Orders Issued to the 1st Montana Volunteer Infantry

Contributed by Sarah Wood

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The following orders were issued to members of the First Montana Volunteer Infantry during the war.

The Orders:


My general orders are:

To take charge of this post and all Government property in view;

To walk my post in a military manner, keeping constantly on the alert, observing
everything that takes place within sight or hearing;

To report every breach of orders or regulations that I am instructed to enforce;

To repeat all calls from posts more distant from the guard-house than my own;

To quit my post only when properly relieved;

To receive, transmit and obey all orders from, and allow myself to be relieved by the commanding officer, officer of the day, an officer or non-commissioned officer of the guard only;

To hold conversation with no one except in the proper discharge of my duty;

In case of fire or disorder, to give the alarm;

To allow no one to commit nuisance in the vicinity of my post;

In any case not covered by instructions, to call the corporal of the guard;

To salute all officers, and colors or standards not cased;

At night to exercise the greatest vigilance. Between ………….o’clock (this hour is designated by the commanding officer) and broad daylight, challenge all persons seen on or near my post, and allow no person to pass without proper authority.

(At the Post of the Guard.)

 Sentinels posted at the guard-house or guard tent will be required to memorize the following:

 Between the reveille and retreat, to turn out the guard for all persons entitled to the compliment, for all colors or standards not cased, and for all armed parties approaching my post, except troops at drill, and reliefs or detachments of the guard.

 At night, after challenging any person or party, to advance no one, but call the corporal of the guard, repeating the answer to the challenge.


Wood, Sarah - Data found among family archives

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