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A Partial Roster of the crew

of the Gunboat WASP

During the Spanish American War

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The following is a partial roster of the Gunboat WASP. The list comes from a document in which the men listed were attesting to having heard orders issued to the commander of the vessel at the action at Nipe Bay, Cuba on July 21, 1898. The names are followed by their rank.

The Roster:

Barmore, W., Fireman, 2nd Class
Berg, K. F., Ordinary Seaman
Brownhill, G., Blacksmith
Burke, C. L., Ordinary Seaman
Campbell, W., Seaman
Connolly, A. J., Chief Yeoman
Dorse, Joseph, S. C., 1st Class
Duff, E. R.,  W.R.S.
Falkenberg, M., Coxswain
Franzen, F. B., Oiler
Frederiksen, H., Chief Master-at-Arms
Grammerstor, J. H., Ordinary Seaman
Hoffman, A. J., Landsman
Kaplinger, F. I., Fireman, 1st Class
Karlsen, G. O., Ordinary Seaman
Kelley, W. J., Quartermaster, 1st Class
King, E., M. att.
Lacy, James, Chief Gunner Mate
Laven, James, Chief Gunners Mate
Leimbach. Charles, Chief Boatswains Mate
Lewis, M., Landsman
Lingquist, F. N., Fireman, 2nd Class
Loader, P. A., Seaman
Norton, William, Oiler
Ohlsson. F. J., Seaman
Petterson, P., Coxswain
Prest, R. E., Seaman
Rochlitz, L., Electrician, 1st Class
Schneider, F., Landsman
Sloan, William, Seaman
Stribel, E., C.P.
Thomas, J., Fireman, 2nd Class
Thompson, W., Quartermaster, 1st Class
Ward, Aaron, Lt., (Commanding WASP)
Wiegand, H. H., Gunners mate, 1st Class
Young, A, W.R.C.


Clerk of Joint Committee on Printing, The Abridgement of Message from the President of the United States to the Two Houses of Congress. Vol. 4 (Washington: Government Printing Office, 1899.) 276.

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