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Author John Edwards has offered to help raise funds for the Cruiser OLYMPIA through the sale of his book entitled Crucible of Empire. For every copy of thisnew novel sold through this page, Mr. Edwards will donate the majority of the profits to the Michael Borsuk Fund for OLYMPIA Preservation. To learn how to order an autographed copy (while donating to help preserve OLYMPIA at the same time), click here!

Mr. Edwards' book is a novel of the Cuban Campaign of the Spanish American War. The statement on the back of the book reads:

"Its 1898, and America is on an unstoppable course towards war with Spain. In preparation for sending troops to Cuba, war planners in Washington need information concerning Spanish forces on the island, and what kind of help the U.S. can expect from the Cuban rebels. Someone is needed to go to the island. Someone who not only speaks the language, but can walk the streets of Havana and the Cuban countryside without drawing undue attention to themself.

Elijah Wolf is a Seneca Indian, in whose veins also flows the blood of samurai warrior. Chief Scout of the U.S. 6th Cavalry, Wolf is among the last of true Seneca warriors. He also carries with him the fighting spirit of the samurai passed down through his family from Senjin, the Japanese warrior, who fled his native Japan to begin a new life in a new world.

Fluent in Spanish, and chosen personally by Theodore Roosevelt, Wolf goes to Cuba, where he is forced to rely on his heritage to survive. There he will call upon the Manitous to guide him and use the teachings of Musashi and Sun Tzu to help the ill-organized and poorly equipped American Expeditionary Force achieve victory."

Crucible of Empire by John Edwards

The cover of Crucible of Empire

Mr. Edwards will personally autograph any books ordered through this page.

To order the book, send a check or money order made out to "Iroquois Enterprises" for $20 to:

Iroquois Enterprises
1 Callahan St.
Perry, NY 14530
Attn: Michael Borsuk Fund

The price includes the cost of postage.

Thank you Mr. Edwards!

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