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The Obituary of

Lt. John Blandin

Who died as a result of wounds received in the explosion of the Battleship MAINE

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Lt. John Blandin was officer of the deck when the battleship MAINE exploded in Havana harbor. He was considered a survivor of the explosion. However, he eventually died as a result of his injuries later in 1898. To read about Blandin's horrific experience that night, click here.

The Obituary:


He Was Officer in Charge When the
Maine Was Blown Up and His
Nervous System Collapsed

Baltimore, Md., July 16 – Lieutenant John J. Blandin, who was officer on the deck on the night the United States battleship Maine was blown up in Havana Harbor., died at noon to-day in the Sheppard-Pratt hospital in this city. His death was the result of meningitis brought on by the shock received when the Maine was destroyed.

Lieutenant Blandin, after giving his testimony before the Board of inquiry at Key West, was assigned to duty at the United States hydrographic office in this city. His wife and two sons lived here and it was thought that the comparatively light duties would aid in restoring his nervous system. This did not prove to be the case, however, and from the day of his return to his home in this city his friends noticed a marked change n his demeanor. He seemed utterly unable to dismiss from his mind the horrors of the fatal night which saw the destruction of the battleship and the death of so many of his comrades, and on July 1 he broke down under the strain and was removed to the hospital. In the delirium which quickly followed he reverted continually to the incidents connected with the destruction of the battleship and fancied himself again on deck issuing orders and aiding in the rescue of his shipmates. His wife was with him continually, but for the past week he has been unable to recognize her. It was hoped until yesterday that he might recover, but his illness took an unfavorable turn and last night his physicians gave up hope.


Brooklyn Eagle, July 9, 1898, Page 9

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