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U.S. Revenue Cutter HUGH McCULLOCH Crew Roster

Contributed By Robert Pendleton

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The following is the crew roster of the USRC HUGH  McCULLOCH (also known as the McCULLOCH) that took part in the Battle of Manila Bay on May 1, 1898. The roster comes from the Bounding Billow, the USFS OLYMPIA's ship newspaper.

The Roster:


Hodgsdon, Daniel B., Captain*
Foley, Daniel P., First Lieutenant
Elliot, William P., Lieutenant, U.S. Navy
Joynes, Walker W., Second Lieutenant
Atlee, William E., Third Lieutenant
Ridgely, Randolph, Jr., Third Lieutenant
Mel, John, Third Lieutenant
Greene, Joseph B., Assistant Surgeon, United States Marine Hospital Service
Randall, Francis [Frank]*** B., Chief Engineer**
Meyers, William C., First Assistant Engineer
MacCoun, William E., First Assistant Engineer
Schoenborn, Henry F., Second Assistant Engineer
Loud, George A., Acting Paymaster

Enlisted Crew Members:

Anderson, Charles, Seaman
Anderson, Johan, Seaman
Armstrong, Burt, Boy, Second Class
Bailey, Thomas, Ordinary Seaman
Barnes, Frank A., Boy, Second Class
Beaubrin, Jacob, Coal Passer
Benson, Henry, Coal Passer
Bryson, John, Quartermaster
Burke, John A., Boatswain
Burns, James, Fireman
Burwell, Edward L., Ordinary Seaman
Carson. Gustav, Master-At-Arms
Charles Bernard, Ordinary Seaman
Choy, Ah, Fireman
Christie, Henry, Seaman
Clark, Charles, Coxswain
Clindining, Frank, Ordinary Seaman
Craig, F, C., Ordinary Seaman
Dirwanger, T. A., Ordinary Seaman
Doner, John, Ordinary Seaman
Dunseath, William, Fireman
Federoff, August E., Seaman
Fong, Ah, Fireman
Forbis, Archie, Boy, First Class
Hakansson, George, Coal Passer
Hatch, Kimball, Fireman
Hein, George, Coal Passer
Hong, Ah, Fireman
Humphrey, F., Seaman
Imay [Imai]***, Echi, Boy, First Class
Johnson, Charlie, Quartermaster
Kemer, John A., Ordinary Seaman
King, Frank, Ordinary Seaman
Klump, David, Machinist
Kuhl, A., Seaman
Lawrence, John, Coal Passer
Long, C.H., Boy, First Class
Low, Ah, Coal Passer
Malitani, Kameo, Boy, First Class
Miller, William E., Ordinary Seaman
McFarlane, James, Ordinary Seaman
Neithercote, H. A., Bugler [Harry A. Neithercott]
Ogata, Kuraki, Boy, First Class
Olsen, Gustav E., Fireman
Olsen, Oscar J., Fireman
Oshi, K., Boy, First Class
Owens, Paul G., Ordinary Seaman
Parovel, Joseph, Seaman
Pattison, Joseph, Seaman
Persson, Olaf, Seaman
Quirk, Patrick, Ships Cook
Rice Louis, M., Cabin Steward
Richter, B. C., Seaman
Rossin, Peter, Carpenter
Sakee, Koudo, Wardroom Steward
Sing, Ah, Machinist
Sjobug, B. H., Quartermaster
Smith, Dennis A., Ordinary Seaman
Sutton, William, Boy, Second Class
Svenson, John, Coxswain
Swanson, Olaf, Coxswain
Thompson, Harry, Seaman
Thompson, N. A., Seaman
Timmins, Bernard, Oiler
Tubbs, Burt, Boy, Second Class
Tye, Ah, Fireman
Woolford, Nelson, Gunner
Yoshi, K., Boy, First Class

Newspaper Correspondents (aboard ship, but not members of crew):

H. W. Harden, New York World,
J. T. McCutcheon, R.F.G.S., Chicago Herald.

* Captain Hodgsdon was detached and ordered home May 24, 1898; he turned over command of the cutter to First Lieutenant Foley, June 17, 1898. Captain C. L. Hooper was assigned to the cutter on May 24 and assumed command on July 16, 1898.

** Chief Engineer Randall died May 1, 1898 from apoplexy (stroke) caused by the effects of heat and over-exertion while trying to stop a blaze from the funnel of his vessel as the fleet was sailing through the entrance to Manila Bay at Corregidor.

*** Bounding Billow provided alternate name/spelling listed in brackets []


The Bounding Billow, Vol. 1, No. 7, November-December, 1898, published on board the Cruiser OLYMPIA.

Secretary of the Treasury, The United States Revenue Cutter Service in the War with Spain.  Office of the Secretary, Division of Revenue Cutter Service, (Washington, D,C,: Treasury Department, September 1, 1899).

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