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A Partial Roster of the

6th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

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This is a partial roster of the 6th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry which served in Puerto Rico during the war. If you have rosters of additional companies of the regiment not listed below, please consider contributing this data to us.

The Roster:

Company H:

Captain Warren E. Sweetser, Stoneham
1st Lieutenant George R. Barnstead, Stoneham
2nd Lieutenant Henry A. Thayer, Stoneham (Deceased)


1st Sergeant John L. Gilson, Stoneham (Address unknown in 1937)
Quartermaster Sergeant Arthur N. Newhall, Stoneham (Hospitalized during service)
William D. Desmond, Stoneham
Duncan M. Stewart, Stoneham (Hospitalized during service)
George L. Tabbut, Stoneham (Hospitalized during service)
Clarke D. Whiteman, Stoneham (Deceased)


Marcus F. Ames, Stoneham (Hospitalized during service, Deceased)
Ralph H. Barnstead,  Stoneham (Hospitalized during service)
Sumner E. Barnstead, Stoneham
George A. Cannell, Stoneham (Deceased)
James S. Deacon, Stoneham
Charles W, Evans, Stoneham (Hospitalized during service)
Robert W. Lowe, Stoneham
Frederick W. Miller, Stoneham (Address unknown in 1937)
William F. Poole, Stoneham
Patrick J. Scanlon, Stoneham (Hospitalized during service, Deceased)
Arthur K. Tabbut, Stoneham
Samuel Wiggin, Wakefield (Hospitalized during service, Deceased)


Frank A. Wilkins, Stoneham  (Hospitalized during service, Deceased)


George B. Williams, Stoneham


Peter Quinn, Stoneham


Francis C. Ames, Stoneham
George W. Bagge, Winchester (Hospitalized during service)
Robert J. Barnes, Medford (Address unknown in 1937)
Ernest M. Bartlett, Stoneham
Beverly Belyea, Winchester (Hospitalized during service)
James W. Blades, Melrose (Hospitalized during service, address unknown in 1937)
William E. Breagy, Stoneham (Hospitalized during service)
John Burns, Stoneham (Hospitalized during service)
Percy R. Calhoun, Stoneham
Henry G. Camerlin, Melrose
George F. Carroll, Lawrence (Deceased)
Albert H. Cass, Melrose (Hospitalized during service, Deceased)
William F. Cavanaugh, Lawrence (Deceased)
Melville B. Childs, Boston (Address unknown in 1937)
William P. Coakley, Dorchester (Hospitalized during service, Deceased)
Michael J. Connolly, Woburn (Hospitalized during service)
Thomas  M. Croke, Stoneham
Winfield S. Crooker, Stoneham (Hospitalized during service, Deceased)
Winthrop R. Cutts, Stoneham (Hospitalized during service)
Michael J. Dalton, Stoneham
Thomas F. Davidson, Winchester (Hospitalized during service)
Dwight D. Dewhurst, Stoneham (Hospitalized during service)
Joseph J. Dillon, Wakefield (Hospitalized during service, address unknown in 1937)
Charles F. Dinsmore, Stoneham (Hospitalized during service, Deceased)
George A. Douglass, Lowell (Deceased)
Henry L. Forgette, Stoneham (Hospitalized during service)
George A. B. Forsythe, Stoneham
Elmer Granville, Stoneham (Hospitalized during service, Deceased)
Joseph B. Hathaway, Melrose (Hospitalized during service)
George W. Hawkes, Wellesley (Hospitalized during service)
Alfred J. Hermanson, W. Roxbury
Eugene F. Hoey, Stoneham (Hospitalized during service)
Walter Holden , Stoneham (Hospitalized during service, Deceased)
Arthur G. Houston, Winchester (Hospitalized during service, address unknown in 1937)
Arthur Irving, Woburn (Deceased)
Walter Jameson, Boston (Deceased)
Edwin Kallberg, Wakefield
Frederick Kelley, Stoneham
Walter A LaMountain, Lowell (Hospitalized during service)
Warren G. Lawrence, Wakefield (Deceased)
William LeDuc, Stoneham
George L. Macleod, Boston
John A Malcomson, Boston (Hospitalized during service, address unknown in 1937)
Edward Marr, Malden
Frank H. Matthews, Stoneham (Hospitalized during service)
Eugene  L. McCarthy, Boston (Deceased)
David McClintock, Wakefield (Address unknown in 1937)
John W. McCrillis, Cambridge (Hospitalized during service, Deceased)
Martin F. McDonough, Stoneham (Hospitalized during service)
John NcGann, Stoneham (Hospitalized during service)
James McGovern, Stoneham (Hospitalized during service)
Augustus H. McKay, Stoneham
Felix J. McPartlen, Stoneham (Hospitalized during service, Deceased)
Henry Mercer, Stoneham
Rufus A. Merrill, Wakefield (Hospitalized during service)
Fred C. Moore, Littleton (Deceased)
Frank E. Morley, Stoneham (Address unknown in 1937)
Herbert E. Morrison, Stoneham (Hospitalized during service, Deceased)
William F. Mugridge,  Stoneham (Hospitalized during service, Deceased)
William F. Muller, Stoneham
Thomas Noonan, Stoneham (Address unknown in 1937)
John H. Nutting, Stoneham
Walter W. Ogilvie, Malden (Hospitalized during service)
Dennis E. O’Neil,  Winchester
Claude Patch, Stoneham (Hospitalized during service)
Frederick C. Patterson, So. Boston (Deceased)
George R. Payne, Winchester (Deceased)
Edgar M. Peavy, Stoneham (Deceased)
Michael C. Rabbitt, Boston (Deceased)
Ralph C. Robinson,   Stoneham (Hospitalized during service)
William E. Ronco, Stoneham (Hospitalized during service, address unknown in 1937)
John W. Scanlon, Stoneham (Hospitalized during service)
Edward B. Shaw, Melrose (Address unknown in 1937)
Armand V. Secord, Lowell (Hospitalized during service)
Edward B. Smalley, Winchester (Hospitalized during service, Deceased)
William H. Smith, Wellesley
Chester H. Stevens, Cambridge (Deceased)
Charles H. Turnbull, Stoneham (Address unknown in 1937)
Harry A. Turner, Woburn (Hospitalized during service)
James H. Twitchell, Malden (Hospitalized during service, address unknown in 1937)
John J. Walker, Lowell (Deceased)
Leon E. Warren, Stoneham (Deceased)
Frank R. Wheelock, Boston
Fred L. Wilkins, Stoneham (Hospitalized during service, Deceased)
George L Willson,  Roxbury (Hospitalized during service)
Gilbert Wright, Stoneham (Hospitalized during service)
Edwin J. Young, Stoneham


Standish, Lemuel W., Stoneham – The Friendly Town. Article entitled “A Brief History of Co. H, 6th Inf., M. V. M., in the War with Spain” by Colonel Warren E. Sweetser [roster of Co. H, courtesy of Carole McDonough]

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