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Roster of officers of the 48th U.S. Volunteer Infantry

1899 to 1901

By  Anthony L. Powell, Historian, Consultant,
Curator of the National Exhibition of the Buffalo Soldiers 
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* African American  
Field and Staff:

Colonel William P. Duvall, Commanding
Lieutenant Colonel Thaddeus W. Jones
Majors Sedgwick Rice
Major Alexander L. Dade
Major John Howard


Major Charles F. Kieffer
Captain Howard A. Grube
1st Lieutenant William W. Purnell*

Regimental Adjutant: Captain Aaron D. Bright

Regimental Commissary: 1st Lieutenant George Webber

Company Officers:

Captains: James E. Hamlin* Leon W. Denison* Robert R. Rudd* James W. Smith* William H. Jackson* Thomas Grant*Alexander V. Richardson*William A. Hankins* John J. Oliver* Stephen Starr*William H. Brown*John Buck* Hugh Thomason*

First Lieutenants: Walter G. Gatchell Jerry M. White*Charles C. Caldwell* John W. Brown* Jacob C. Smith*James F. Powell*John H. Anderson* Peter McCown* Hammond J. Parker* Lewis M. Smith*William H. Allen*Frank W. Cheek* Arthur L. CabanneJames B. Coleman*Frederick M. Smith

Second Lieutenants: John K. Rice* Wilson Ballard* Joseph Moore* David B. Jeffers* Lincoln Washington* Walter Green*Joseph C. Andrews*Frank R. Chisholm* Green F. Marion* Charles B. Turner*George W. Taylor*Herbert E. Gee*

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