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One crewman's comments on the passing of

Michael Borsuk

(September, 1954 - June, 2000)

By Jack L.McSherry, Jr.

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July 3, 2000

Today, with a very heavy heart, I went to Mike Borsuk's funeral, along with Gregg Reinsmith, Patrick and Dianna McSherry, and Jack L. McSherry III. Paul deOrsay, of the Independence Seaport Museum was also in  attendance.

Many people attended the funeral, which illustrates the esteem in which people held Mike. Many  photographs of Mike, doing many things, along with models of buildings which he created, were on display  on both sides of the closed casket. Many certificates of his accomplishments were also on display. In statements by everyone who participated in the service, and in the eulogies, Mike was described as a loving  person, helpful to others, always cheerful, never spoke a bad word about anyone, accomplished much in  his life, was dependable, and always followed through when he gave his word. This certainly does describe the friend that we knew.

My heart went out to his parents, especially at the gravesite service, which must have torn their hearts out.  They had a very loving son, and they knew it.

This event has certainly illustrated several very important things in life. Life is fragile, and friends can be lost  in this manner at any time. After the friend is gone, we must reflect on our past life with that friend, and did we treat him the way we should have, and did we show our appreciation for that friend? Fortunately, I feel  comfortable with my friendship with Mike. I did treat him as a friend, and I did tell him that I cared about him.  I am glad that I did.

A friend is one of our most precious commodities in life. The bond should be strong, and the mutual  respect should be there. Without friends, life would be meaningless and dull.

Mike will never be forgotten. He was a great person and a great friend, and I will miss him.

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