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The Roster of the 2nd New York Volunteer Infantry

Contributed by John LeBarre
2nd New York Volunteer Infantry, Co. G

2nd New York Volunteer Infantry, Co. G

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Company B 

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The following is the partial roster of Second New York Volunteer Infantry. More data will be added as it becomes available.

The Second New York Volunteer Infantry served its term of service in the continental U.S. during the war. It did not go overseas

The Rosters:

Company B:


Edward C. Gale, Captain
Henry P. Sherman, First Lieutenant
Carroll L. Maxcy, Second Lieutenant, resigned May 31, 1898
Calvin S. McChesney, Second Lieutenant, promoted from Q.M. Sgt., June 13,1898 .


David B. Plum, first Sergeant
George B. Harrison, Q.M. Sergeant, promoted from Corporal, June 18,1898
Louis H. Baker
Edward F. Roy
Porter S. Oakley
Frederick T. Lape


Samuel C. Woodcock, died Oct. 4, 1898
Charles P. Roy, app. May 23, 1898
Milton F. Bolton, app. June 7, 1898
Elmer Darling, app. July 7, 1898
Horatio H. Hayner, died Sept. 20, 1898
Harry G. Taylor, app. July 7, 1898
Frank O. Styles, Jr.
John T. Starkweather, app. June 7, 1898
Henry S. Giles, app. June 18, 1898
Lewis W. Dayton, app. July 7, 1898
Timothy J. Quillinan, app. July 7, 1898
Orton H. Thomas, app. July 7, 1898


Musician: Henry R. Leffingwell
Artificer: Matthew S. Cummer
Wagoner: Chester H. Stillman


Armstrong, William J.
Abrams, John F.
Ashby, Chester
Baxter, Horace E.
Banker, Edward W.
Bridgeman, Peter T.
Bantel, Edward C.H.
Betts, Clarence W.
Brown, Thomas E.
Bowler, Michael
Cluett, Walter H.
Cluett, Sanford L.
Cluett, George A.
Campbell, William J.
Clark, Francis D.
Draper, Frederick E., Jr.
Draper, Phillip H.
Donnelly, William M.
Dauchy, William P.
Davey, George E.
Dippo, Frank
Douglas, Joseph F.
Eaton, Joseph O.
Easson, James
Ennis, John D.
Eycleshymer, Irvin
Flynn, John, Jr.
Fowler, Fred S.
Foster, DeWitt P.
Frame, R. Walter
Frear, Charles W.
Gilbert, Edward G., 2nd
Gilbert, Wm. A.
Goodwin, Frederick D.
Green, Griswold
Green, Lansdale B.
Hagen, Charles
Hare, George L.
Haskell, Walter V.
Harrington, Edward E.
Hart, George B.
Harper, Wallace A.
Hayes, John F.
Hall, George M.
Hislop, Thomas W.
Hoyt, Henry H.
Hastings, Milton C.
Ingalls, H. Bertram
Judson, Stephen H.
Kennedy, William S., died Aug 28, 1898
Kemp, Edward J.
Kober, Edward, Jr.
Kolb, Frank E.
Kienhofer, Augustus
Lane, Leland T.
Lansing, Hugh H.
Lynd, Leonard E.
Luddy, John A.
Lumley, Frank J.
Link, Zera D.
LeMay, Alphonso
Liker, Willaim F.
Leonard, Harry B.
Magill, James S.
Martin, Edawrd H.
McArthur, William H., died Aug. 18, 1898
McCarthy, Eugene J.
McChesney, Levi S.
McLoughlin, Thomas J.
McCue, James F., Jr.
Murphy, Edward, Jr.
Noetzel, Oscar W.
Pike, Webster M.
Quinn, Francis M.
Ranken, T. Harry
Reynolds, James A.
Smith, Seth W.
Smith, George A.
Sherwin, Harry E.
Sleicher, Harry S.
Sheary, Michael
Sheehan, Willaim F.
Surdam, Harold
Thompson, William L.
Toole, Thomas H.
Tyner, William J., Jr.
Thompson, John J.
Torrance, Charles H.
Wales, Edward D.
Wales, Philip K.
Warren, Eugene
Williamson, Esek B.
Wright, Josiah P.
Waterman, Harry A.
Wilson, John V.
Young, Albert E.L.

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