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A Roster of the 1st West Virginia Volunteer Infantry

Contributed by Ed Prichard

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The First West Virginia Volunteer Infantry served its term of service within the continental U.S. Below is a partial roster for the regiment. If you have additional information to contribute to this listing, please consider contributing them to us.

Regimental Field and Staff 
  Band ||| Company A
Company B ||| Company C ||| Company D
Company E ||| Company F ||| Company G
Company H ||| Company I ||| Company K
Company L ||| Company M

Regimental Officers:

Colonel: Baldwin Day Spillman
Lt. Colonel: Clarence L. Smith
Major: Philip A. Shafer
Major: William H. Lyons
Chief Surgeon: H. Byron Baguely
Asst. Surgeon: Cassius C. Hogg
Asst. Surgeon: Charles T. Nesbitt

Chaplain Rev. S.K. Arbuthnot

Company F

Herbert Dewitt McClintock,

Company K


Captain - Hooten, Albert L.        Moundsville, WV
1st Lieutenant  -  Price, Oscar A.        Ronceverte, WV
2nd Lieutenant  -   Baker, Frank H.        Martinsburg, WV
Captain  -    Vawter, John E.        Ansted, WV (Resigned)
Captain - Taylor, Raleigh C.        Ansted, WV (Originally mustered in with Co. as 1st Lieut., commissioned Captain June 11, 1898, Mustered in as Captain June 20, 1898. Resignation accepted to date Oct.13, 1898)


First Sergeant     Neal, Leonard B.        Proctorville, OH.
Q.M. Sergeant     Kyle, Mark C            Montgomery, WV
Sergeant         Summers, Joseph B.    Anstead, WV
Sergeant         Robinson, Samuel        Charleston, WV
Sergeant         Summers, Eusebius J.    Montgomery, WV
Sergeant         Payne, Harry D.        Charleston, WV


Ballenger, Henry L.        Ansted, WV
Walker, Lewis, J.        Ansted, W.Va
Ramsey, Charles R.        Martinsburg, WV
Rucker, Walter T.        Montgomery, WV
Spencer, Charles B.    Ansted, WV
Kirkenbuhl, John         Charleston, WV
Manley, Peter J.        Wheeling, WV
McCabe, Richard V.    Wheeling, WV
Morris, Floyd H.        Charleston, WV
Farmer, Laurette        Alderson, WV
Mondy, Archie        Covington, Va.
Kimball, William E.        Rockwood, Ohio
McGraw, Charles M.    Ansted, WV  (Cook)


Robertson, Charles W.    Ansted, WV
Rule, Wiley            Ansted, WV


Martin, Nathan N.  Ansted, WV, Wagoner


Baker, Michael        Ansted, WV
Baldwin, Andrew J.        Mt. Carbon, WV
Belcher, John A.        Coleburg, WV
Boggess, Charles E.    Ansted, WV
Botkin, Thomas W.        Charleston, WV
Booth, Eli J.            Huntingdon, WV
Cole, Birdie R.        Ansted, WV
Chapman, William S.    Charleston, WV
Clark, John M.        Wheeling, WV
Cullen, Walter T.        Huntingdon, WV
Eads, William H.        Charleston, WV
Erskine, John L.        Ansted, WV
Graves, Frank        Wheeling, WV
Gilliland, Claude        Huntingdon, WV
Hunt, John             Charleston, WV
Hill, Mart. F.            Huntingdon, WV
Hammond, Charles W.    Malden, WV
Hicks, Samuel T.        Huntingdon, WV
Johnson, Samuel O.    Charleston, WV
Johnson, William H.        Charleston, WV
Jackson, Elmer E.            Culloden, WV
Kincaid, Walter M.            Ansted, WV
King, Bernie E.            Charleston, WV
Kyle, George W.            Charleston, WV
King, Albert                Huntingdon, WV
Lacy, Joseph E.            Charleston, WV
Lanham, Charles B.        Charleston, WV
McAlexander, George L.        Ansted, WV
McCave, George            Charleston, WV
McCutheon, Samuel B.        Ansted, WV
McWilliams, James E.        Charleston, WV
Mearion, John F.            Archbald, Pa.
McAboy, James F.            Huntingdon, WV
Moore, T. Mark            Charleston, WV
Murray, Charles P.            Coalburg, WV
Newhouse, Simon E.        Charleston, WV
Peters, Huston C.            Charleston, WV
Schlagel, Arthur A.            East Bank, WV
Settle, Page                Deepwater, WV
Skaggs, Miles A.            Ansted, WV
Sims, Charles B.            Wheeling, WV
Scholl, Fritz                Belva, WV
Sturgeon, Clarence E.        Radcliffe, WV
Slater, Oscar B.            Patrick, WV
Toler, Wyatt A.            East Bank, WV
Tyree, William M.            Charleston, WV
Townsend, Robert A.        Huntingdon, WV
Taylor, Vernon D.            Huntingdon, WV
Woods, Charles            Deepwater, WV
Young, Rufus B.H.            Charleston, WV


1st Sergeant        Taylor, John C.        Ansted, WV
Q.M. Sergeant    Wood, Hudson M.        Ansted, WV
Sergeant        Neal, Joseph A.        Mt. Hope, WV
Sergeant        Neal, Joseph A.        Mt. Hope, WV
Sergeant        Skaggs, Edward W        Ansted, WV
Sergeant        McCutcheon, Zell        Ansted, WV
Corporal        Whitlock, Charles B.    Montgomery, WV
Corporal        Brogan, Patrick J.        Montgomery, WV
Corporal        Neal, William D.        Ansted, WV
Corporal        Ward, John            Ansted, WV
Allen, Elmer F.        Montgomery, WV
Payne, Elon            Ansted, WV
Cockings, Thomas G.    Newport, Ky.
Rule, James M.        Ashland, Ky.
Kions, George W.        Ansted, WV
Young, William        Montgomery, WV
Jones, William G.        Ansted, WV
Morris, Manley        East Bank, WV
Cole, Henry W.        Ansted, WV
Haynes, Ernest W.        Patrick, WV


Capt. / 2nd     Lt. Houston, Henry K        Charleston, WV -Transferred to Co. G, 1st West Virginia Volunteer Infantry, Dec 8 1898)
2nd Lieut.    Carr, Fred N.            Charleston, WV - Transferred to Co. L 1st West Virginia Volunteer Infantry, Nov. 16, 1898
Sergeant    Hair, George            Fayetteville, WV - Appointed Battalion Sgt. Major from Sgt May 25, 1898
Corporal        Shafer, Harry        Wheeling, WV - Transferred to Co. L 4th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Dec. 2, 1898
Artificer        Hall, James C.        Charleston, WV - Transferred to 3rd U.S. Volunteer Engineers Jan 19, 1898
Park, Clermont E.        Buffalo, WV -  Transferred to 2nd Div 1st Corps Hospital Corps June 13, 1898
Drennen, Eugene C.    Summersville, WV - Transferred to 2nd Div 1st Corps Hospital Corps, Oct. 22nd 1898
Kirkland, Edward        Charleston, WV - Transferred to Co. L 4th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Dec. 2nd 1898
Edwards, Ira B.        Charleston, WV -  Transferred to 3rd U.S. Volunteer Engineers Jan. 19th 1898
Kenney, Thomas S.        Scary, WV -  Transferred to 3rd U.S. Volunteer Engineers Jan. 19th 1899
Killeen, William J.        Tidvite, PA (?) -   Transferred to 3rd U.S. Volunteer EngineersJan. 19th 1899


Private        Robinette, Alexander 
Private        Baker, Frank W    
Sergeant        Minter, William F.        Victor, WV
Private        Hornsby, William H.  
Private        Hundley, Frank A.      
Private        Newhouse, Simon E.    Charleston, WV (Dropped as deserter Nov. 4th 1898. Returned Nov. 5th 1898. *Newhouse was the only soldier to appear in both the main body of this muster roll and in the deserted section. (See instruction 6 at beginning of muster roll.)

Company M


Humphreys, Robert N. Captain (Capt.).
Hooten, Albert L. 1st. Lieutenant (Lt)., later Capt.
Conner, C.W. 2nd Lt.


Neilson, James. Sgt. Major
Yoho, Robert C. 1st Sergeant
Taylor, William
Parkinson, Samuel
Conner, Pierce E.
Yoho, Robert C.


Donley, E.E.
Conner, William
Wright, Thadeus
Keyser, W.E.
Lutes, W.G.
McGill, Harry


Barker, George
Bertrand, Enos
Booth, Elmer
Brantner, Charles
Charlton, Elias
Conner, William
Donley, John
Duncan, B. F.
Edwards, Howard
Echols, Clarence
Ewing, William
Flanagan, Mort (or Mart)
Fry, John   
Goudy, Harry (Henry)   
Gamble, Charles
Goodwin, Mart   
Hagerman, James   
Henretta, Houston
Jones, Alton   
Kull, Charles   
Koch, R.B.
Lancaster, Samuel   
Litton, Arthur   
Litton, Edward
Mangold, John   
Mathews, Jesse   
Marple, William
Martin, Arch     T.
Moser, Charles   
Pattee, Shirley
Powell, William   
Price, William   
Purdy, Harry
Purtiman, James   
Rine, Foster   
Rogers, Harry
Salters, H.   
Slipner, John   
Stitlz, W.
Thomas, Harry   
Wade, William W.   

The roster below accompanied an article in a Charleston, West Virginia newspaper stating that these men were owed sums of money for their service. Their companies are not listed:

The Roster:

William Adkins
James T. Beale
John W. Bellamy
Jacob Block
John W. Boyce
Robert R. Burkley
Suiter T. Burnett
David Burton
Thomas Clark
Walter W. Clark
James Clegg
James W. Clegg
Richard T. Craiger
William C. Davis
G.J. Dennis
John Dennis
Charles F. Dofa
William Elkins
Otis L. Ellis
William A Ewing
Cyrus Grandon
William P. Groso
James Frank Grove
James H. Grove
Albert Harshbarger
John T. Hatfield
Tilden Haverty
Frank M. Hines
William J. Hobbs
Andrew J. Honaker
Floyd L. Hutsler
Joseph C. Jones
Walter A. Jones
H.L. Kirk
Fred Klinge
Luther Knopp
Charles Krauss
Conant Lott
John A. McVey
Samuel C. McVey
Augustus W. Nicholas
John OKane
V. B. Putnam

Walter Scott Payne
Jacob Ritz
Joseph Roberts
Jona M. Sampson
Charles Scorggins
Aslvin Sleeth
Edmond Spears
John T. Stone
Clarence S. Thomas
Jordan W. Upton
Frank Waugh
Jacob Whisher
James H. Williamson

Additional info.:

Herbert Dewitt McClintock, Co. F


The Charleston Daily Mail. Sunday Morning, April 3, 1938, p. 3

Dickinson, Jack L., The Muster Roll of the First Regiment West Virginia Volunteer Infantry, Company K, 1898-1899, Marshall University Digital Scholar ( (Contributed by John Allison)

Kathie (Walter Scott Payne)

"Marshall Men in the Last War," Moundsville Echo., June 4, 1909. (Additional info. on Company M)(Contributed by John Allison)

Mechler, Suzane Smith - Data on Herbert Dewitt McClintock

Powell, Scott "Marshall County in the Spanish American War," from History of Marshall County, W. Va.,  1925, p.266-267 (Company M)(Contributed by John Allison)

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