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The Roster of the Connecticut Volunteer Naval Militia

Contributed by Patrick McSherry

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The following is a roster of the members of the Connecticut Naval Militia who served in the Spanish American War. The battalion was mustered into service at Niantic on June 15, 1898. The overwhelming majority of the men served aboard the aging U.S.S. MINNESOTA, moored in Boston harbor.

Where two ranks are listed, the rank without parentheses is the militia rank and the rank in parentheses is the U.S. Navy rank given on muster in

The Roster:

Battalion Officers:

Day, Arthur H., Lt. Cmdr. (appointed Lt., U. S. N)
Lieutenant Edward V. Raynolds, Edward V. (appointed Lt., U. S. N.)
Bishop, Nathaniel W., Ordnance Officer, Lt., Jr. Grade (appointed Lt., Junior Grade, U. S. N.)
Paymaster, Lieutenant (Junior Grade) ----- Frederick L., Paymaster, Lt., Jr. Grade (appointed Assistant Paymaster, U.S N.)

Battalion Non-Commissioned Staff:

Hutchinson, Charles K., Chief Master-at-Arms
Punderson, Henry F., Chief Yeoman

First Division (New Haven):


Goodridge, Daniel M. , Lt. (Appointed Lieutenant,  Junior Grade, U. S. N.)
Cornwell, Frank S., Lt. Jr. Grade (Appointed Lt., Jr. Grade, U. S. N.)
Baker, Stephen D., Ensign (Appointed Ensign, U. S. N.)
Hutchinson, Robert E. L., Ensign (Appointed Lt., Jr. Grade, U. S. N.)

Enlisted men:

Adams, Henry T., Landsman. Discharged August 6, 1898.
Allen, Walter H., Seaman Discharged June 16, 1898. Appointed Naval Cadet U. S. N.
Anketelle, Arthur M., Landsman
Applegate, William. A., Seaman
Arvine, Earless P., Landsman
Ball, Benjamin H.
Barrett, Harry A., Seaman
Beach, Joseph W., Seaman Discharged August 6, 1898.
Benton, Winfred W.
Best, Edward L., Seaman
Best, George W., Seaman
Boerner, George F., Seaman
Brown, Arthur H., Ordinary Seaman
Brown, Leslie M., Landsman
Burgess, William. J., Ordinary Seaman
Bush, Frank W., Seaman
Buzzell, Harry A., Seaman
Cahill, William. J., Ordinary Seaman
Carroll, George T., Landsman
Church, Ulysses G., Landsman
Clemens, Frank G.
Cluff, Charles S., Landsman
Docker, Guy, Landsman
Doolittle, Harry W., Landsman
Dulaney, George W., Seaman
Dusenberre, Ralph E., Seaman
Eels, J. Shepard, Ordinary Seaman
Eldredge, Nathan S., Ordinary Seaman
Farr, Edward R., Ordinary Seaman
Ferguson, George W., Landsman
Filley, Walter O., Ordinary Seaman
Fowler, Frederic C., Landsman
Gallagher, Elliot S., Landsman
Garland, William J., Landsman, Discharged August  4, 1898.
Hamlin, Edgar F., Ordinary Seaman
Harger, Alfred M., Landsman
Henderson, Yandell, Appointed Ensign U. S. N.
Hewett, William H., Ordinary Seaman
Heywood, Carl B., Ordinary Seaman
Hott, Frederic, Landsman
Hume, Francis S., Seaman
Huntley, Henry F., Seaman
Isbell, John A., Ordinary Seaman
Jewett, Ambrose B., Landsman
Judson, Theodore P., Ordinary Seaman
Kelsey, Ernest R., Ordinary Seaman
Kendall, Edward G., Ordinary Seaman, Discharged August 4, 1898
Kenyon, Albert J., Seaman
Konitz, William. J., Seaman
Lautz, Louis F., Landsman
Lee, Charles S., Seaman
Lee, William R., Landsman
Leonard, Harry A., Landsman
Lewis, Edward Y., Seaman
Lounsbury, Walter W., Ordinary Seaman
Lum, Benjamin B., Seaman
Lyons, George, Jr., Landsman
Makepeace, Walter D., Seaman
Mason, Frank H., Seaman
Morris, Charles G., Seaman
Murphy, John K., Seaman
Nichols, John W., Landsman
Norton, Louis L., Ordinary Seaman
O'Brien, James M.
O'Keefe, John A., Seaman
Peabody, Robert S., Seaman
Peck, Clifford M., Seaman
Phillips, Charles C., Landsman
Price, William B., Landsman
Schnrig. Robert C., Seaman
Scranton, William J., Landsman
Shepard, E. Morris, Landsman, Discharged August 6, 1898.
Smyth, Nathan A., Seaman
Snow, Louis L., Ordinary Seaman, Discharged August 6, 1898.
Strong, Richard W., Landsman
Trueland, Hiram, Seaman
Wallace. Edward D., Landsman
Way, Charles L., Seaman
Webb. Clarence W., Seaman
Williams, Charles E., Ordinary Seaman
Woodford. Harry E., Landsman

Second Division (Hartford):


Parker, Felton, Lt., (Appointed Lt., U. S. N.)
Cuntz, Hermann F. , Lt. Jr. Grade (Appointed Ensign, U. S. N.)
Middlebrook, Louis F., Ensign (Appointed Ensign, U. S. N.)
Root, Lyman, Ensign (Appointed Ensign, U. S. N.)

Enlisted men:

Baldwin, Henry F., Seaman
Barber, Arthur W., Landsman
Baxter, George S., Seaman
Beers, Robert C., Landsman
Berry, Howard, Ordinary Seaman
Bigelow, Henry W., Seaman, Discharged August 6, 1898.
Bissell, Herbert G., Seaman
Blakeslee, Fred G., Seaman
Bosworth, Fred E., Seaman
Brinley, George, Seaman
Brinley. John H. W., Seaman
Brpwer, Arthur L., Seaman
Buck, Henry R., Seaman
Burke, John F., Landsman
Case, Archibald L., Seaman
Case, Harry B., Landsman
Chapin, Robert D., Seaman
Coggeshall, Murry H., Seaman
Colby, George F., Landsman
Cutting, Arthur S., Landsman
Dimock, Stanley K., Ordinary Seaman, Discharged August 6, 1898.
Doran, Edward J., Seaman
Drury, Henry W., Ordinary Seaman
Field, Francis E., Seaman
Forrest, George C., Seaman
Foster, George C., Landsman
Franke, Paul, Landsman
Gabrielle, Burton L., Ordinary Seaman
Gallup, Christopher M., Seaman Discharged August 6, 1898.
Geer, William A., Landsman
Gillette, Frank W., Ordinary Seaman
Goulet, William., Landsman
Hawley, James J" Seaman
Holcombe, George A., ordinary Seaman
Holmes, Richard J., Ordinary Seaman
Huntington, Charles A., Landsman
Hurd, William M., Ordinary Seaman
Jackson, Edward Q., Ordinary Seaman
Kenyon, Lorenzo W., Seaman
Keyes, Frank R., Seaman
Kowalcky, Frank E., Landsman
LeFever, Arthur P., Landsman
Long, Michael C., Ordinary Seaman
MaIm, O. William, Seaman
Martin, George R., Ordinary Seaman
McCreary, Ralph W., Seaman
McManus, Ward, Seaman
Miller, Guy P., Seaman, Discharged August 6, 1898.
Miller, Hugh t, Seaman, Discharged August 6, 1898.
Morgan, James H., Seaman
Morgan, Victor F., Seaman
Morris, Shiras, Seaman
Moses, Linwood K., Landsman
Neilson, Carl, Landsman
Noble, Edward J., Ordinary Seaman
Northam, Edward T., Seaman Discharged August 6, 1898.
Northam, Robert C., Seaman Discharged August 3, 1898.
Nutter, Harrie Y., Ordinary Seaman
Pynchon, Lauriston F. L., Seaman
Root, Judson B., Ordinary Seaman
Sanford, Harrison, Ordinary Seaman
Saunders, Charles C., Seaman
Schiberdtfe,!ler, Otto M., Landsman.
Scoville, Albert W., Jr., Seaman
Scoville, Lester H., Ordinary Seaman
Scrivener, William H., Seaman
Seaver, Frederic A., Landsman.
Seymour, Freeman P., Ordinary Seaman
Shepherd, Forrest, Seaman
Storrs, Herbert E., Seaman
Talcott, Morton C., Landsman
Tinkham, George H., Landsman
Tregoning, William. C., Landsman
Twardoks, John F., Landsman
Uhler, Jonathan K., Seaman
Welles, James D., Seaman
Wells, Richard B., Seaman
Wightman, Alanson H., Seaman
Wilcox, George E., Ordinary Seaman
Wilson, Louis B., Seaman
Young, Frank E., Landsman

Engineer Division (New Haven)


Trowbridge, Amasa, Lt., Chief Engineer (Appointed Passed Assistant Engineer/Lt. Junior Grade, U. S. N.)
Spencer, Frederick C., Ensign, Assistant Engineer (Appointed Assistant Engineer/Ensign, U. S. N.)

Enlisted men:

Adams, Francis M., Fireman, 1st Class
Anderson, Fred T., Fireman, 1st Class
Barrows, George H., Fireman, 2nd Class
Brown, Curtis P., Fireman, 1st Class
Clark, Percival S., Fireman, 1st Class
Conroy, Joseph T., Coal Passer
Dunlea, Thomas J., Jr., Coal Passer
Golden, Edward, Coal Passer
Goodrich, Robert H., Fireman, 1st Class
Johnson, George T., Fireman, 1st Class
Kondrick, Georg, Coal Passer
Mahoney, Dennis M., Fireman, 1st Class
McMahon, Daniel M., Fireman, 1st Class
Minnix, Francis, Fireman, 2nd Class
Noonan, Eugene T., Coal Passer
Parsons, Arthur L., Fireman, 1st Class
Peck, Albert E., Coal Passer
Ryals, Edward R., Fireman, 2nd Class
Ryan, John P., Fireman, 2nd Class
Ryan, Timothy J., Fireman, 2nd Class
Schatz, Jacob F., Fireman, 2nd Class
Skelly, Henry F., Fireman, 2nd Class
Tripp, Charles E., Coal Passer
Wheeler. Lynde P., Fireman, 1st Class
Wurts, John C., Fireman, 1st Class


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