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A Partial Roster of the 21st U.S. Infantry

Contributed by Rick Studer

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Below is a partial roster for the 21st U.S. Infantry.

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The roster below was found among the papers of Musician Frederick Albert Studer. Studer was born on August 18, 1873, to Michael and Magdelina [Fricker] Studer in Zurich, Wayne County, New York. Studer enlisted in the Army about 1889. Early in his enlistment his unit was posted to Fort Apache, Arizona Territory, now part of present day Fort Huachuca. According to the family he almost drowned when a flash flood struck, roaring down the gully where he and several other troops were located while out searching for the "Apache Kid." During the Spanish American War, he served with Company F, 21st U.S. Infantry, serving in Cuba, and taking part in the Santiago Campaign. After the war he saw service at Forts Totten and Schyler in New York. At Fort Schyler Studer operated a private bus service when off duty. He transported the troops to the town of Westchester for the sum of 25 cents. About 1909/10 Suder was stationed in the Philippines, serving at Corregidor. He ended his military career in 1919 as a steward aboard a U.S. Army Mine vessel operating out of Hoboken, New Jersey. After his retirement from the Army Studer worked briefly as a conductor for the IRT subway in New York and also his own barber shop in the Bronx for about 15 years, retiring about 1940. Studer passed away on November 30, 1959. He is buried in Long Island National Cemetery, Suffolk County, New York.

The Roster:

Company F:


Captain Harry F. Bailey
1st Lt. Frank H. Lawton
1st Lt. Almon L. Parmerter
2nd Lt. George C. Martin


Charles F. Pearson, First Sergeant
Charles R. Burr, Quartermaster
Daniel A. H. Koister
Polybe Rosat
Robert Russell
Guy Weaver
Charles P. Werner


Casper Cook
James Dooley
Frank Fairfax
John D. Flegler
Nelson Gelbert Jr.
Samuel McCarthy
Joseph McGirr (Died on U.S. Transport CATANIA on August 20, 1898)
Michael Naish
Charles Neuvians
James Ryan
Simon H. Shay
George F. Treadwell


Franz H. W. Eck
Frederick A. Studer
George S. Yeates


Edward Wettre


George Abbott
Joseph Berrane
Benjamin F. Boling (Killed in action, July 2, 1898)
Michael J. Bonin
Timothy Conghlin
Adolph J. Dekker
Seymore Demo Jr.
John E. Donavan
Cephas Fleming
Andrew J. Galbraith
Henry T. Geary
David Gibson
George E. Gregory
Edward Harris
Alfred O. Hayes
John Henry
William A. Heywood
James Hogan
Emil C. Kempf
Patrick Kerigan
George E. Lanalley
George Lane 
Edward C. Loynes
Xafer Manz
George M. Martin Jr.
Leroy Mason
James McCue
Thomas McDonald
Hugh McPherson
William Myer
Oscar Moody 
Michael Mullins
Eugene E. Samson
Frederick Sanders
Victor E. Schaeffer
Thomas Smith
Charles Turner
Willard B. Williams


Printed Broadside for Company F., Courtesy of Rick Studer, Grandson of Musician, Frederick A. Studer.

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