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The Marine Guard

of the U.S.S. NEW YORK

During the Spanish American War

By 1st Lt. Rufus H. Lane, U.S.M.C.

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Crew at Battle of Santiago ||| Crew at San Juan, Puerto Rico


The following is a roster of the Armored Cruiser NEW YORK. The list is particularly interesting in that it indicates the actual role taken by these men in the Battle of Santiago and at the bombardment of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

This report was created by 1st Lt. Rufus Lane who commanded the Marine Guard at the time the report was filed. Lane noted that the Marines also filled the roles as members of prize crews, patrol launch crews, gun watches, and armed lookouts for torpedo boats.

The Marine Roster and their role during the Battle of Santiago (July 3, 1898):


Meade, R. L., Major – Commanding marine guard
Lane, R. [Rufus] H., 1st Lt. – In charge two 6 pounders No. 14


Kinne, 1st Sgt. – Rifleman, upper foretop
Olinger, Charles – In charge marine ammunition (passers first division)
Buerger – In charge marine ammuntion (passers third division)


Erba, A. – No. 1, starboard 6 pounder No. 14
Ludlow, Thomas – Rifleman, upper foretop
Givens, William – Rifleman, maintop
Walters, G H. – No. 1, port 6 pounder No. 14


Shea, John J., Fifer – With executive officer
Cassidy, J. P., Drummer – Forward spar deck


Anders, C. C. – Rifleman, lower foretop
Barksdale, M. S. – No. 3 starboard 6 pounder, No. 14
Bartlett, C. H. –Rifleman, upper foretop
Benson, John B. – Ammunition passer, first division
Bernard, A. H. – Orderly to commander in chief
Berthold, C. W. – No. 4, port 6 pounder, No 14
Bolster, M. – Ammunition passer, fourth division
Bonner, P. A. – Ammunition passer, third division
Bracken, E. – Rifleman, maintop
Brownlee, W. – Aid to wounded, berth deck
Demerais, C. – Ammunition passer, third division
Donohue, E. Ammunition  passer, second division
Donohue, T. J. No. 4, starboard 6 pounder No 14
Donovan, J. L. – Ammunition passer, fourth division
Doyle, Alfred – Rifleman, lower foretop
Doyle, John – Ammunition passer, fourth division
Foley, James J. – Ammunition passer, third division
Gill, Patrick – Rifleman, upper foretop
Haisman, F. W. - Ammunition passer, fourth division
Haistings, J. C. - Ammunition passer, fourth division
Health, F. W.- Rifleman, upper foretop
Hendershot, N. V. - Ammunition passer, first division
Hesse, John - Ammunition passer, first division
Horton, J. T. - Ammunition passer, second division
Hutchinson, J. C.- No. 3, port 6 pounder No. 14
Johnson, Benjamin – No. 2, starboard 6 pounder no. 14
Kane, John – Rifleman, maintop
Kearins, M - Ammunition passer, fourth division
Kelly, John - Ammunition passer, third division
Kelly, Thomas – Aid to wounded, berth deck
Kenny, William - Ammunition passer, third division
Knip, Adoph – No. 2, port 6 pounder No. 14
McGovern, James - Ammunition passer, fourth division
Morgan, Daniel – Rifleman, lower foretop
Newton, C. E. - Ammunition passer, third division
O’Hara, R. - Ammunition passer, third division
O’Neil, William - Ammunition passer, first division
Penny, Edw - Ammunition passer, second division
Petitclerc, Edw - Ammunition passer, second division
Power, M. – Orderly to commanding officer
Prescott, H. G. – Rifleman, maintop
Putney, B. C.  - Ammunition passer, third division
Rapp, William - Ammunition passer, first division
Ross, Albert - Ammunition passer, fourth division
Sauer, William - Ammunition passer, second division
Shea, John - Ammunition passer, first division
Smith, F. M. - Ammunition passer, third division
Smith, James – Rifleman, lower foretop
Smolt, M. - Ammunition passer, first division
Sullivan, James - Ammunition passer, first division
Sprowls, M. - Ammunition passer, first division
Vaughan, R. H. - Ammunition passer, third division
Walter, R. F. – Rifleman, upper foretop

The Marine Roster and their role during the Bombardment of San Juan (May 12, 1898):

The roster and roles performed were the same as above, with the following changes:

Meade, R. L., Maj. – Marine officer of the fleet
Goodrell, M. C., Capt. – Commanding marine guard
Kinne, F. A., 1st Sgt. – In charge of top ammunition
Bernard, A. H., Pvt. - Ammunition passer, first division
Power, M., Pvt. - Ammunition passer, second division


Report of Rufus H. Lane, USS NEW YORK, Clerk of Joint Committee on Printing, The Abridgement of Message from the President of the United States to the Two Houses of Congress. Vol. 2 (Washington: Government Printing Office, 1899)1353-1354.

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