Spanish Naval and Maritime Flags

Contributed by Nick Mitiuckov

The following flags were used by the Spanish Navy vessels (and Spanish maritime vessels where approrpriate) in accordance with the "Real Decreto" of October 6, 1886 concerning the new system of flags for Spanish vessels.

Warship Pennant

National Combat Flag

Standard of His Majesty, the King of Spain and Infants
(Princes of the King's Blood)

Flag of Ministro Real

Flag of "Ministro Naval"

Flag of "Almirante de Armada"

Flag of General-Captain of Department

Flag of Vice-Admiral, the Commander-in-Chief of the Fleet

Flag of Rear-Admiral, the Commander-in-Chief of the Fleet

Flag of Vice-Admiral

Flag of Rear-Admiral

Breid-Pennant of Captain, the Commander-in-Chief of the Squadron

Breid-Pennant of Chief on the Road

Flag of General-Captain of the Land Force

Flag of the General-Governor

National Civil and Mercantile flag

Flag of the Pilot and for call to help the Pilot


Voennie Floty i Morskaya Sparavochnaya Knizhka na 1891 god /VKAM

Jane's All the World Fighting Ships 1905.

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