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6th Missouri Volunteer Infantry, Company E

Contributed by Betty Hughes

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The 6th Missouri Volunteer Infantry, Company E, in Cuba

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The following is a roster for the 6th Missouri Volunteer Infantry, Company E. The information comes from a published memorial roster.

The roster includes the following history of the unit:

This company was organized at Doniphan, Mo., and ordered to Jefferson Barracks where it was mustered into the U. S. service July 20, 1898, and assigned to the 6th Reg., Missouri Vol. Inf.  The regiment left the Barracks Aug. 11, 1898, by rail for Camp Cuba Libre, Jacksonville, Fla., arriving Aug. 14.  Here the company was detached Oct. 23, 1898, and marched to the 2nd Division Hospital, 7th Army Corps, where it remained until Nov. 5, 1898.  On that date the company marched to the old Rough Riders camp where it remained until Nov. 15, when it again moved to 1st Division Hospital, 7th Army Corps, remaining until Nov. 25.  On the latter date the command marched to the 7th Army Corps Corral, near Jacksonville, Fla., where it remained until Dec.8, 1898, when it boarded train for Savannah, Ga., arriving Dec. 9 and went into camp at Camp Onward with the remainder of the regiment.  On December 21st, 1898, the 2nd and 3rd Battalions embarked on the U. S. transport Roumanian for Havana, Cuba, where they arrived on the 24th and disembarked on the 25th, and marched from Havana to Quemados Meriano, Cuba.  On the 20th of February, 1899, the 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 7th Army Corps. started on a practice march.  Left camp early in the morning; marched through Quemados, Meriano, Arrays Arriba, Punta, Brava, Hoy Colorado, on to the 21st through Varones, Vereda, Neuva to San Antonio de los Banos, where the brigade remained in camp February 23rd to 25th.  On the 23rd the company with its battalion marched from San Antonio de los Banos to Alquizar and returned to camp the same day.  On the 26th the brigade marched from San Antonio through Rincon, Santiago de los Vagas and Boyero to Calabazar.  On the 27th, from Calabazar through Arroyo, Narauja, Arroyo Apo lo, Verona, Jesus del Monte, Puentis, Grandes Buena Vista and back to Camp Columbia.  On the 9th day of April the regiment marched to Havana and embarked on the Ward line steamship Havana for Savannah, Ga., and arrived at quarantine near Savannah April 11th.  The regiment remained in quarantine five days on Daufuskie Island and was then taken to Savannah, Ga., on lighters.  The company, with its regiment, has taken part in many reviews, the chief of which are the following:  By the Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy, December 11th, 1898.  The review incident to the military occupation of Cuba by the United States January 1st, 1899, at Havana, Cuba.  By the Secretary of War at Camp Cuba Libre, Fla.  By the Secretary of War at Camp Columbia, Cuba.  By the Inspector General of the Army, Camp Columbia, Cuba.  By the President at Savannah, Ga"

WillIiam Smithers, 6th Missouri Volunteer Infantry, 1898

Private William F. Smithers, 6th Missouri Volunteer Infantry, Co. E
(April 19, 1876/December 30, 1966
Buried New Hope Cemetery, Ivanhoe, Texas)

The Roster:

Spanish American War of 1898

Sixth Regiment, Missouri Volunteer Infantry,
Col. Letcher Hardeman, Commanding,
Company E.

Mustered into the U.S. Service at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, July 20th, 1898.
Mustered out of the U. S. Service at Camp Onward, Savannah, Ga., May 10th, 1899.

Captain, Giboney Houck.…Cape Girardeau, Mo.
1st Lieut., Walter F. Martin….St. Louis, Mo.
2nd Lieut., James W. PettyJohn….Brookfield, Mo.

First, Charles H. Ireland….Doniphan, Mo.
Q.M., Bennett T. Walker….Poplar Bluff, Mo.
George R. Spangler….Doniphan, Mo.
James Kelley….Doniphan, Mo.
Walter Boyce….Poplar Bluff, Mo.
Verner L Hume….Varner, Mo.

James F. Hickey….Souix City, Ia.
Rosco C. Patterson….Varner, Mo.
Mattison G. Robb….Doniphan, Mo.
Louis Derry….Poplar Bluff, Mo.
Lean D. Henderson….Poplar Bluff, Mo.
Lemuel Fisk….Poplar Bluff, Mo.
James M. Wesner….Varner, Mo.
Martin H. Tucker….Varner, Mo.
Emil Himmighoefer….Belleville, Ill.
James C. Kenaday….Loogootee, Ind.
Walter P. Bristow….Varner, Mo.
Charles L. Smith….Belleville, Ill.

Edgar A. Poe….Varner, Mo.
Thomas R. Flick….Varner, Mo.

George C. McCauley….McCauley, Ark.

Jeffrey Casteel….Doniphan, Mo.

Regimental Field and Staff.
Lieutenant Colonel….Orlando F. Guthrie
Major….Jacob J. Dickinson
Major….Edwin A. Hickman
Major Surgeon….B. Albert  Lieberman
Assistant Surgeon.…Samuel A. Grantham
Assistant Surgeon….Wilson Murray
Adjutant 1st Lieutenant….William H. Clopton, Jr.
Quartermaster, 1st Lieutenant….John A. Tuttle
Chaplain….John C. Given

Allen, John W…..Champaign, Ill.
Barton, James T…..Varner, Mo.
Bien, Sebastian….Belleville, Ill.
Brosnahan, Patrick….St. Charles, Mo.
Broody, James H…..Doniphan, Mo.
Barrett, George J…..Doniphan, Mo.
Ballard, Reuben S…..McCauley, Ark.
Baker, Charles S…..Doniphan, Mo.
Boyles, Arch….Poplar Bluff, Mo.
Bourland, Hamie….Belleville, Ill.
Boyles, Thomas….Doniphan, Mo.
Burger, Charles L…..St. Louis, Mo.
Clement, William B…..Poplar Bluff, Mo.
Cobb, Caura….Poplar Bluff, Mo.
Durham, George….Doniphan, Mo.
Drake, Charles O…..Poplar Bluff, Mo.
Dooley, William….Dexter, Mo.
Davidson, William D…..Essix, Mo.
Duerr, Pius….Belleville, Ill.
Davis, Charles….St. Louis, Mo.
Farr, John W…..Varner, Mo.
Farmer, Vearo L…..Pleasant Grove, Mo.
Farrest, Rhyburn H…..Varner, Mo.
Freeley, James W…..Current View, Mo.
Gregor, Edgar C…..Doniphan, Mo.
Guffy, Henry….Doniphan, Mo.
Gebbard, John Jr…..Belleville, Ill.
Gnau, Charles P…..Poplar Bluff, Mo.
Hicks, Erastus….Ash Hill, Mo.
Harkins, Nace….St. Louis, Mo.
Hughes, Andrew M…..Varner,  Mo.
Himmighoefer, Charles G…..Belleville, Ill.
Johns, Ralph….Varner, Mo.
Joseph, Frank….St. Louis, Mo.
Jungmichael, Walther….St. Louis, Mo.
Kelley, Asbery….Poplar Bluff, Mo.
Kennon, Philip….Doniphan, Mo.
Kerschner, William….Dexter, Mo.
Kennon, George H…..Doniphan, Mo.
Kaufmann, August….Belleville, Ill.
Kloess, Philip….Belleville, Ill.
Loftis, William P…..Doniphan, Mo.
Morris, William T…..Gamburg, Mo.
Miller, William A…..St. Louis, Mo.
McCormick, William….St. Louis, Mo.
Moore, Charles D…..Belleville, Ill.
McAuliffe, Walter….St. Louis, Mo.
McMullen, Charles A…..Varner, Mo.
Mullen, James H…..Poplar Bluff, Mo.
Newcomer, Edward….Varner, Mo.
Riggins, George W. W…..Poplar Bluff, Mo.
Slater, Fred A…..Poplar Bluff, Mo.
Spell, James E…..Varner, Mo.
Smithers,  William F…..Poplar Bluff, Mo.
Sperry, James I…..Doniphan, Mo.
Speedy, John T…..Doniphan, Mo.
Sheldon, George V…..St. Louis, Mo.
Schmidt, George G…..Belleville, Ill.
Sauer, Frank….Belleville, Ill.
Sullivan, Austin….Trenton, Mo.
Thomas, William….Randolph County, Ark.
Taylor, William….St. Louis, Mo.
Tiedermann, William….Belleville, Ill.
Thompson, Samuel F…..Poplar Bluff, Mo.
Wall, Mosses L…..Varner, Mo.
Ward, Arthur….Naylor, Mo.
Weiss, Charles….Flarresant, Mo.
Weber, Albert….Belleville, Ill.
Williams, Neal….Poplar Bluff, Mo.

Capt. Berrie Berthold Ladd, of St. Louis, Mo., Feb 28, 1898, at Havana, Cuba.

Discharged for Disability.
Corporal Robert W. Ingram, of Doniphan, Mo., Dec. 29, 1898, at Jacksonville, Fla.
Private William A. Mountain, of Belleville, Ill., Oct. 20, 1898, at Jacksonville, Fla.
Private Henry H. Bevirt, of Belleville, Ill., Oct. 10, 1898, at Jacksonville, Fla.
Private John M. Daniels, of Doniphan, Mo., Oct. 20, 1898, at Jacksonville, Fla.

Discharged by Order.
Private Oscar Proska, of St. Louis, Mo., Jan. 21, 1898, at Fort Meyer, Va.
Private Barton A. Smith, of Naylor, Mo., no date, at Echo, Mo.
Private William T. Watts, of Doniphan, Mo., Feb 10, 1899 at Havana, Cuba.
Private John Butler, of St. Louis, Mo., March 8, 1899, at Havana, Cuba.
Private Calvin B. Turley, of Varner, Mo., Feb. 7, 1899, at Fort Monroe, Va.
Sergeant Louis M. Lackey, of St. Louis, Mo., Feb. 20, 1899, at Fort Monroe, Va.
Private Albert E. Raywinkle, of Bennett, Mo., Feb. 28, 1899, At Fort Monroe, Va.
Private Edward C. Bachor, of Belleville, Ill., March 1, 1899, at Bellevue, Ill.

Private Nathaniel Butterfield, of Varner, Mo., to Hospital Corps, U. S. Army, Aug. 23, 1898.
Private James H. Strongman, of St. Louis, Mo., to Hospital Corps, U. S. Army, Aug. 23, 1889.

Corporal Jessie W. Ellis, of Doniphan, Mo., Feb. 13, 1899, at Doniphan Mo.

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