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Thanks for trying to email us! Unfortunately, after about five years of work, I am taking a hiatus from accepting all general email from the website. Quite frankly, it was getting overwhelming, and I do have a family that deserves my time.  With receiving 30 to 40 emails a day from this site, many requiring research, it would not be possible for me to keep up with the mail at this time.

If you were writing to ask for help on researching a family member or specific person, there is probably not too much I can do for you anyhow! With over 325,000 men involved, it is unlikely that I will not know the name. Unless otherwise noted, all of the roster information that we have is on the website already.

To help you find items on our website more easily, we have added a search engine on the Main Page, near the bottom. This search engine will search all records on the site.

The best way to find out about an individual is write for their pension records from the National Archives, since this information usually includes a synopsis of their military career, family info., and often affidavits from from people who knew them. We explain how to apply for these records (and give other research tips) on our "Researching a Spanish American War Veteran" page. You do not need to know the person's military unit to apply for records!

We will be continuing to look for contributions of information when we get back on-line. If you want to contribute an article, take the time of my hiatus to get the information in the form described in our contributor's information page.

Remember...everything on the website is copyrighted! It cannot be reused without permission.

Thanks for your help! This website experience has been very enriching for me and I look forward to returning to it!

Your Editor, Patrick McSherry!

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