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"Biography: Biography: Theodore Roosevelt - Roughrider to Rushmore " (1997, A&E)

Crucible Of Empire: The Spanish American War  (PBS Home video, 1999)

"The Indomitable Teddy Roosevelt " (George C. Scott)

"St. Louis Meets Santiago" (video of the USAWS 3rd Annual encampment of August 3-5, 2001. To order a copy, send check or Money Order in the amount of $25.00 ppd, to B&A; P.O. Box 2773, West Lafayette, Indiana.  47996-2773).

"Remember the Maine", Sea Tales (series). Arts and Entertainment Network (A&E) , 1996 (Catalog # AAE-17035).

"Rough Riders" Turner Pictures Worldwide (Turner Home Video). Time Warner Home Video Co. 1997.

Theodore Roosevelt: The American Experience (1997)

"The Rough Riders," a 1927 Paramount production . (No copies of this production are available unfortunately)

"The Spanish American War: Birth of a Superpower," As it Happened (series). Produced by Lou Reda Productions, distributed by the History Channel, 1998.

Video clips available from the National Archives (to find these, or download them, visit the website's search page and then type the word "Olympia" on the "Search" line.

U.S. cruiser "Olympia" leading naval parade / Thomas A. Edison, Inc. ; producer, James H. White.

Admiral Dewey taking leave of Washington committee on the U.S. cruiser Olympia"/ Thomas A. Edison, Inc. ; producer, James H. White.

Admiral Dewey receiving the Washington and New York committees /Thomas A. Edison, Inc. ; producer, James H. White.

Admiral Dewey leading land parade / Thomas A. Edison, Inc. ; producer,James H. White.

Admiral Dewey leading land parade, no. 2 / Thomas A. Edison, Inc. ;
producer, James H. White.

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