The Loss of the MAINE, an aAlternate Theory!

(A sense of humor required)

By Patrick McSherry 

There have been many theories espoused concerning the loss of the MAINE. Some say a mine, others a bunker fire, others deliberate scuttling. We have rare photographic evidence of another possibility. It is evidence of a possible accident.

The Toaster Incident

What we have here is a sailor of 1898. He is obviously hungry, and is daintily fixing himself a muffin as a nighttime snack. He obviously has acquired a toaster and placed it where he would find it convenient, and where it would be out of the way of his mates in the crowded quarters. Herein lies the problem. The toaster was inadvertently placed atop a canister containing powder and a projectile. This could be inherently dangerous. A faulty toaster, a bad connection with some arcing...and an explosion may have been the result.

There you have alternate theory.

Remember....the past is the past. Even historians dealing with such a serious matter must have a sense of humor!

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