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President McKinley and Prime Minister Sagasta

Contributed by Jose Poncet

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The following is a view of the front page of El Cardo ("The Thistle"), a  Spanish weekly magazine, published on February 4, 1898, only a few days before the publication of the famous letter of the Spanish Ambassador Dupuy de Lome by the New York Journal. This cartoon is entitled "PRUEBAS DE CARIŅO" ("Signs of Affection"). On the left is Spanish Prime Minister Sagasta. On the right is U.S. President McKinley.

Under the cartoon, the caption reads (to be sung to the tune of a Spanish operetta named "LA DIVA" - "The Primma Donna") :

"- I'm a friend of Balthasar!!
- I'm a friend of Raphael!!
- You knew how to win my affection!!
- My desire rests on remaining loyal to you!!"

Delome and McKinley Cartoon on El Cardo


The original is part of the collection of the Spanish National Library (Madrid).

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