The Siege of Baler

The Plan of the Church:

by Miguel Hernandez


Below is the floor plan of the church compound defended by the Spanish troops at Baler.


1. Door
2. Baptistry with three loopholes
3. Door
4. Entrance to the Trenches
5. Pepper and Tomato Plants
6. Choir
7. Greater Altar
8. Front door to the sacristy
9. Aspillerada Sacristy
10. Door to the corral
11. Trench exit
12. Passage from the 1st patio to corral
13. Well constructed by the defenders
14. Window
15. Toilet
16. “Quarter of Disgust”
17. Trench
18. Aspillerada Windows
19. Cooking stove
20. Railing
21. Parapets on the walls
22. Black water well
23. Entrance to the Convent
24. Trench
25. Pit and Trench


 Martin-Cerezo, Lt. Saturnino, Under the Red and Gold: Being Notes and Recollections of the Siege of Baler. (Kansas City MO: Franklin Hudson Publishing Co., 1909) Translation by F. L. Dodds.

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