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Michigan State Commemorative Medal

Image contributed by Herb Griffin; Text by Patrick McSherry

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Front - Michigan State Commemorative Medal Back - Michigan State Commemorative Medal

This medal was issued by the state of Michigan to soldiers and sailors from the state who served in the Spanish American War and early Phillippine American War.

The front shows Liberty or Victory greeting a representative soldier and sailor. The text reads "WAR WITH SPAIN AND PHILIPPINE CAMPAIGN 1898 - 1900."

The back shows a fascia with halberd and a laurel wreath surround the location for the veteran to have their name engraved. The text reads "THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN TO" In this case, the inscribed name is "GEO. F. AMES, CO A, 4TH U.S. INFANTRY"

The medal is somewhat unusual in that many state struck medals, but only for its state volunteer regiments. This medal was issued to one of the U.S. regulars who was apparently from Michigan.

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