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A Roster of the crew


During the Spanish American War

Contributed by Douglas Davis

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The following is a crew roster of the Monitor U.S.S. AMPHITRITE

The Roster:

Officers (partial roster):

BARCLAY, Charles J., Captain (Commanding)
BERRY, Albert G., Lieutenant Commander
MERTZ, Albert, Lieutenant
ATWATER, Charles N., Lieutenant
CHASE, Volney O., Lieutenant Junior Grade
MCVAY, Charles B., Ensign
BENNETT, Kenneth M., Ensign
BRONSON JR., Amon, Ensign
PALMER, James E., Passed Assistant Engineer
BEVER, Henry G., Surgeon
HEPPNER, Albert H., Assistant Surgeon
RIDGELY, F.E., Naval Cadet

Enlisted Men:

ANDO, Nobatara, Cabin Cook
BALL, Robert, Steerage Steward
BALLOU, Martin, Gunner’s Mate Second Class
BANKS, John W., Yeoman Third Class
BENSON, Arnold, Coxswain
BENSON, Herman F., Apprentice First Class
BLANCHARD, George S., Apprentice Second Class
BOLAN, Daniel, Oiler
BRANCH, Henry, Fireman First Class
BROWN, August H., Boilermaker
BROWN, Charles, Coal Passer
BROWN, Ernest John, Boatswain’s Mate First Class
BROWN, James, Apprentice Second Class
BUTLER, John, Ordinary Seaman
BUTLER, William H., Coal Passer
BYRNE, George W., Water Tender
CAMILL, Michael, Coxswain
CAMPBELL, George J., Landsman
CARROLL, John, Sailmaker’s Mate
CARTER, Neal, Coal Passer
CASE, George H., Bayman
CASPER, John Rollins, Ordinary Seaman
CAVANAUGH, John J., Gunner’s Mate Second Class
CLARK, Paul, Ordinary Seaman
CLEARY, John E., Chief Machinist
CLISHIAM, A.C., Chief Yeoman
COFFIN, William A., Chief Boatswain’s Mate
COOPER, Augustus, Landsman
CONRAD, Carl, Landsman
CRONE, Christian, Chief Boatswain’s Mate
COOMBS, M.P., Chief Yeoman
COPELAND, Theodore, Mess Attendant
CROWLEY, Cornelius, Ordinary Seaman
CROWLEY, John Henry, Coal Passer
CUTHERILL, E.J., Chief Machinist
DELEON, John P., Coxswain
DEVILLIERS, Francis, Quartermaster First Class
DOHERTY, Charles, Fireman Second Class
DONALDSON, Norris, Fireman Second Class
DOW, David Low, Gunner’s Mate Third Class
DRESSER, Jasper Marion, Seaman
DUNSHEE, Alfred, Mess Attendant
ENNIS, Clarence, Apprentice First Class
ERICKSON, John, Gunner’s Mate Third Class
ETARO, Morita, Chief Steward
FISHER, Simon, Coal Passer
FRAZER, William, Fireman Second Class
FRENCH, Frank Bradley, Apprentice Second Class
FRENCH, William, Gunner’s Mate Third Class
GALE, Elbur Thomas, Coal Passer
GIBBONS, David A., Apprentice Second Class
GIBSON, Moses, Coal Passer
GILLIS, Hugh Francis, Coal Passer
GOODRICH, John, Apprentice Second Class
GORDEN, Louis, Apprentice Second Class
GORMAN, Thomas, Seaman
GREBLE, William W., Apprentice Second Class
GREEN, Melville Knapp, Coal Passer
GREEN, William Patrick, Gunner’s Mate First Class
GREGOR, George Chester, Coal Passer
GRIFFIN, Patrick Joseph, Landsman
HANCOCK, John Philip, Landsman
HARMALA, Frans Gustaf, Seaman
HARRINGTON, Frank, Landsman
HEALEY, Denis, Fireman Second Class
HEHL, Peter Joseph, Fireman Second Class
HENDERSON, Henry V., Fireman Second Class
HENDRICK, John, Coal Passer
HERBERT, Percy, Chief Master at Arms
HOLMES, John Hoyt, Apprentice Second Class
HUNTER, James Joseph, Landsman
HURDLE, Owen Thomas, Chief Gun Captain
HURLEY, Robert, Fireman Second Class
JAMES, Major, Coal Passer
JENNINGS, William O., Apprentice Second Class
JERGUSON, Philip A., Machinist Second Class
JOHNSEN, Jerman, Ordinary Seaman
JOHNSON, Christian, Chief Gun Captain
JOHNSON, Hans John, Ordinary Seaman
KAIL, Arthur Clifton, Gunner’s Mate First Class
KEMP, Samuel, Mess Attendant
KITCHING, Howell, Coal Passer
KNIGHT, Loran Wilson, Apprentice Second Class
KURTENACKER, John George, Ordinary Seaman
LAW, Thomas, Ordinary Seaman
LENAHAN, Patrick J., Coal Passer
LEWIS, Henry Elias, Ordinary Seaman
LINDHOLM, John A., Boatswain’s Mate Second Class
LIPP, Jacques, Wardroom Steward
LITTLE, Daniel L., Oiler
LLOYD, Walter, Seaman
LOGAN, James F., Fireman First Class
LONSER, Victor E., Apprentice Second Class
LUND, Peter Martinus, Ordinary Seaman
MADISON, John Henon, Fireman Second Class
MAGUIRE, William John, Ordinary Seaman
MAHONEY, Daniel, Chief Gunner’s Mate
MAITLAND, William K., Apprentice Second Class
McALEECE, Charles, Ordinary Seaman
McARTHUR, Harry Wilson, Ordinary Seaman
McCABE, James Samphite, Coal Passer
McCANDLESS, John, Apprentice Second Class
McCARTHY, James Joseph, Coal Passer
McDONOUGH, Michael, Coal Passer
McKILLOH, Charles W., Ordinary Seaman
McKEOUGH, John J., Apprentice Second Class
McLEOD, Daniel, Fireman First Class
McNEIL, John, Fireman First Class
MISSEL, Otto, Apprentice Second Class
MOHOLLAND, Harry L., Apprentice Second Class
MONAHAN, Patrick J., Fireman Second Class
MULLINS, John, Coal Passer
MURPHY, Michael W.G., Machinist Second Class
MURRAY, James Joseph, Fireman Second Class
NEDAW, August, Ordinary Seaman
NEILON, James Edward, Fireman First Class
NELSON, Robert, Boilermaker
NEWMAN, Edward, Seaman
NEWMAN, Fred B., Coppersmith
NICHELSON, Charles N.B., Painter
NICHOLS, George C., Gunner’s Mate Second Class
NILAND, John Patrick, Coal Passer
NILSSON, Gustaf, Seaman
NOBLE, Frank, Gunner’s Mate First Class
O’BYRNE, Raphael C., Landsman
O’CONNOR, Patrick James, Fireman First Class
ODIEN, George Alois, Plumbers and Fitters
OLSEN, Carl F., Apprentice Second Class
OLSON, Ole, Seaman
O’NEILL, Charles A., Yeoman Second Class
O’ROURKE, James, Blacksmith
PACKER, Charles, Apprentice Second Class
PAUL, George Henry, Machinist First Class
PAXTON, William, Coxswain
PEARCE, Aleck, Seaman
POWERS, James William, Fireman First Class
RADECKE, Henry G.E., Apprentice Second Class
REINFELDT, Bruno, Seaman
REYNOLDS, John James, Seaman
ROACH, Daniel, Machinist Second Class
ROBERTS, William, Coal Passer
ROBINSON, Julian, Steerage Cook
RITNER, Walter C., Apprentice First Class
SAEY, Joseph August, Fireman First Class
SAUNDERS, Julius S., Machinist Second Class
SCHNEIDER, Fred C., Apprentice First Class
SEEGELKEN, Henry, Coal Passer
SEXTON, Andrew Reynolds, Seaman
SHAFER, Adam A., Chief Machinist
SHAW, John, Fireman First Class
SHERROCK, Henry, Ordinary Seaman
SKINNER, Stephen A., Seaman
SLINEY, John, Seaman
SMALL, Elanzo, Mess Attendant
SMEND, Frederick M., Coal Passer
SMITH, Benjamin, Gun Captain First Class
SMITH, Frederick W., Quartermaster Third Class
SMITH, Harold Eugene, Apprentice Second Class
SMITH, Joseph, Fireman First Class
SMITH, William, Mess Attendant
SMITH, William, Seaman
SMYTH, Thomas, Coal Passer
SOLTAN, Louis Emil, Master at Arms Third Class
SOPHY, George N., Ordinary Seaman
STAMLER, George Robert, Coal Passer
STEVENS, Rollins, Ordinary Seaman
STICKNEY, Fred Carroll, Chief Gunner’s Mate
STRUBLER, Edward C., Machinist Second Class
SULLIVAN, Cornelius, Fireman Second Class
SVENSON, Ivar, Ordinary Seaman
TERADA, Keyachi, Cabin Steward
THOMPSON, John, Gunner’s Mate Third Class
THORNTON, John, Landsman
TIPPETT, Clarence Diggs, Oiler
TOBIN, John, Ordinary Seaman
TUCHIYA, Toshiyas, Mess Attendant
URBAN, August, Ship’s Cook First Class
WALDNER, Paul J., Hospital Steward
WALLACE, George G., Seaman
WALLACE, Middleton, Mess Attendant
WALTER JR, Eugene R., Chief Yeoman
WARR, John, Landsman
WATSON, James, Seaman
WEIR, Duncan, Ordinary Seaman
WELSH, Peter, Oiler
WENDALL, Charles Q., Chief Quartermaster
WEST, William, Ordinary Seaman
WHITE, Joseph, Fireman Second Class
WILBUR, Isaiah, Gunner’s Mate Second Class
WREN, William, Machinist Second Class
WUSSTIG, George E., Bugler


Weaver, Barry,  Col Albert F. Gleim and Danny J. Farak, The West Indies Naval Campaign Medal of 1898 - The Sampson Medal, the Ships and Men. (Arlington, VA: Planchet Press, 1986).

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