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Partial Roster of 2nd New Jersey National Guard

"The New Jersey Blues"

Contributed by  Susan Hollenbeck 
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2nd New Jersey Volunteer Infantry, Co G
2nd New Jersey Volunteer Infantry, Company G, in May of 1898. The image was taken at Sea Girt, New Jersey. The man seated in the front row, second from the right is Addison B. Burroughs. Immediately to his left is his brother, Walton Burroughs, holding a rifle. Walton appears to be a sergeant.


This is a partial roster of the 2nd New Jersey Volunteer Infantry. If you have rosters for additional companies of the regiment, please consider contributing the data on them to us. See how to do this by clicking here.

Field and Staff:

Colonel   Edwin Hine
Lieut. Colonel  Daniel Currie
Major   Frances Jackson
Major   Augustus Van Gieson
Major   John Engel
Regt. Adjt and Capt John Hilton
Batt.Adjt and First Lt Frederick Reynolds
"   "   Alfred Holley
"   "   Henry Haase
Quartermaster and
first Lt.   John H. Hopper
Major and Surgeon Charles Adams

Company A:


Captain  J. Ernest Shaw
First Lieut Frank R. Stokes
Second Lieut Edward Bell, Jr.
Second Lieut James F. Dunphey


First Serg. John W. Shackleton
Quartermaster James Wogon
J. Paul Boyle
Robert Douglas
Henry Ennenga
James Holmes


Oscar Agel
Samuel Aronson
Charles Bordon
Edward Dunn
John Gardner
Wm Hopper
James Kissick
Louis Lichtenstein
Thomas J. McConnell
Thomas Robson
Cornelius Tamboer
George Westervelt


Wm Coyle
Arthur Weyble


Walter Jowett


Tim Kane


Bannister, Wm
Blackwell, George
Blackshaw, Frederick
Boylan, Wm
Brandt, John P. Briody, Wm J
Broughton, John
Bruen, John
Burton, Edwin C
Carlisle, Henry T
Carlough, John
Clark, George
Clark, James A
Courtade, John N
Courtade, George N
Crawford, Alexander
Devitt, Edward
Dowling, Thomas A
Dunn, George
Eagle, Charles K
Farnan, George
Farnan, Wm J
Fielding,Edwin D
Flannagan, James
Gallagher, Henry
Gibson, Alfred
Graham, John B
Greer, Elmer
Gorman, Michael
Guyet, Alexander
Hartley, Leroy
Hermann, John E,Jr
Hill, James
Henyan, Mark
Hodgson, Harry
Hughes, Wm
Isleib, Albert
Jackson, John S.
Jones, Irving
Jones, Charles G
Kiskey, Wm
Kimble, Edwin
Ludwig, Gustave
Lewis, Stanley
Lyle, Orson
Mahar, James
Mahoney, Hastings
Malloy, Mark
Maxwell, Wm
McClure, Charles J
McCorkmick, Joseph
McPherson, George
Morlot, Edward J
Morrison, Adam, Jr.
Mortimer, James
Munson, Louis
Naumann, Christian J
Neal, Wm A
Nelson, Wm
Plant, Frank
Potter, Wm A
Pounds, Edward
Pratt, Frank
Purce, John Jr
Ripley, Paul
Robinson, James
Ryan, Michael
Shandley, Thomas
Van Houten, Robert
Van Ness, Paul M
Wester, Harry
Weinman, Leonard
Whalen, Wm J
White, Wm
Wirtz, Gottfried

Company B:


Captain  Elward A. Scanland
First Lt.  Herbert Gould
Second Lt. James S. Robinson


First  Sergeant  Wm Holt
Quartermaster  George Mills
Brierley, James G.
Compton, Harry C.
McNair, James
Martin, Wm S.


Booream, Henry
Burnand, John
Durkin, Francis
Dye, John T
Hoff, Louis
Kip, Irving
Murray, James
Probert, Thomas
Smith, William
Van Blarcom, James
Van Dam, John


Fichtner, William
Hagedorn, John


Jones, Obidiah


Hardy, John C.


Alyea, Harry S.
Anderson, Chas
Blair, RJWS
Burke, Robt
Burk, Walter
Claxton, Louis
Claxton,Wm R
Collins, David
Compton, Peter
De Graff, Nicholas
Dermond, Daniel
Dickinson, Ben Jr.
Dittmer, Wm C
Dodd, Stephen
Dunkle, John H
Eisenberger, Chas
Englishman, Cornelius
Flavell, Fred
Fletcher, Albert
Fitzgerald, John
Fitzpatrick, Wm B
Gieson, Herman
Griffen, Ed
Hardern, James
Hoffman, Adolph
Kressler,David .
Mason, Herbert
McCarthy, Ed
McCue, Ed
Menzies, Alexander
O'Brien, Wm J
O'Rourke, John
Post, Henry
Purdy, Wm
Ritchie,John A
Romaine, Peter
Ryan, Michael
Sickles,Wm  E.
Smith, Wm C
Smith, John
Sohmer,Joseph Jr.
VanHouten, Robert
VanHouten, Wilbur
VanOstenbridge, Thomas
Van Tassel,Albert
Van Treerum,Peter
Ward, John
Young, Robt
Zimlinghaus, Emil

Company F (partial listing)

(The data below is in the following order: Name, Rank, Age, Birth location, Occupation, Date Joined)


De Ronde, Frank S., Capt., Englewood, NJ
Ruch, Louis, 1st Lt., Englewood, NJ
Love, Henry M., 2nd Lt., Englewood, NJ


Litte, Horace U., 1st Sgt., Engleqood, NJ


Hall, Edward J., 22 (transferred to Hospital Corps)
Ruch, William D., 19, Englewood, NJ, Clerk,  May 2, 1898
Rhodes, Julian F.,  21, Tenafly, NJ, Tinsmith,  May 2, 1898
Rueger, Barney, 26, Berlin, Germany, Horse Trainer, May 9, 1898
Smith, Benjamin S., 23, Tappau, NY, Clerk,  May 2, 1898
Smith, Thomas P.,  24, Brooklyn, NY Teamster,  May 2. 1898
Smith, Terance J., 21, Englewood, NJ Hostler,  May 9, 1898
Smith, Archibald N., 24, Englewood, NJ, Merchant,  May 10, 1898
Short, Joseph, 19, Jersey City, NJ, Laborer, May 10, 1898
Shuh, Charles E., 22, Tenafly, NJ,  Painter, May 2, 1898
Stamp, William H., 31, Newfield, NY,  Druggist ,May 8, 1898
Sanderson, Richard W., 30, Coytesvile, NJ,  Lather, May 2, 1898
Sheffler, Walter L., 21l Tenafly, NJl  Butcherl May 9, 1898
Tamm, Henry C., 28, Eutin, Germany,  Painter, May 7, 1898
Van Horne, William M., 28, Hackensack, NJ,  Farmer, May 2, 1898
Van Buskirk, Harry C., 20, Demarest, NJ, Clerk, May 2, 1898
Van Buskirk, Maxwell P., 26, Demarest, NJ, Clerk, May 2, 1898
Van Buskirk, John A.  24 Demarest, NJ Clerk May 2, 1898
Ward, John J., 21, Englewood, NJ, Clerk, May 2, 1898
Ward, Harry P., 24, New Hackensack, NY,  Lawyer, May 2, 1898
Ward, Charles F., 19, Englewood, NJ,  Clerk ,May 2, 1898
Westcott, Walter V., 20, Englewood, NJ,  Clerk, May 2, 1898
Westervelt, Cornelius J., 21, Englewood, NJ,  Carpenter,  May 2, 1898


Company A and B: Harris, Harry L., and John T. Hilton, A History of the Second Regiment NGNJ, Second N.J. Volunteers, Spanish War, Fifth NJ Infantry. (Patterson NJ: The Call Printing and Publishing Co., 1908) (Contributed by Susan Hollenbeck )

Company F: Muster Roll: New Jersey, Co. F, 2nd Regt, Captain Frank S. De Ronde, 13 May 1898.  Information obtained from New Jersey, Department of State, State Archives, Trenton, NJ 08625-0307 (Contributed by Mary Ann Wandell, grand  niece of Barney Rueger)

Hall, Robert S. - Information concerning Edward J. Hall, Co. F.

Image of Company G is courtesy of  Paula Marsh, the great-granddaughter and great-grandniece of the two men indicated.

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