reeder (Elko, Elko Co.)
William Rigsby (Elko, Elko Co.)
James P. Riley (Elko, Elko Co.)
William S. Risley (Lincoln Co
John A. Ritter (Tuscarora, Elko Co.)
James J. Ryan (Elko, Elko Co.)
John Winson Scott (Elko, Elko Co.)
Arthur Short (Ruby Valley, Elko Co.)
Robert Emmet Short (Ruby Valley)
Fred M. Sorenson (Delamar, Lincoln Co.)
Frank Stidham (Ruby Valley)
Harry L. Stoddard (Elko, Elko Co.)
Bernard Thorpe (Tecoma, Elko Co.)
Frank H. Winter (Mountain City, Elko Co.)
Charles E. Woodward (Tuscarora, Elko Co.)
Hughy Wright (Delamar, Lincoln Co.)


Company E -  Northeastern Nevada Historical Society Quarterly, Spring 1974 - Contributed by Coralee Griswold.

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