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U.S.S. BOSTON Crew Roster

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The following is the crew roster of the USS BOSTON that took part in the Battle of Manila Bay on May 1, 1898. The roster comes from the Bounding Billow, the USFS OLYMPIA's ship newspaper.

The Roster:

Abelson, Anton, Gunner's Mate, First Class
Adams, George H., First Sergeant USMC
Ahlfors, William, Seaman
Ambrose, Edward, Seaman
Anderson, Thomas, Seaman
Anderson, William Edward, Boilermaker
Arnold, Louis, Landsman
Arnott, Thomas Frederick, Boatswain's Mate, First Class
Ayers, Walter Wadsworth, Apothecary
Bargman, John, Chief Carpenter's Mate
Barker, David, Private USMC
Barrett, Joseph Edward, Apprentice, First Class
Barry, John, Seaman
Beakes, Edward, Apprentice, First Class
Berry, Exra Herbert, Landsman
Bertelsen, Bernhardt, Master-At-Arms, Second Class
Bestoso, Giovanni, Landsman
Bickford, John, Ship's Cook, Fourth Class
Bicknell, George Robert, Ordinary Seaman
Blake, John, Chief Master-At-Arms
Blakeman, Robert S., Assistant Surgeon
Boothby, Henry, Fireman, First Class
Borst, Otto Alexander, Fireman, First Class
Boyd, Charles Marklin, Coal Passer
Breen, John Patrick D., Seaman
Breiner, Harry M., Coal Passer
Bristol, Bernard Joseph, Seaman
Buckmiller, John, Coal Passer
Burton, George, Quartermaster, First Class
Cameron, John, Fireman, First Class
Campbell, Alexander, Landsman
Campbell, Charles Arnold, Ordinary Seaman
Campbell, John Walter, Landsman
Carlsen, Oskar, Seaman
Carr, David H., Private USMC
Caslin, George, Fireman, Second Class
Chee, Chung, Mess Attendant
Chew, Charles S., Private USMC
Clair, John Joseph, Apprentice, First Class
Clark, John Thomas, Ordinary Seaman
Clark, Otis Barritt, Coal Passer
Clark, Samuel R., Bayman
Clifford, Charles Warren, Chief Machinist
Conway, Daniel G., Gunner's Mate, Second Class
Conway, Thomas, Private USMC
Coogan, William H., Private USMC
Covington, Frank Harold, Apprentice, First Class
Crawford, Millard H., Surgeon
Creamer, Joseph A., Landsman
Crowley, Timothy Frank, Coal Passer
Cummings, Charles, Landsman
Dahlberg, Gustaf, Gunner's Mate, First Class
Daley, Thomas, Landsman
Davis, Frank, Coal Passer
De Camps, Jr., Nicklas, Seaman
Doddridge, John S., Ensign
Donovan, John, Ordinary Seaman
Doughty, Wesley Roscow, Landsman
Duff, James Wade, Coal Passer
Duffey, James, Landsman
Dutton, Robert McM., First Lieutenant Of Marines
Eddy, Charles D., Private USMC
Engel, Harry Edward, Apprentice, First Class
Ennis, James, Fireman, Second Class
Erickson, Edward, Ordinary Seaman
Evans, Joel C., Gunner
Everhart, Lay H., Ensign
Farrell, Ferdinand, Private USMC
Fat, Ah, Warrant Officer's Cook
Fero, Harry, Apprentice, First Class
Fisher, William Edward, Apprentice, First Class
Fitzpatrick, Luke, Apprentice, First Class
Flaherty, John Patrick, Fireman, Second Class
Fogarty, John, Ordinary Seaman
Foley, Thomas, Fifer USMC
Forsner, Olof, Fireman, First Class
Gallagher, William, Ordinary Seaman
Galvin, M., Fireman, Second Class
Gardiner, Joseph C., Coal Passer
Gavin, Philip, Water Tender
Gibson, John, Lieutenant
Gill, Jesse W., Private USMC
Gilluly, A. Mcdonald, Coal Passer
Goodman, George W., Fireman, Second Class
Gray, Edward, Carpenter's Mate, Third Class
Grendle, George H., Pay Clerk
Griesel, August, Corporal USMC
Gross, Jacob E., Landsman
Gulick, George N., Apprentice, First Class
Gumpert, Augustus, Apprentice, First Class
Hailing, Luovi, Seaman
Hall, Robert , Private USMC
Hannan, William H., Apprentice, First Class
Hansson, Martin, Seaman
Harkins James J, Private USMC
Hayes, John, Seaman
Hee, Ah, Mess Attendant
Hee, Lou, Mess Attendant
Hennessy, John Joseph, Seaman
Hill, Alexander, Chief Quartermaster
Hilton, Osgood H., Carpenter
Hines, William R., Apprentice, First Class
Hitman, Frank, Ordinary Seaman
Hoffman, George M., Gunner's Mate, Third Class
Horne, Arthur, Fireman, Second Class
Howard, William L., Lieutenant (J.G.)
Humphrey, William, Ordinary Seaman
Inch, Richard, Chief Engineer
Irvine, Peter Albert, Seaman
James, Leland F., Assistant Engineer
James, Samuel Charles, Ordinary Seaman
Jansen, Jacob, Gunner's Mate, Third Class
Jansen, Martin, Gunner's Mate, Third Class
Jeggles, Charles Henry, Apprentice, First Class
Jensen, Hans Christian, Ordinary Seaman
Jensen, Hans, Private USMC
Jochum, Frederick, Seaman
Johnson, Eric, Seaman
Johnson, Nicklas, Seaman
Johnson, William, Boatswain's Mate, Second Class
Johnston, Harry, Corporal USMC
Jolly, Albert, Private USMC
Jones, Charles Lee, Landsman
Jones, Robert, Ship's Cook, First Class
Jong, To Wang, Cabin Cook
Jozwiah, Joseph F, Private USMC
Keegan, Thomas, Boatswain's Mate, Second Class
Kessel, William, Ordinary Seaman
Ki, Wing, Mess Attendant
Killelea, Charles, Oiler
King, Frank, Private USMC
Kirchoff, William F., Private USMC
Kirkholder, Frederick, Apprentice, First Class
Kristiansen, Karl, Seaman
Kronmiller, George Louis, Quartermaster, Third Class
La Motte, Harry Clayton, Painter
Lake, William, Seaman
Lambert, Richard, Sailmaker's Mate
Lanigan, James, Chief Machinist
Launitz, Andrei, Seaman
Laury, Charles Warren, Boatswain's Mate, First Class
Lee, King, Mess Attendant
Leudermain, Charles W., Apprentice, First Class
Linquist, Gustaf, Seaman
Long, Henry Wadsworth, Ordinary Seaman
Loos, William, Fireman, First Class
Loughlin, Michael, Apprentice, First Class
MacFarlane, James, Private USMC
Madero, Antonio Alberto, Landsman
Malloy, Robert Alexander, Blacksmith
Mangan, James, Landsman
Marshall, James, Ordinary Seaman
Martin, Frank, Private USMC
Martin, John R., Paymaster
Mason, Frank, Landsman
McCann, Frank, Blacksmith
McCarthy, Bartie, Coal Passer
McCarthy, Justin, Oiler
McCormick, John , Private USMC
McDonald, Charles J., Coxswain
McDonald, Daniel, Fireman, First Class
McDonald, George S., Landsman
McFarland, Roy Arlington, Landsman
McGee, William, Coal Passer
McGinniss, William, Seaman
McGriel, Daniel, Water Tender
McKenna, James William, Plumber And Fitter
McPherson, James Lawrence, Coxswain
McShane, James, Seaman
McSweeney, Eugene A., Bugler
Meade, Francis Joseph, Apprentice, First Class
Mendell, Louis Pina, Seaman
Mooney, James, Fireman, First Class
Morga, William F., Chief Boatswain's Mate
Morrison, Angus A. C., Coal Passer
Muchlbach, Paul, Coxswain
Mud, Ling, Mess Attendant
Mulbert, John, Coal Passer
Mullaly, Michael, Chief Gunner's Mate
Mullen, James, Ordinary Seaman
Mumford, John James, Apprentice, First Class
Murphy, Michael, Ordinary Seaman
Murphy, William Thomas, Fireman, Second Class
Murray, Arthur, Private USMC
Naumann, Charles, Landsman
Neal, David, Landsman
Nelson, George, Private USMC
Nilsen, Nils, Apprentice, First Class
Norris, John A., Lieutenant Commander
O'Brien, Edward J. F., Coxswain
O'Conner, Michael, Landsman
Olsen, Olof, Coxswain
Olsson, Karl, Landsman
O'Neill, Thomas, Ordinary Seaman
Owen, William, Fireman, Second Class
Palmer, Carl E., Private USMC
Parker, Fredro Fern, Coxswain
Pearce, George, Seaman
Perkins, Dell, Master-At-Arms, Third Class
Petersen, Fredirick, Seaman
Pfefferle, Leon, Private USMC
Ping, Ah, Cabin Steward
Quigley, Richard, Landsman
Quoi, Ah, Mess Attendant
Randall, George Frederick, Chief Yeoman
Read, Everett Winthrop, Fireman, First Class
Reardon, William H., Quartermaster, Second Class
Rheinelander, Charles Wm., Apprentice, First Class
Rhodes, Harry, Oiler
Richards, Benjamin, Fireman, First Class
Rieman, John, Gunner's Mate, Second Class
Robinson, John, Seaman
Robison, Samuel S., Ensign
Royal, George R., Apprentice, First Class
Ryan, Michael, Corporal USMC
Sam, Ah, Wardroom Steward
Savas, Nicholas, Seaman
Schaefer, Louis F., Landsman
Schaffer, Charles, Coal Passer
Schleuther, Hugo, Seaman
Schneider, John Thomas, Water Tender
Schramm, Ludwig, Corporal USMC
Schurter, John R., Quartermaster, Third Class
Scoggins, Joseph, Seaman
Scott, Bernard O., Lieutenant
Scudder, William, Landsman
Seifried, Eugene William, Apprentice, First Class
Seymour, John Joseph, Apprentice, First Class
Shee, Song, Mess Attendant
Simpson, Theo. Herman, Fireman, Second Class
Smith, Earl, Coal Passer
Sou, Chay, Steerage Steward
Soy, Ah, Wardroom Officer's Cook
Spencer, Joseph R., Landsman
Stanrow, Constantinos, Seaman
Sterling, Joseph, Machinist, First Class
Stuart, Alexander, Boatswain's Mate, Second Class
Sullivan, James M., Gunner's Mate, Second Class
Sullivan, James M., Seaman
Sullivan, James, Boatswain's Mate, First Class
Sullivan, Patrick F, Coal Passer
Summerville, Erle R, Apprentice, First Class
Sutton, Charles B, Seaman
Swanson, Emil, Apprentice, First Class
Tame, Charles, Machinist, Second Class
Taylor, Elens Francis, Apprentice, First Class
Taylor, William, Coppersmith
Templeton, Fredrick A., Fireman, Second Class
Tipton, Charles E., Coal Passer
Tonnesen, Jacob A., Seaman
Traylor, Thomas Marrion, Landsman
Treadwell, George A., Yeoman, First Class
Tyrrell, John Joseph, Machinist, Second Class
Vernieux, Frederick, Seaman
Volkmar, George T., Boatswain's Mate, Second Class
Waite, William, Seaman Gunner
Walke, John Henry, Landsman
Wallace, Robert, Bayman
Walsh, Harry, Oiler
Welch, William, Fireman, First Class
Wheeler, Charles H, Coxswain
White, James, Chief Yeoman
White, William Reese, Apprentice, First Class
Wildes, Frank,Captain
Williams, Augustus, Sergeant USMC
Wilson, Charles Frederick, Fireman, Second Class
Wind, Andy, Coal Passer
Woods, William, Seaman
Wosterlink, August, Gunner's Mate, First Class
Yun, Lin Pu, Mess Attendant
Zanewich, Anton, Coxswain
Zederbaum, George, Yeoman, Second Class
Zenker, John, Coxswain
Zin, Ah, Wardroom Cook


The Bounding Billow, Vol. 1, No. 7, November-December, 1898, published on board the Cruiser OLYMPIA.

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