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A Roster of the crew

of the U.S.S. ABARENDA

During the Spanish American War

Contributed by Douglas Davis

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The following is a partial roster of the Collier U.S.S. ABARENDA

The Roster:


BUFORD, Marcus B., Lieutenant Commander (Commanding)
JENKINS, Stephen, Lieutenant
CALDWELL, William H., Lieutenant Junior Grade
BLANKINSHIP, John M., Ensign
AINSWORTH, Frank H., Ensign
CUTTS, Richard M., Ensign
SUGHRUE, Dennis F., Assistant Surgeon
ELIASON, Charles W., Assistant Paymaster
THOMPSON, Samuel, Passed Assistant Engineer

Enlisted Men:

ALLEN, Joseph A., Master at Arms First Class
BANNOW, Henry, Landsman
BARTH, Victor F., Seaman
BENNETT, William, Seaman
BIDWELL, John, Landsman
BLOCHER, William E., Machinist Second Class
CARTER, Ernest, Chief Boatswain’s Mate
COYNE, Patrick J., Ordinary Seaman
DECKER, Edmund L., Coal Passer
DIXON, Harry D., Machinist Second Class
DOMINGUEZ, Archer, Coal Passer
DRAKE, Edward, Carpenter’s Mate First Class
ELIESON, Anders, Seaman
GETZENDAUNER, William M., Machinist Second Class
GLATTE, Hans, Ordinary Seaman
GRAHAM, Alexander, Quartermaster Second Class
GRISWOULD, George A., Ship’s Cook First Class
HANSEN, Rasmus C., Mess Attendant
HENRICK, Otto B., Seaman
INGRALDSEN, Ingrald, Quartermaster Third Class
KAHS, Sunder, Wardroom Steward
KANSUKI, Tamura, Mess Attendant
KEHOE, Edward, Boilermaker
KEHOE, Thomas, Coal Passer
LAMON, Jay, Quartermaster Second Class
MAGIMA, Sago, Cabin Cook
MARSHALL, William, Fireman First Class
McDONOUGH, James, Fireman First Class
McEWEN, Arthur L, Landsman
MUENTZER, Joseph l., Ordinary Seaman
NUTTING, Merrick D., Landsman
PARKER, William H., Fireman First Class
QUINN, Patrick, Fireman Second Class
ROBERTS, Willard W., Chief Quartermaster
RYAN, William, Coxswain
SENTER, George H., Machinist Second Class
SIMMS, Daniel, Machinist First Class
SMITH, Charles, Gunner’s Mate First Class
THOMLINSON, Robert P., Chief Yeoman
TONER, William, Coal Passer
VORISEK, Auton, Apothecary
WAGNER, Herman, Coal Passer


Weaver, Barry,  Col Albert F. Gleim and Danny J. Farak, The West Indies Naval Campaign Medal of 1898 - The Sampson Medal, the Ships and Men. (Arlington, VA: Planchet Press, 1986).

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