A partial roster of

2nd Tennessee Volunteer Infantry

Contributed by Daniel Figgins

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This is a partial roster for the 2nd Tennessee Volunteer Infantry. The regiment served its term of service within the continental U.S. We are looking for roster of the remaining companies. If you have any additional info. to contribute, please let us know by clicking here!

The Roster:

Field and Staff

Anderson, Keller, Col.

Company F (Formed at Jackson Tennessee):


McMillin, Andrew M., Capt.
Harrison, Benjamin B., 1st Lt.
Martin, Clark J., 2nd Lt.


Wadley, John D., 1st Sgt.
Cooper, Lindsay V.
Crockett, James R.
Helton, Frank A.
Vanderbrook, John J.
Williams, Thomas M.


Aatlett, Edwin W.
Beck, Thomas T.
Bledsoe, Lindsay V.
Bryant, Benjamin F
Freeman, Osman
Harris, Charles H.
Pratt, William R.
Sutton, Richard M.
Swayne, James A.
Terrell, Carl A.


Cox, Claude A.
Doran, Patrick


Ackron, Thomas
Arp, Fred
Baston, Lou A.
Battle, George G.
Boone, Thomas M.
Brooks, Lonie F.
Brown, Walter
Bulliner, Cager
Bulliner, Walter
Clark, William M.
Cock, John C.
Connelly, William C.
Cottengem, Mac
Cross, Levi
Davis, John R.
Daws, Charles C.
Dougherty, James H.
Estes, William L.
Fleming, Wade J.
Gaffney, Joseph B.
Glover, Guerrant P.
Glover, Lindorf A.
Goad, Thomas H.
Goode, Edward W.
Granett, William A.
Greer, Robert L.
Hardee, Lou
Heck, Oswald M., (Discharged for disability)
Hinton, Thomas A.
Johnson, Eric
Keller, James M.
Kendrick, Ames
Kendrick, Theodore T.
Linn, Edward C.
Little, William S.
Mauldin, Homer E.
Maxwell, John A.
McCrary, Henry W., Jr., (Discharged for disability)
McGill, Walter, (Discharged for disability)
McIlwain, Arthur C. (mcilwain)
McQuat, William
Miller, Andrew S., (Discharged for disability)
Murphy, David J.
Murtaugh, Frank M., (Discharged by Order)
Nation, James T.
Nicholson, Edwin
Pigford, Claude O.
Rawarth, Edward F.
Ray, Charles B.
Ricketts, John F.
Rodman, Edward F.
Stewart, Dudley
White, Isaac N.
Whitehurst, Edmonia J.
 Wood, James C.
Worrell, Julian J.


Figgins, Daniel - Roster of Company F from a broadside memorial roster of the company.

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