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The 75 mm Krupp Mountain Gun

By Francisco Jose Diaz Diaz

Krupp 75 mm Mountain Cannon

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The 75 mm Krupp mountain gun was a breechloading rapid fire weapon, used by Spanish Army in Cuba. The total weight of the gun was 388 kg, and had a a range of 3850 meters. This gun was capable of firing explosive shell, shrapnel or canister ammunition.

The 75 mm Krupp could be packed on four mules. The first carried the gun tube, the second the trail, the third the wheels, and the fourth the ammunition.


Brothers Paul and Wilhelm Mauser brought innovative rifle design to Germany in the late 1800's. Specifically in 1892, Paul Mauser introduced several rifle improvements. The most important being a long, non-rotary extractor that prevented double loading and improved in smoothness of operation.


The 75 mm Krupp was designed by Alfred Krupp and manufactured in Germany beginning in 1895. This gun was a modern breechloading rifle capable of firing smokeless powder. The weapon could be transported to generally impassable areas by being taken apart into major components and packed on three mules. The ammunition would be carried on a fourth mule.

Spanish utilized the 75 mm Krupp gun against the American forces at the action at San Juan Hill. The weapon was also used by Escario's Column during its advance to reinforce Santiago.


The 75 mm Krupp mountain gun could fire three types of projectiles: shell, shrapnel, and canister. Shell was used against personnel, or fortifications. Shrapnel was an anti-personnel round used at long ranges. Canister was an anti-personnel round used at shorter ranges. All three types of projectiles are loaded into the gun as fixed ammunition.


The 75 mm Krupp mountain gun was an excellent modern breechloading weapon. It showed good performance during the Battle of San Juan Hill. It was, perhaps, one of the best small guns in that era.

The gun used smokeless powder, an advantage in battle in that the location of the firing gun could not as easily be determined by the enemy without the tell-tale smoke which would issue from a black powder weapon.


Model 1895

Total Weight
388 kg. 
3850 meters
Gun Tube Material
Length of barrel
82.5 cm
Length of Bore
 65.5 cm
Travel of Projectile in Tube
45.7 cm
75 mm
Gun Tube Weight
107 kg.
28 Grooves
Carriage Material
Carriage Weight
281 kg.
Diameter of Wheels
80 cm.
Track of Carriage
83 cm.
Vert. Field of Fire
+ 20 degrees to -10 degrees
Rate of Fire
6 to 10 rounds per minute (depending on type)
Total Weight of Shell
6.95 kg.
Total Weight of Shrapnel  
6.95 kg
Total Weight of Canister
7.45 kg.
Number of Balls in Shrapnel
Weight of each Shrapnel Ball
11 g.
Number of Balls in Canister:
Wight of Canister Ball
16 g.


Memorial de Artillerķa (Artillery memorandum-book") 1896 published by Spanish Ministry of War

Website of Military Museum of Valencia (Spain)

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