A Roster of the 1st North Dakota Volunteer Infantry

Contributed by John Durand

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The following is a roster for the 1st North Dakota Volunteer Infantry.

This roster was transcribed from a printed roster probably prepared for a reunion held in late 1939.

The document includes the following notes:

"Members of the First North Dakota Volunteer Infantry Veterans Association:

 The effort to complete the roster of the Organization has been carried on for five years by the present Registrar. It has seemed a hopeless task. So many Veterans move from place to place that your registrar is unable to follow.

 A cut-off has been made August, 1939. The present roster is the result...."

The listing include the name of the soldier, his company,and rank.

The Roster:

Abraham, Albert F., H, Private
Abraham, Herman, H, Private
Adams, Charles, I, Private
Adelman, Antone, K, Private
Albin, Bert, D, Private
Allen, William N., G, Private
Allen, William C., B, Corporal
Allen, Clarence J., H, Private
Allwardt, Edward, D, Private
Amundson, Oscar W., G, Private
Amo, Charles M., G, Private
Anders, Frank L., B, Corporal
Anderson, Charles H., I, Private
Anderson, Lewis N., B, Private
Anderson, Andrew, A, Private
Anderson, C. A., G, Private
Anderson, Fred C., K. Lance Corporal
Anderson, Louis E., I, Wagoner
Anderson, Charles AKA Flattum, Charles A., D, Private
Anderson, R. W., D, Private (transferred)
Andrews, Samuel, K, Sergeant
Andrews, Edward M., B, Private
Anfinson, Jacob, I, Private
Armstrong, Patrick F., D, Private
Arnold, William H., G, Private
Arthur, Samuel, C, Private
Aspinwall, William B., I, 1st Lieutenant
Atkins, Stonewall, B, Corporal
Auld, George, K, Captain
Auld, Storey E., K, Sergeant
Auman, William H. Jr., I, Corporal
Babin, Albert P., D, Sergeant
Baer, Robert E., A, Private
Bailey, David W., G, Quartermaster Sergeant
Baldwin, Dorman Jr., H, 2nd Lieutenant
Ball, Percy D., C, Private
Bamford, Wesley M., D, Private
Barnard, Henry, C, Private
Barrows, Albert, C, Private
Bartlett, Bert M., D, Private
Barton, Arthur L., G, Private
Beauchamp, David F., D, Private
Beck, Alof, B, Private
Becker, Fred, D, Artificer
Beegel, Emil, A, Private (discharged)
Bennet, Arthur, H, Private
Benson, Elof, G, Private
Berg, Frank E., A, Private
Berg, Ole O., C, Private
Berg, Ingvald A., G, Captain
Berglund, Severt B., H, Private
Berry, Henry R., B, Chief Trumpeter (transferred)
Berry, Roy H., K, Private
Bertramsen, Bert, G, Artificer
Bertramsen, Andrew, G, Private
Bigelow, David E., H, Sergeant
Black, James L., A, Private
Black, N. M., Captain & Assistant Surgeon
Blanchett, Felix, I, Private
Bleecher, Ira O., H, Musician
Bleckeberg, Thomas J., C, Private
Bleskheck, Joseph, C, Private
Boehler, Otto, I, Private
Boland, John P., A, Private
Bonney, Morton R., K, Corporal
Boring, Albert L., K, Private
Bothne, Nels J., I, Corporal
Boutillier, Daniel L., A, Private
Bowland, Frank D., B, Private
Bowman, Ticko, K, Private (discharged)
Boyce, Windsor L., D, Private
Boyer, Joseph, H, Private
Bradley, Ralph E., B, Quartermaster Sergeant
Bratton, Luther H., D, Musician
Brandrum, Cannte, I, Private
Brand, H. J., I, Sergeant
Briggs, Burnie, H, Private
Brastrup, Fred T., H, Corporal
Brose, William H., I, Private
Brown, Herbert N., B, Private (discharged)
Brown, Charles E., D, Private aka Baker, A. W.
Brown, George K., H, Wagoner
Bush, Steven E., G, Private
Burgess, Robert O., D, Private
Burnett, W. Fulton, K, 1st Sergeant
Butt, Edmund L., A, Private
Butterwick, Charles D., K, Private
Buzzell, Delbert, H, Musician
Byron, John C., D, Corporal
Cadieux, John H., H, Private
Cairncross, Charles C., C, Sergeant
Callahan, Ralph E., H, Private
Campbell, Lorne, I, Hospital Corps (transferred)
Carney, James E., I, Private
Chaloner, John C., K, Private
Carpenter, George E., K, Private
Chamberlain, John J., H, Musician
Chapman, Herbert E., G, Private
Charles, John C., H, Private
Chase, Nathan E., K, Private (discharged)
Chave, Thomas T., G, Private
Christianson, Neal, G, Artificer
Christopherson, Eddie, G, Private
Church, Walter E., G, Private
Clark, Louis P., G, Musician
Classley, Michael, A, Private (discharged)
Cleary, Burdette, B, Private
Clubb, Alexander, H, Private
Coburn, Clark H., K, Corporal
Cogswell, Adelbert W., D, Captain
Colburn, Parley R., K, Private
Colman, Wingfield H., G, Hospital Corps
Collette, Alfred B., C, Private
Collins, Albert T., H, Corporal
Conklin, Fred L, B, 1st Lieutenant
Connolly, Frank A., I, Private
Conrad, Loran E., G, Private
Cook, Joseph A., C, Private
Cook, Henry F. B., B, Private
Cook, Thomas R., C, Artificer
Cooper, Charles, H, Private
Cofeland, UNK, A, (Drowned in Pacific Ocean)
Cornell, Ernest B., K, Private
Correll, Ira A., A, Sergeant
Coughlin, William H., G, Corporal
Cramer, Harry R., B, Private
Croll, Raymond, K, Private (discharged)
Cross, Delbert, G, Corporal
Crowl, Ralph S., C, Quartermaster Sergeant
Crooker, Lemuel E., B, Private
Crum, Paul, B, Attached
Crumley, William A., A, Private
Cunningham, Fred D., H, Cook
Curtis, Timothy B., K, Private
Dalton, Thomas, J., A, Corporal
Davis, Jesse A., B, Private
Davis, Daniel R., A, Private
Davis, John T. B., G, Private
Davis, Woodbury J., H, Private
Davis, Charles P., G, Corporal
Dawson, Philip P., A, Private (discharged)
Debbert, Fred J., I, Private
DeFrate, Austin O., C, Private
DeFoe, Charles H., K, Corporal
Desmond, John, I, Private (discharged)
Devine, Arthur L., G, Private
Diamond, John A., I, Private (discharged)
Doherty, Stephen A., K, Private (discharged)
Dolan, William J., A, Private
Dollard, George T., K, Wagoner
Donaldson, Robert R., D, Private
Donovan, Harry W., H, Regiment Hospital
Downes, Willis H., H, Wagoner
Doyle, James, B, Private
Dragoo, George W., D, Private
Drury, John P., A, Private
Dumochel, Arthur C., D, Private
Dunn, Piatt, A, Corporal
Durban, George, C, Private
Durkin, John J., A, Private
Eager, Charles H., D, Sergeant (discharged)
Early, Frank A., K, Private
Ebbinghausen, Walter D., C, Private
Eddy, Porter W., H, Captain
Eddy, John C., H, 1st Sergeant
Edick, John R., A, Wagoner
Edison, Harry A., K, Private
Edwards, William R., B, Sergeant
Eggleson, Arthur C., A, Private
Elliott, William J., D, Private
Ehri, Christ, C, Sergeant
Elliott, Frank E., D, Private
Ellis, Alonzo B., G, Wagoner
Ellis, Ernest E., G, Battalion Sergeant Major
Elsberry, Robert T., D, Corporal
Ellsworth, Albert A., B, Private (discharged)
Elston, Arthur G., C, Private
Elwin, Elmer H., B, Private
Erickson, Albert C., D, Private
Eymann, Fred, D, Private
Faille, Wulbrod, C, Private
Fairbanks, E. Ray, G, Corporal
Farrier, C. N., H, Regiment Hospital Steward (discharged)
Fay, Edward Jr., A, Private (discharged)
Faytle, John F., I, Sergeant (discharged)
Feely, Martin Jr., A, Private
Fell, Howard E., AKA Anderson, Harry J., H, Artificer
Fick, Herman F. C., B, Private
Files, Herbert, I, Private (discharged)
Firn, Charles W., A, Artificer
Fisher, John J., K, Private
Fitzgerald, William, K, Private
Fleming, George E., I, Private (discharged)
Fliming, William B., G, Hospital Corps
Flyn, Willard J., A, Private
Foemig, Emil, A, Corporal
Foley, Oswold D., C. Sergeant (discharged)
Foley, C. J., C, 1st Lieutenant
Forkner, Mark I., I, Sergeant
Foster, C. S., B, Quartermaster Sergeant (transferred)
Fraine, (Colonel) John H., Major
Fraser, G. Angus, B, Private
Freeman, Alfred W., K, Sergeant
Froemke, Ralph S., H, Private
Frogner, Peter L., K, Private
Gabriel, John J., I, Private
Galloway, John, A, Private
Galt, Sterling A., G, Private (discharged)
Gannon, Frederick, J., D, Musician
Gant, John, C, Private
Garseg, Hans, K, Sergeant
Gearey, John W., B, Musician
Gearey, Edward C. Jr., B, Captain
Gebro, Fred J., I, Private
Gebro, George, I, Private
Gellerman, Fred, I, Signal Corps (transferred)
Getchell, C. W., G, 1st Lieutenant (transferred)
Gibbs, Edward, K, Private
Gilbertson, Gilbert, A, Private
Gillett, Will J., I, Private (discharged)
Gilligan, George E., B, Private
Givens, Robert, C, Private
Gleason, William Jr., H, Sergeant
Glenn, Frank W., H, Private
Glitschka, Charles, A, Private
Goodwin, Arthur, G, Private
Gorrie, James O., K, Wagoner (discharged)
Gorsuch, Edward G., K, 2nd Lieutenant
Grafton, Gilbert C., B, Regiment Sergeant Major (transferred)
Graham, Frank R., H, Private
Greb, William, G, Musician
Green, John J., C, Private
Green, Thomas A., H, Private (discharged)
Greene Lawrence J., D, Private
Greenwood, William W., G, Private
Gregory, George W., B, Private
Griffin, James E., I, Corporal
Groff, Claude K., K, Private
Grogan, Edward C., A, Private
Gruschius, Harrison, J., K, 2nd Lieutenant
Gunness, Peter O., I, Private
Hager, Ernest E., H, Private
Hall, James K., K, Private (discharged)
Halverson, John, A, Private
Ham, Edward L., K, Corporal
Hamilton, Hastings H., D, Private
Hamilton, Erle A., I, Hospital Corps
Hamilton, James, H, Private (discharged)
Hand, Richard C., B, Private
Hanlin, Louis F., K, Sergeant
Hannan, Charles A., B, Private
Hanover, Charles, K, Cook
Hansche, Fred E., B, Corporal
Hanson, Charles J., C, Private
Hanson, Henry, K, Private
Hanson, James, H, Corporal
Harbourn, Fred G., I, Private
Harden, Frank M., H, Private
Happstadius, Peter, I, Private
Hargrave, Oscar A., A, Private (discharged)
Harms, Herman (AKA Tjaden, Albert), I, Private (discharged)
Hathaway, Albert, B, Corporal (discharged)
Hathaway, James, D, Private (discharged)
Healey, Ambrose M., D, Private (discharged)
Heggen, Gjert, C, Corporal
Hein, Charles, C, Private
Heiser, William, K, Private
Hensel, August W., K, Private
Henry, Melvin C., B, Cook
Henry, Theodore S., G, Private
Henry, Frank S., G, 1st Sergeant
Hinsberger, Fred, G, Private
Hetland, Matthias, G, Private
Hildreth, Matthias, B, 1st Lieutentant (discharged)
Hill, Jay L., A, Private
Hill, William A., K, Private
Hinkel, U. Schyler, K, Private
Hinueber, Gustav C., C, Private
Hitsman, Richard H., G, Private
Hoadley, Frank D., D, Private
Holter, Benjamin, I, Private
Horsman, Charles, H, Private
Hotchkiss, William M., H, Quartermaster Sergeant
Hudec, Thomas, I, Private
Hugerford, Frank B., A, Private
Hughes, Arthur, H, Private
Hughes, Charles, B, Private
Hughes, Frank E., A, Private
Hughes, Michael, K, Private
Huhn, August C., G, Corporal
Hummel, Martin J., B, Sergeant
Huntley, Howard S., B, Hospital Corps (transferred)
Hurley, Thomas, D, Private
Husband, Edward J., C, Private (discharged)
Huseby, William, D, Private
Hussey, Patrick, K, Private
Hutchinson, Francis D., G, Private
Ingersoll, David B., C, Private
Jacobson, Omund, G, Private
Jager, Robert F., A, Private
Jaten, Charles E., G, Private
Jenks, George L., D, Private
Jenson, Godfried, D, Private
Jepson, John, B, Private
Jerdee, Mons E., A, Private
Johnson, Christian E., B, Private
Johnson, Eddie, C, Private
Johnson, Fred, C, Private
Johnson, John H., C, Captain
Johnson, John L., H, Private
Johnson, Oscar, C, Private
Jones, Alfred P., D, Private
Jones, David A., G, Private
Jones, John E., K, Private
Jones, Orlin M., I, Sergeant
Judd, Orval O., D, Private
Junkins, Henry H., C, Corporal
Keefe, Garrett, C, Private
Kellogg, George A., D, Private
Kelly, Edward E.., H, Signal Corps (transferred)
Keerr, George H., C, Corporal
Kerr, William T., C, Private
Keye, Frederick, B, Captain (discharged)
Killian, J. H., H, Private
King, Fred C., G, Corporal
Kinne, John B., B, Private
Kinsey, Christopher C., D, Wagoner
Klein, Bernard, I, Private
Klinefelter, Harry W., K, Private (discharged)
Koalnass, Christian A., G, Private
Koplen, Rudolph, A, Private
Kramer, Louis, H, Private
Kramer, Harry R., I, Corporal
Kristick, Hans (AKA Allanso Billings), K, Musician
Kuhnast, Fred E., A, Private
Kuntz, Fred, K, Corporal
Kuntz, John, K, Private
Kurtz, Edward E., H, Private
Lokken, Ole, K, Private
Langford, Robert, B, Private
Larson, Louis, A, Private
Lauder, Charles W., I, Sergeant
Lawrence, Henry W., G, Private
Leaf, Olaf, I, Private
Ledin, Alfred T., K, Private (transferred)
Lee, Frank W., B, Private (discharged)
LuDuc, Zeno, D, Private
Lewis, Daniel S., B, Corporal
Lewis, Robert S., B, Private
Lettethun, Thomas C., G, Private
Lindeson, Berg, I, Private
Lindersmith, Harry H., D, Private
Link, Anthony W., K, Private
Lippet, Walter O., I, Sergeant
Little, Edward C., I, Musician
Lobner, Andrew B., A, Private
Lobsinger, Joseph A., C, Private
Lock, William H., G, Sergeant
Logan, William F., D, Corporal
Loomis, Arthur J., K, Private
Longdue, Fred, D, Private (discharged)
Longdue, Joseph, D, Private (transferred)
Longfellow, Richard M., A, Private
Longsine, William, C, Private (discharged)
Lonnevik, Thomas, C, 1st Lieutenant
Louden, Alexander H., A, Sergeant
Lowe, Sylvester, C, Corporal
Lundstedt, Peter, C, Private
Luther, Otto M., B, Musician
Luttrell, Lawrence H., G, Private
Madsen, Carl A., K, Private
Manderud, Olaf J., C, Sergeant
Mangan, Thomas, I, Private
Maher, Thomas, H, Private
Mahoney, Dennis, K, Private (discharged)
Manly, Robert, H, Private (discharged)
Marmorm, Joseph, K, Private (discharged)
Martin, John P., B, Corporal
Mastin, Morris R., H, Private
Mattison, O. Thomas, G, 2nd Lieutenant
Mattison, John E., H, Regimental Sergeant Major (transferred)
Maybee, Orlow B., D, Private
McAuliffe, John Z., B, Private
McBain, Edward, B, Private
McCannel, John A., B, Private (discharged)
McCullough, Edward, I, Private
McCully, Ralph D., B, Cook
McDonald, Charles H., A, Corporal
McDonald, Albinus, G, Private
McElroy, E. John, H, Sergeant
McElwaine, James, H, Private
McEntee, Patrick, G, Private
McGinnis, Joseph A., A, Sergeant
McGraw, Charles R. (Chuggy), D, Private
McGraw, James J., D, Private
McGuigan, James, B, Private
McHugh, William A., A, Sergeant
McIntrye, D. P., I, Hospital Corps (transferred)
McIntrye, James W., B, Private (discharged)
McKay, Albert E., G, Private (discharged)
McKean, Arthur E., I, 1st Sergeant
McKinnon, Alex T., C, Private
McLean, William, J., A, 2nd Lieutenant
McLean, John M., C, 1st Sergeant
McLain, Larry B., H, Sergeant
McLaren, Thomas F., G, Hospital Corps
McTavish, Frank C., A, Private
Meehan, Bernard J., H, Private
Melrose, James A., G, Private
Mickle, W. A., C, Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant (transferred)
Millar, John C., D, Private
Miller, James L., B, Corporal
Miller, William H., H, Corporal (discharged)
Miller, Oscar F., B, Private
Mischel, Adam S., K, Private
Mitchell, Clarence A., I, Private
Moe, John O., G, Private
Moffet, (Colonel) William P., A, Captain
Mohn, Martin, C, Private
Moore, George W., A, Private
Morman, Joe, K, Private
Moran, John, G, Private
Morgan, Elijah, D, Private
Morgan, John, H, Private
Morrison, William S., B, Wagoner (discharged)
Morse, Llewellyn, K, Corporal
Mudgett, Charles F., G, Captain
Mullen, Fergus A., I, Artificer
Mullen, Fred C., I, Wagoner
Mullen, William I., I, Private
Murphy, Henry T., G, Private
Murphy, James, I, Private
Murphy, James D., I, Private
Murphy, John W., G, Private
Murphy, Patrick, K, Private
Musfeldt, Henry P., I, Private
Myers, William J., K, Musician
Myhere, Nathan, C, Private (discharged)
Nelson, Anton, G, Private
Nelson, Anton P., I, Private
Nelson, Charles W., G, Sergeant
Nelson, Lorin C., C, Private
Nelson, Michael, B, Private
Nelson, Nels J., C, Corporal
Nelson, Peter, A, Private
Nelson, Siegwart, K, Private
Nesteval, Frank, G, Private
Newcomer, S. H., A, 1st Lieutenant
Newman, Frank J., B, Private
Nord, Charles J., B, Private
Norman, John A., B, Private
Noyes, Clarence, A, Private
Oefstedahl, Louis C., H, Private
Olen, William C., A, Private
Olen, Ziva B., A, Private
Oleson, John, A, Private
Olmstead, William R., D, Private
Olsen, Abraham J., B, Private
Olson, John P., I, Private
Olson, Oscar J., I, Private
Olson, Samuel T., C, Sergeant (discharged)
Olstad, Charles, G, Private
O’Neill, Phillip J., D, Private
Osborn, Ambrose J., K, 1st Lieutenant
Paden, Hollis, K, Private
Palmer, Alpheus H., I, Private
Palmer, Irving A., B, Private
Pannell, Edwin J., H, Private
Parkins, Oscar E., C, Private
Parsons, Joseph H., D, Sergeant
Patten, Walter E., I, Hospital Corps (transferred)
Patzman, Rudolph, A, Corporal
Pauls, John H., A, Private
Paulson, Otto, I, Private
Pearson, Ole W., B, Private
Pease, F. D. (MD), Major and Surgeon
Pederson, Hans, C, Private
Pederson, Mathias, G, Private
Pederson, Hans M., G, Private
Pepke, Emil J., I, Cook
Perfect, Thomas, A, Private
Peterson, Charles, H, Private (discharged)
Peterson, John L., A, Musician
Peterson, Nels H., D, Corporal
Peterson, Thomas R., A, Private
Pederson, Edward S., B, Private
Pettee, William J., A, Musician
Pettinger, Thomas, C, Cook
Philips, David Jr., H, Private
Philips, Roy A., G, Private
Phillips, William E., K, Private
Pinkert, Christ F., H, Private Co. G (transferred)
Pommrink, August, A, Private
Pray, W. H., G, 1st Lieutenant
Prendergast, W. J., D, Corporal (discharged)
Prentice, Edward E., C, Private
Priest, William F., G, Private
Prinzing, Andrew, D, Private
Pruitt, James, I, Private
Pope, Edward E., H, Private
Procter, Herbert G., H, 1st Lieutenant and Adjutant (transferred)
Portz, Edward M., H, Private
Purdon, William D., I, Quartermaster Sergeant
Purdon, William R., I, Captain
Purdy, Perry H., D, Private
Quinn, James M., I, Private
Quist, Andrew S., C, Musician
Quist, Simeon C., C, Private
Radke, Henry F., A, Private
Rash, August P., C, Private
Rasmussen, George N., G, Private
Rasmussen, Ray, B, Private
Ready, Henry J., I, Private
Ream, James R., A, Private
Redmond, Henry, D, 1st Lieutenant
Reed, John M., H, Private
Regan, F. A., B, Private
Rehan, Gust J., B, Private
Reich, Paul H., K, Private
Reilly, Joseph A., K, Corporal
Rice, Christopher B., K, Private
Ridgeway, Fred W., C, Private
Riley, Grant E., H, Private
Risa, Sven, G, Private
Roberts, Harry F., H, Private
Roemer, Bernard, C, Corporal
Rohrer, Frederick, J., K, Private
Romm, Axel E., C, Private
Roosa, Maurice O., D, Corporal
Rose, Benjamin F., A, Private
Rosen, Martin A., C, Priavte
Ross, Frank F., H, Private
Rothschild, Nicholas, K, Artificer
Russater, John, B, 2nd Lieutenant (transferred)
Russel, George M., K, Private
Russell, Benjamin K., H, Private
Ryall, Lloyd, D, Private
Ryan, Leo J., B, Private
Sackett, Eugene, A, Private (transferred)
Salter, George T., D, Quartermaster Sergeant
Sandstad, Ole G., G, Private (discharged)
Schell, Asa W., C, Private
Schendel, Fred H., I, Private
Schendel, Julius, I, Private
Schlanser, Joseph A., B, Artificer
Schemltekoff, Walter, I, Private (discharged)
Schneller, George, I, Musician
Schoonover, Will L., I, Private
Schott, Thomas, I, Private
Scott, Alfred E., D, Corporal (discharged)
Scott, Alexander, I, Private
Scott, Clayton J., D, Private
Scott, Hugh A., A, 1st Sergeant
Seidlinger, George J., I Private
Sell, Fred G., B, Private
Senkle, Charles, I, Private
Severin, William P., H, Private
Shannon, George H., G, Cook
Shaw, William H., A, Private
Shephard, Gail P., B, Hospital Corps (transferred)
Sherman, Alfred, B, Private
Shinke, August, H, Private (discharged)
Shoemaker, Jerome B., G, Private
Shortt, Phil H., D, 1st Sergeant (discharged)
Schumway, Harris, C, Hospital Corps
Shurlock, Harry S., B, Private
Sikes, Frank T., G, Musician
Simensen, Adolph E., B, Private
Skeen, Oscar M., K, Quartermaster Sergeant
Slattery, Daniel M., A, Private
Slattery, Joseph A., G, 1st Lieutenant (transferred)
Sletteland, Thomas, C, Wagoner
Smiley, Sammuel, K, Private
Smith, Fred E., D, Sergeant Major & 2nd Lieutenant
Smith, John C., K, Private (discharged)
Smith, John E., H, Private
Smith, John J., K, Private (discharged)
Smith, Harry C., A, Private (discharged)
Smith, Hazelton D., H, Hospital Corps (transferred)
Snodgrass, James, I, Private
Solberg, Lars, B, Private
Sonnen, John P., H, Corporal
Sorenson, Major Harold, B, Sergeant
Souhrada, John, I, Private (discharged)
Sperry, Lynn W., A, Quartermaster Sergeant
Spradling, George W., B, Private
Stafne, Thomas, I, Private
Starman, Lewis, B, Private
Steiner, Rudolf, K, Private
Stermer, Herman J. J., K, Private
St. John, Eddie, I, Private
Stoddard, Clarence E., K, Private
Stoddard, Wallace, A, Cook
Stone, Alton E., A, Private
Stoops, Harry J., H, Private
Strock, Perry F., G, Private
Stuart, Ernest, C, Private
Syverud, Nils E.,  A, Private
Sullivan, George F., A, Private (transferred)
Summerfield, Frank, K, Private (discharged)
Swank, Otto O., I, Private
Swanson, John, D, Private (discharged)
Sweeney, Gus, I, Private
Sweeny, Thomas W., K, Private
Swennumson, Leif, C, Sergeant
Swett, Louis O., A, Private (discharged)
Swett, William A., A, Private
Swiggum, Thomas A., C, Sergeant
Talley, Chesly T., I, Private
Tanner, Delbert N., D, Private
Taylor, Robert E., D, 1st Sergeant
Tharaldson, Thomas H., C, 2nd Lieutenant
Thomas, William F., K, Corporal (discharged)
Thomson, Robert Al, B, 2nd Lieutenant
Thompson, John, H, Private
Thompson, John G., D, Sergeant
Thompson, John H., C, Private
Thompson, Levin E., C, Private
Thompson, Mathias E., D, Sergeant
Timboe, Peter G., D, Private
Torbenson, Theodore O., G, Private
Thorsen, Tor, D, Private
Totz, John B., G, Private
Trace, George, D, Private
Travis, John H., D, Private
Treumann, William C., Lieutenant Colonel
Tromp, Albert, D, Private
Truelock, William R., C, Private
Trupka, Frank, I, Musician (discharged)
Turner, Charles J. B., D, Corporal
Turner, Harry, B, Private
Tweton, Andrew H., C, Private
Tyte, Arthur, H, Private
Ulbert, Gilbert, K, Private
Vallendingham, Charles L., G, Quartermaster Sergeant
Vannier, Henry, D, Private (discharged)
Venne, Joseph Z., C, Musician
Vest, George G., K, Private (discharged)
Waarteson, John, B, Private
Wagness, Martin, D, Private
Walker, Frank H., G, Sergeant
Walker, George, B, Private (discharged)
Wallace, Daniel H., H, Corporal
Wampler, John I., D, Private
Wanner, Ernest G., G, Corporal
Warren, Forest D., C, Private
Warren, Hugh H., G, Private
Warren, John H., G, Private
Waterman, Leslie R., I, Private
Weagent, Charles J., C, Private
Wegner, George, A, Private
Welsh, John A., G, Private
Wentz, Charles H., C, Private
Wentz, Charles H., C, Private
Westerheim, Knute, G, Private
Westerlund, Edward, G, Private
Wheaton, Guy R., X, Private (transferred)
Whitcomb, Fred W., I, Corporal
White, Frank (Colonel), Major
White, Warren, D, Sergeant
Whiteman, Lloyd A., H, Private
Whitney, Roy N., D, Private
Whittaker, A. A., A, Sergeant
William, Lawrence A., H, Corporal
Williams, Elmer W., K, Private
Williams, Harry E., H, Private
Williams, James M., H, Private
Wills, Ross G., G, Sergeant
Wilson, Calvin B., A, Private
Wilson, Clarence E., D, Private
Wilson, Frank W., K, Private
Wilson, Robert J., D, Corporal
Wilson, William H., D, Private
Wittaker, Fred N., A, Corporal
Wolf, Herman F., H, Corporal
Wood, Albert E., B, Private
Woodberry, Byron, I, Private
Wotz, Emil F., A, Corporal
Wright, Dana M., H, Private
Wright, Perle F., H, Private
Yeater, Mark, A, Private
Young, Harry T., C, Private
Young, Albert M., D, Private
Zimmerman, Harvey E., B, Private (discharged)
Zullig, Hugo, D, Private (discharged)


McLain, L. B., Secretary and Registrar, Roster of the First North Dakota Volunteer Infantry (Lisbon, North dakota: First North Dakota Volunteer Infantry Veterans Association, circa 1939).

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