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A Roster of the 3rd U.S. Volunteer Cavalry

Contributed by William Kendra

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The following is a partial roster for the 3rd U.S. Volunteer Cavalry. After each listing is the soldier's hometown.

If you have rosters of additional Troops that you would like to contribute, please do so by contacting us.

The Roster:

Troop K:


 Culver, Jacob H., Capt.-  Milford, Nebraska
 Kinney, William S., 1st Lt, -  Milford, Nebraska
 Culver, Elvin E., 2nd Lt.  - Milford, Nebraska


 Smith, William D., 1st Sgt.,  - Milford, Nebraska
 Cameron, Simon, Quartermaster Sgt., - Milford, Nebraska
 Lynch, William E.   - Milford, Nebraska
 Culver, Harry H.  - Milford, Nebraska
 Funk, Clifford I.  - Milford, Nebraska
 Berry, Fred L.   - Milford, Nebraska
 Eberly, George A. - Milford, Nebraska
 Culver, Clarence C.  - Milford, Nebraska
 Abbott, Claude L. -  Milford, Nebraska


 Morford, James D.  - Milford, Nebraska
 Norris, Clinton C.  - Milford, Nebraska
 Bromwell, Harley E.  - Milford, Nebraska
 Cameron, Simon  - Lincoln, Nebraska,   Appointed Quartermaster Sergeant, May 23, 1898
 Forrester, Herbert A.  - Milford, Nebraska
 Henderson, James C.  - Tamora, Nebraska
 Majors, Thomas A.  - Peru, Nebraska
 Raymond, Samuel E.  -Lincoln, Nebraska
 Sidner, Seymour S.  - Lincoln, Nebraska

 Fisher, Chester D. -  Lincoln, Nebraska
 Foster, Harrison E.  - Seward, Nebraska

 Mason, Sherman W.  - Lincoln, Nebraska


 Culver, Fred D.  - Milford, Nebraska
 Colby, Clarence C.  - Milford, Nebraska


 Ackels, Paul J.  -  Milford, Nebraska
 Alley, Franc   - Milford, Nebraska
 Ashton, William L.  - Milford, Nebraska
 Atwood, Gilbert C. -  Milford, Nebraska
 Auterson, John  - Lincoln, Nebraska
 Baldwin, William S.  - Milford, Nebraska
 Beardsley, William S.  - Milford, Nebraska
 Berkley, John O.  - Lincoln, Nebraska
 Bohanan, Clarence O.  - Milford, Nebraska
 Bower, Reuben L.  - Stanton, Nebraska
 Burner, Claude J.  - Callaway, Nebraska
 Cameron, Simon  - Lincoln, Nebraska   Promoted to Corporal, May 20, 1898
 Chizek, Rudolph  C.  -Lincoln, Nebraska
 Clift, Charles E.  - Stanton, Nebraska
 Cowden, Tom R.  - Lincoln, Nebraska
 Currans, James  - Utica, Nebraska
 Dewell, Robert J.  - Fremont, Nebraska
 Elsner, Ernest H.  - Arlington, Nebraska
 Forrester, Herbert A.  - Valentine, Nebraska
 Foster, Harrison E. -  Seward, Nebraska
 Gearhart, Roy H.  - Lincoln, Nebraska
 Given, Fred A.   - Wymore, Nebraska
 Gump, Arthur C.  - Pleasant Dale, Nebraska
 Hageman, William  - Beaver Crossing, Nebraska
 Hancock, George H.  - Milford, Nebraska
 Hawk, Judge M.  - Crete, Nebraska
 Henderson, James C.  - Tamora, Nebraska
 Higbee, John N.  - Crete, Nebraska
 Hiller, George E.  - Seward, Nebraska
 Huffman, Charles D.  - Tamora, Nebraska
 Johnson, John D.  - Cordova, Nebraska
 Johnson, Iver S.  - Stanton, Nebraska
 Klinger, Otto M,  - Seward, Nebraska
 Leger, Maurice N.  - Milford, Nebraska
 Lowley, Earl   - Seward, Nebraska
 Lucas, Alvin W.  - Stanton, Nebraska
 McCallister, Milton S.-  Milford, Nebraska
McLaughlin, Walter  - Milford, Nebraska
 McNichols, Claude D.  - Milford, Nebraska
 McNeil, Laren K.  - Utica, Nebraska
 Mahaffey, Ezra C.  - Milford, Nebraska
 Majors, Thomas A.  - Peru, Nebraska
 Mason, Sherman W.  - Lincoln, Nebraska
 Middleton, John W.  - Milford, Nebraska
 Molton, Fred A.  - Tamora, Nebraska
 Mossbarger, Claude G. - Stanton, Nebraska
 Murphey, Clarence W. - Lincoln, Nebraska
 Murphey, George H. -  Milford, Nebraska
 Murphy, Harry L.  - Utica, Nebraska
 Murphy, John K.  - Lincoln, Nebraska
 Noyes, Alexander  - Lincoln, Nebraska
 Nye, Cornelius L.  - Lincoln, Nebraska
 Oliver, Joe A.   - Lincoln, Nebraska
 Page, Edward  -  Lincoln, Nebraska
 Perdue, Curtis   - Lincoln, Nebraska
 Porter, Robert   - Lincoln, Nebraska
 Powell, Willis M. -  Lincoln, Nebraska
 Raymond, Samuel E. -  Lincoln, Nebraska
 Rhine, Mason  - Lincoln, Nebraska
 Robinson, Fred  - Lincoln, Nebraska
 Rumsey, John W. -  Lincoln, Nebraska
 Schultz, Henry C. -  Lincoln, Nebraska
 Schutz, Gottole -  Lincoln, Nebraska
 Sidner, Seymour S.  - Lincoln, Nebraska   Promoted to Corporal, May 20, 1898
 Virgin, David T.  - Lincoln, Nebraska
 Wallace, James P. -  Lincoln, Nebraska
 Wehrs, Henry   - Lincoln, Nebraska
 Woods, Lewis A. -  Lincoln, Nebraska


Biennial Report of Brigadier General Patrick S. Barry, Adjutant General of Nebraska.  1899-1900.  (Omaha, Nebraska: Omaha Printing Company, 1900).   

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