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A Roster of the

4th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, Company E

Contributed by Karen S. Holt and Deanna L. Foust
(with help from Vickie Tallent, Alice Mathis, and Christy Williams)
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The following is a roster of the 4th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, Company E. The 4th Kentucky spent its term of service - from July, 1898 to February, 1899 - in the continental United States.

The contributors are the great grand-daughters of William H. Nickel, one of the company's two musicians!

The Roster:


Captain Thos. W. Rose
1st  Lt  Ethellert D. Scott - Lexington, Ky
2nd Lt  John S. Chambers - Williamsburg, Whitley Co, Ky


1st  Sgt  Richard C. Mcracken - Greenville, Ky
Milton Smith  - Burnside, Pulaski Co, Ky
Gilley Boo  - Somerset, Pulaski Co, Ky
Latin Rogers  -              Ky
Casey A. Cox  - Redkey, Ind
Edwin F. Lewis - South Louisville, Ky


Thos. P. Melville
John H. Amhurtz - Hamilton, Oh
Luther S. Safriet - Williamsburg, Ky
Isam W. Foley - Williamsburg, Ky
Henry Blakenship - Blaze, Ky
James M. Creekmore- Pleasantville, Ky
John M. Davis - Pleasantville, Ky
John W. Eaton - Lexington, Ky
Harry Noe  - Furgerson, W. Va
Jasper Warren  - Morehead, Ky
Benj. F. Thomas - Morehead, Ky
Samuel E. McBrayer - Morehead, Ky


Henry C. Wagoner - Williamsburg, Ky
William H. Nickel - Greenup Co, Ky


Alex Alder  - Greenup Co, Ky
Barry Asbery  - Lexington, Ky
James Baker-
Bud Ball -  Strunks, Ky
Miles Barnet -  Strunks, Ky
Billy Bartlett -  Frankfort, Ky
John T. Bentley - Morehead, Ky
Adam B. Bentley - Morehead, Ky
B. F. Bida  - Morehead, Ky
E. L. Biba  - Morehead, Ky
Marion Bryant  - Strunks, Ky
J. M. Boltin  - Pleasentville, Ky
Jack Cassady  - Morehead, Ky
Sam Cassady  - Morehead, Ky
Berry Chin  - Williamsburg, Ky
William Chitwood - Williamsburg, Ky
Maston Comm - Morehead, Ky
Lem Coomer  - Fairplay, Ky
Wm Cardell  - Strunks, Ky
Frank Dyer  - Morehead, Ky
John Eldridge - Davidson, Ky
Sam Ellis  - Maysville, Ky
John Epperheart - Minor, Ky
William Foster - Morehead, Ky
Charles Frost  - Burnside, Ky
James Gilbreath - Williamsburg, Ky
Grant Goins  - Williamsburg, Ky
John Griffith  - Williamsburg, Ky
Charlie Grimes - Maysville, Ky
Lon Harmon  - Morehead, Ky
A. L. Harmon - Pine Knot, Ky
George Hath  - Burnside, Ky
Samuel Henderson - Morehead, Ky
Charley Hoeft - Brooklyn, NY
Henry Holbrooks - Davidson, Ky
M. L. Huffake - Burnside, Ky
Charlie Igo  - Salthak
Turner Igo-
John Jennings Sleepy - Ordinary
George Jones -  Strunks, Ky
Wm Jones -  Strunks, Ky
R. S. Keeton -  Williamsburg, Ky
John Kelsey -  Morehead, Ky
Joe Koons  - Hamilton
Arthur Ladd  - Williamsburg, Ky
Marion M. Lee - Strunks, Ky
John M. Linwell - Morehead, Ky
William McCutchon - Williamsburg, Ky
Yank McFarland - Williamsburg, Ky
C. C. McFarland - Williamsburg, Ky
Bruce McKinzie - Morehead, Ky
George McNeal - Strunks, Ky
Tom Martin  - Morehead, Ky
Tom Meadow  - Strunks, Ky
George Meece - Strunks, Ky
W. O. Mize  - Clay City, Ky
William Murphy - Strunks, Ky
James Pelfrey  - Morehead, Ky
Robert Porter - Carlisle, Ky
Charles Reynolds - Williamsburg, Ky
Wm Stephens  - Williamsburg, Ky
Sam Stigall  - Morehead, Ky
Enoch Taylor  - Somerset, Ky
J. R. Thomas  - Pleasantville, Ky
Tom Thomas  - Elasville
E. L. Turrell  - Morehead, Ky
Frank Turrell - Morehead, Ky
Harry Thompson - Morehead, Ky
Burton Underwood - Raleigh
C. V. D. Vicroy - Maysville, Ky
Jasper Warren - Morehead, Ky
Willie Weddington - Strunks, Ky
Grant Wells  - Solider, Ky
Charles Wells  - Dayton
Dan West  - Strunks, Ky


Roster data from original document owned by the author.

Statistical Exhibit of Strength of Volunteer Forces Called into Service During the War with Spain; with Losses from All Causes. (Washington: Government Printing Office, 1899).

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