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Regimiento de Infanteria “Isabel la Catolica” No. 75

(Infantry Regiment “Isabel la Catolica” Nr. 75)

Contributed by Francisco Jose Diaz Diaz

Arms of Isabel la Catolica Nr. 75 Regiment
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This unit served in Manzanillo, Cuba during the Spanish American War

Unit Size:

This regiment had two battalions and one Staff detachment. Each battalion had 20 officers and 326 men during peacetime; In war, each battalion increased to 39 officers and 1001 men.

Size of Regiment: 83 officers, 2004 men.

Losses: Not known

Location of service: Cuba (Manzanillo).

Actions: Part of Escario's column to reinforce Santiago

Unit History:

On July, 27, 1877 two reserve battalions were joined together to create Infantry Regiment "Luzón" nr. 58. These battalions were Reserve Battalion "Cáceres" nr 36 and Reserve Battalion Astorga nr 75. The new regiment was garrisoned in Santander (Spain) and, then, in La Coruña (Spain)

Over time, the name of the unit changed. In 1889 the designation was changed to Regimiento de Infantería "Isabel la Católica" nr 54 and again in 1893 to Regimiento de Infantería "Isabel la Católica" nr 75. In 1896, the unit was transferred to Cuba under command Colonel Federico Escario García.

When this Regiment arrived in Cuba it was sent to Manzanillo and brigaded into 1st división, 4th Corps (under commanda of General Linares). During the Cuban Insurrection (1895-1898), the unit was involved in the actions at Colorado, San José, Peñate and Sacatoga.

During the Spanish American War (1898) This regiment was brigaded into Escario's relief column which fought its way to the defenses of Santiago de Cuba.

This Regiment included:

Staff Detachment of Regiment: 1 Colonel, 2 captains, 2 lieutenants and 2 corporals
Two Battalions, having each battalion a Staff Detachment and 6 companies.

Staff Detachment of battalion: 1 Lieutenant Colonel, 2 comandantes (major in US Army), 2 captains, 1 alferez (2nd lieutenant in US Army) for carrying the regimental flag, 2 medical doctors (officers), 1 chaplain (officer), 1 sergeant, 1 cornet corporal and 1 gunsmith

6 companies, 1st and 2nd companies having 1 captain, 3 lieutenants, 1 alferez (2nd lieutenant in US Army), 5 sergeants, 10 corporals, 4 cornets, 4 soldiers of 1st class (veterans) and 144 soldiers of 2nd class. 3rd to 6th companies having 1 captain, 3 lieutenants, 1 alferez (2nd lieutenant in US Army), 5 sergeants, 10 corporals, 4 cornets, 4 soldiers of 1st class (veterans) and 143 soldiers of 2nd class

After the war, in 1931, the unit was redesignated as Regimiento de Infantería nr 8. In 1944, it was again redesignated, this time as  Regimiento de Infantería Isabel la católica nº 29.

Presently, its designation is Regimiento de Infantería Aerotransportable Isabel la Católica nº 29.

The unit was involved in many other actions, including the following:

3th Carlist War (1872-1876) Actions of Cerro de Murain, Oteiza, Caparroso, San Estaban, Zubiano,  Alto de Arlaban, la Bastida, Peñacerrada and Siete Herreras

African Campaing (1921-1924) Actions of Atlaten, Lomas de Ismoart, Gurugu, Basbel, combats of Taxuda, Riokert, Kalkul, Kadur and Tifaruin; Defences of Banitez, Valenzuela, Cuerno Bajo, Ayala, Llorente Galo Lopez, Aguada de Trixde and Guerrero.


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