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The Deaths at Camp Poland, Tennessee

Contributed by Jeff Berry
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The following newspaper account provides a listing of the deaths that occurred at Camp Poland  Tennessee between September 8 1898 and January 17, 1899.

The Account:


Which Occurred In Camp Poland Since Sept. 8th.
Twelve Cases In Which No Record Was Kept.
Names of Forty-Seven With Places of Residence and Burial-One Female Nurse Among Them

While Camp Poland was especially healthy during the stay of the soldiers here and the death rate was very low, still there were a number of deaths among the soldiers from September 8th to the present time.  A list of these deaths and the places of interment will doubtless be of interest to the readers of The Journal and Tribune.

While the following list is very near complete, there are several whose names could not be learned and also a few, the deaths of whom have not been kept on record here.

The list, as far as could be learned is:-


September 8-William Bates, Company A, First Georgia. Home Pawling, N.Y. Wm. Baker was the true name of this soldier,
  but the fact was not learned until after his interment in the National cemetery, when his father arrived from New York and
  took the remains away.
September 8-Edward W. Dunson, company G, Second Ohio; Home, Kenton, Ohio
September 9-Homer D. Nash, adjutant, Thirty-First Michigan; Jackson, Michigan
September 8-Arthur O. Nichols, company L, First West Virginia; Union, W Va.
September 11- Walter P. Burns, company F, First Georgia; Twiggsville, Ga.
September 13-Emory B. Toothman, company G, First West Virginia, Ronceverte, W. Va.
September 13-John Gibbons, company L, Fourth Tennessee. Buried in National cemetery here.
September 14-Thomas B. Long,company D, First West Virginia; Clarksburg, W.Va.
September 17-Joseph Gibbons, company K, First Georgia, Philadelphia, Pa.
September 17-J.T. McAllister, First Georgia; Ft. Gaines, Ga.
September 20-L.K. Boyce, company L, First West Virginia; Carry, Pa.
September 20-Wm. H. Henrietta, company M, First West Virginia; Moundville, W. Va.
September 21-John T. Shoopman, company H, Fourth Tennessee, National cemetery.
September 22-Wm. P. Goff, company F, First West Virginia; Goldston, N.C.
September 22-Arthur S. Hogan, company K, Fourteenth Minnesota; West Union, Minn.
September 22-O.J. Shoemaker, company E, Sixth Ohio; Bryan, Ohio
September 23-Elijah Pate, company A, First Georgia; Arabi, Ga.
September 24-Chas. E. Shelter, company D, First Georgia; National cemetery
September 28-John Gottfried, Second Ohio; Lima, Ohio
October 2-Frank J. Droessier, company A, Sixth Ohio; Toledo, Ohio
October 2-Jacob Fisher, company D, Second Ohio; Van Wert, Ohio
October 2-Wm. Drinehart, company I, Second Ohio; Roundhead, Ohio
October 3-James A.G. Reed, company E, First West Virginia; Huntington, W. Va.
October 4-Earnest E. Waylitt, company L, Thirty-First Michigan; Petrolio, Ontario, Canada
October 10-Rawson J. Kistner, company D, Sixth Ohio; Fostorio, Ohio
October 12-G.W. Kiger, hostler, not enlisted. Interred in National cemetery, but on November 25th remains shipped to Greenfield, Ind.
October 29-Christopher Reeves, company D, Third North Carolina; Greeneville, N.C.
October 29-Henry Johnson, company H, Third North Carolina; Kittrells, N.C.
October 29-Thomas Eave, company F, Third North Carolina; Rutherford, N.C.
October 30-Ellis M. Terry, company G, Sixth Ohio; National cemetery
October 31-Joseph Gardner, company M, Sixth Ohio; Defiance, Ohio
November 1-Sister Mary Elizabeth Flanagan, nurse at division hospital. Mt. Washington, Md.
November 2-John Carson, company K, Third North Carolina; North Carolina
November 2-H.E. Boyuton, hospital corps; Chicago.
November 12-John Ward, company I, Sixth Ohio; Green Springs, Ohio.
November 18-Geo. G. Mills, company B, First West Virginia; National cemetery
November 14-James Russell, company F, First West Virginia; Huntington, W. Virginia.
November 24-W.L. Gililand, company G, First West Virginia; Roncevert, West Virginia
November 26- Frank C. Rittenhouse, company G, Sixth Ohio; shipped to Ohio.
December 2- Homer Brower, company H, Sixth Ohio; Toledo, Ohio
December 26-Major David Hemphill, quartermaster, Second division First army corps, Chester, S.C.
December 26-Daniel Keegan, company M, Thirty-First Michigan; Monroe, Michigan.
December 22-Capt. John M. Tobin, brigade quartermaster of subsistence, National Cemetery
December 30-John W. Fox, Thirty-First Michigan; Owosso, Mich.
January 4-Frank Davis, company M, Thirty-First Michigan, Monroe, Mich.
January 17-G.W. Fletcher, company M, Thirty-First Michigan, jasper, Mich.
-----------Wm. H. McQuillan, Sixth Virginia, Petersburg, Va.

Aside from the above number there have been six colored soldiers and a like number of whites, of whom no record has been kept.

This makes the total number of deaths fifty-nine. Two of the men were not enlisted in the army."


The Journal and Tribune (Knoxville, TN), January 26, 1899 - Contributed by Jeff Berry

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