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The Roster of the

9th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Contributed by Richard Mann

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This is a partial roster of the 9th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and African-American regiment. The regiment only consisted of the four companies listed below.

The Roster

Field and Staff:


Young, Charles, Maj. (1st Lt U.S.A.)
Thomas, Walter S., Quartermaster, Columbus
Wren, William Guy, Assistant Surgeon, Columbus
Ballard, Wilson Wilberforce, Adjutant
Lawrence, Arthur K., Hospital Steward, Discharged
Captain John H. Dickerson, John H., Assistant Surgeon/Capt., resigned and transferred
Bass, Emmanuel D., 2nd Lt.,  promoted to 1st Lt, Co. D.

Company A (Springfield):

Rudd, Robert R., Capt.,
Rudd, John R., 1st Lt.
Ellicott, William F., 2nd Lt.


Jackson, William A., 1st Sgt.
Wilborn, David, Quartermaster Sgt.
Frye, Charles E.
Harvey, Solomon A.
Hall, William H.
Jackson, David


Allen, Robert C.
Brounsler, Curvie
Callman, Alvah M.
Curry, Clarence
Jackson, Charles H.
Lee, Samuel R.W.
Logan, James W.
Norris, William H.
Pierce, James Madison
Rudd, Benjamin F.
Spurlock, Frank
White, James M.


Ransom, Charles E.
Redman, C. B.


Wicker, C. S.


Spillman, J. A.


Moody, William M.


Alston, Franks B.
Anderson, Henry
Bailey, George
Bailey, William M.
Baily, George F.
Basey, Edward C.
Berkshire, William
Bowman, Leo F.
Bright, Nelson
Brown, James A.
Brown, Jesse
Burl, Thomas
Burns, Robert
Burton, William L.
Butler, William N.
Cain, Charles W.
Carter, Paschal
Collier, Clyde S.
Coons, John
Craig, Samuel
Crouder, Harry
Curry, Newton
Davis, John R.
Dawson, Albert G.
Dean, Edward
Dudley, William E.
Ecron, Charles
Eslick, Pearl
Ferguson, Clarence
Fields, Jullus
Fisher, Howard
Foote, Frank C.
Fry, Clarence
Greene, Charles W.
Greene, John W.
Gurnell, John
Harrison, Edward
Henderson, Joseph
Hockins, Floyd E.
Hunt, Arnold
Jefferies, George
Liverpool, Lincoln
Love, William E.
McAdoo, Victor W.
Mudd, William L.
Parker, Arthur
Powell, Alfred D.
Powell, James
Reynolds, Lyman E.
Rice, Harvey
Richardson, John D.
Roberts, Gracen
Robinson, Samuel
Rodgers, Thomas J.
Singleton, Archie R.
Smith, Charles H.
Smith, John
Smith, John H
Smith,, Hugh
Speaks, William
Spurlock, Rutherford B.
St. Clair, William L.
Stewart, James
Taylor, Richard
Turner, Charles
Valentine, Henry B.
Whetsell, William O.
White, Elmer
White, George W.
Williams, Edward
Williams, Edward D.
Wilson, Bert
Winslow, Charles
Winslow, Nelson R.
Young, Noble

Company A Discharges:

Cpl. Woodson P. Welch, promoted to 2nd Lt., Co. B
Pvt George Myers
Pvt George A. Conley
Pvt Joseph W. Hoston
Pvt George D. Bagwell
Pvt Henry L. Jackson

Company A Transfers:

Pvt Robert L. Robinson to Co. D

Company A Deaths:

Pvt Clifford Henderson
Pvt Emmit Martin

Company A Desertions:

Pvt. George H. Hallicks

Company B (Columbus):


Hopkins, James H., Capt., from May 14 to July 31, 1898
Brooks, Denton J., Capt. From August 1, 1898 to muster out
Caldwell, Charles C., 1st Lt.,
Brooks, Denton J., 2nd Lt., From May 14 to August 1, 1898
Ballard, Wilson, 2nd Lt., from August 1 to August 18, 1898
Welsh, Woodson P. 2nd Lt., from August 18, 1898 to muster out


Waugh, George A., 1st Sgt.
McFarland, J., Quartermaster Sgt.
Gilbert, Howard C.
Pierce, James
Scott, Bertie
Taylor, Burton


Barnett, William
Brown, Arthur
Denton, James E.
Johnston, Irwin R.
Mitchell, Charles F.
Morris, Charles B.
Norris, James N.
Reynolds, Frank L.
Thomas, John W.
Thomas, Walter S.
Ward, Courtland R.
Webster, Walter


Pack, Thomas


Hurley, Matthew
Rose, Charles


Davis, William


Meads, Richard


Artis, John
Banks, William
Belcher, Walter
Bolding, Samuel
Brown, John E.
Carpenter, Abraham
Coble, Andrew
Coleman, Willie
Curry, Frank
Day, Moses
Deaton, Costine
Dudley, Thomas
Fowler, William
Gilbert, Oliver
Hale, Moses
Harris, earnest
Harris, Starling
Hawkins, Wood B.
Hayes, Charlie
Herrel, Richard
Highwarden, Harry D.
Hodge, George
Howard, Charles
Jackson, Edward
Jackson, Harley
Jackson, Simon
James, Frank
Johnson, Robert L.
Joiner, Fred
Jones, Charles T.
Jones, Elljah P.
Jones, Fred C
Kaine, James A.
Lee, John
Lett, William C.
Manley, Walter
McDonell, Rufus
McFarland, William
Mellontrone, Alfred
Melrose, William
Miller, Allie M.
Mitchell, Charles E.
Moore, John A.
Perkins, William
Porter, John
Pulpress, Charles
Redman, Charles
Redman, Willie
Robinson, Frank
Ryans, John
Screech, Herbert
Sims, William
Skeaton, Elljah
Slaughter, Henry
Smith, Lester
Tapsico, Charles
Taylor, Benjamin
Taylor, William
Teel, Samuel Henry
Thaxton, Edward
Trice, Benton
Turner, Joseph
Utter, Leo
Walker, Wallace S.
Wallace, Lacey
Ward, Joseph
Washington, Fred C.
Watson, Grant
Wayne, Henry
Wear, Frank
Wormley, Donald
Wroute, James H.

Company B Discharges:

Captain James H. Hopkins
Sgt. Wilson Ballard, promoted to 2nd Lt.
Cpl. Robert Allen
Musician  Maurice Tyler

Company B Transfers:

Pvt. Jessie Brown to Co. A
Pvt Wilfred Green to HC

Company B Desertions:

Sgt. Charles Lewis
Pvt. George Storms
Pvt. Cliney Cooper
Pvt. Robert Jenkins
Pvt. Edward Taylor

Company C (Xenia):


Robinson, Harry H., Capt.,
Smith, James W., 1st Lt.
Braselton, James, 2nd Lt.


Lindsay, William, 1st Sgt.
Bowen, Henry
Hudson, Wilson
Johnson, William G.
Tyler, William E.
Washington, Frank


Broadice, John L.
Clemens, Grant
Crowels, George E.
Maxwell, James W.
McElroy, William
Oglesby, Edward C.
Phelps, LaVolta
Roberson, Byron G.
Smith, James
Smith, Louis
Underwood, Harvey
Wallace, Samuel B.


Allen, Arthur
Haggard, J. S.


Travis, Hugh


McClure, George


Pearson, Calvin


Alexander, Peter
Allen Leon
Allen, Eugene
Anderson, Lee
Anderson, Wesley
Anderson, William H.
Archer, William
Ashby, Frank
Battles, William
Bell, Charles M.
Bradley, David
Brown, Samuel C.
Bryd, John
Bush, Charles
Carter, Charles W.
Coleman, John O.
Coles, William
Curtis, Hampton
Cuzzens, William H.
Daunton, James
Davis, Arthur
Davis, James F.
Eldridge, William H.
Femules, Tunmes
Franklin, John W.
Goings, Tecumseh
Greenway, Effron
Guy, Orgon A.
Harris, Fred A.
Hathcock, Archelans
Howard, Clayton
Howard, Fred R.
Howard, John P.
Jackson, Edward
Jenkins, Thomas
Johnson, Grant
Lewis, William
Mack, Manuel [Emanuel]
Madison, John
Matthews, William
McFarland, James E.
McMillen, Ellis
Newsome, Joseph P.
Newsome, Joshua
Peck, John E.
Pindell, Thomas J.
Reed, George A.
Reeves, John
Richardson, Harry D.
Robertson, Charles
Robinson, Benjamin
Robinson, James
Rodgers, Sidney
Sharp, Edward B.
Shorter, Pratis
Simpson, William H.
Smith, William A.
Steele, William A.
Steller, James M.
Steward, Charles R.
Summerville, Jacob R.
Tolbert, Paschal
Vaughn, Ben
Walters, Walter
Warrick, William A.
Washington, Frank
Watson., James H.
Wells, Horace O.
Williams, Bennie
Wilson, Frank N
Winfrey, Harmon
Winslow, Grant

Company C Discharges:

Pvt. Bert Jamison
Pvt. Hayes Valentine
Pvt. Walter S. Logan
Pvt. John H. Purnell
Pvt. John Jenkins
Pvt. Edward D. Hipkins
Pvt. Henry Bush
Pvt. Alexander Jackson
Pvt. Elmer E. Willis

Company C Transfers:

Pvt. William S. McDonald to Co. D.

Company C Deaths:

Pvt. Harmer Ellison
Pvt. Charles L. Ladd
Pvt. Thomas Williams, Jr.

Company C Deserters:

Pvt. Frank Burton
Pvt. Richard Alexander

Company D (Cleveland):

Fulton, John C., Capt.
Brooks, William H., 1st Lt., From May 14 to August 8, 1898
Bass, Emmanuel D., 1st Lt. from August 19 to muster out
Moore, Alfred A., 2nd Lt.


McDonald, W. S., 1st Sgt.
Butcher, Alfred
Drayton, Walworth L.
Robinson, Robert L.
Sharp, Charles F.
Stewart, Floyd A.


Atwood, Harry O.
Barber, William, Jr.
Brooks, Frank
Burroughs, Charles
Gales, Benjamin
Harrison, William
Jefferson, Charles
Laws, William A.
Pheiffer, William M.
Pinn, Henry
Ward, Willis
Williams, Albert I.


Moore, Frank
Wadkins, Isom


Myers, Patrick


Paxton, Edward


Nelson, William


Alexander, Ernest
Anderson, William
Beatty, John W.
Bethel, Ellsworth
Bowles, Chauncy
Bromlet, Noel
Brooks, James
Brown, James
Carter, William
Clark, Spencer
Clay, Samuel
Coleman, Charles
Cooper, Leroy
Curtis, Harry E.
Daniels, Victor
Davidson, Eugene
Dent, Troy
Dry, William
Ellis, Edward
Ford, Walter
Fowler, Leroy
Franklin, Albert
Fullerton, John
Glenn, Jack
Graves, James W.
Grines, William
Hall, Harry R.
Hall, John R.
Harris, Edward
Harris, John
Hawes, Warren
Hawley, frank
Hegie, Wiley
Henderson, William E.
Horne, William
Jackson, Daniel
Jefferson, Henry
Johnson, William H.
Jones, Stephen
Jones, Walter B.
Long, Beneraly
Mack, Thomas
Mann, Frank
Marion, Walter G.
Martin, Thomas
Morris, Arthur B.
Newby, Howard E.
Payne, William
Pierce, Eugene
Porter, Frank
Randolph, Robert
Reed, William H.
Roberts, Edward
Robinson, John
Sommers, James
Stewart, Seth
Straunder, Albert A.
Summers, William A.
Tate, Eugene
Valentine, Frank
Wadkins, Lem
Watts, Charles D.
Whales, James
White, John
White, Samuel
Whittington, Bon
Wiley, Craig
Williams, Albert
Wilson, Fred
Wilson, George B.
Wislon, Arthur
Wood, William
Yates, George Leroy

Company D Discharges:

1st Lt. William H. Brooks
Artificer William A. Johnson
Pvt. Charles E. Brooks
Pvt. George C. Wallace
Pvt. John Starr
Pvt. George A. Mundin

Company D Transfers:

Pvt. John H. Moore to HC

Company D Deaths:

Pvt. Abraham Thompson

Company D Desertions:

Pvt. John Higdon
Pvt. Elwood Armadale
Pvt. John McPheeters
Pvt. Robert J. Johnson
Pvt. Harry E. Lewis
Pvt. Daniel White
Pvt. Charles Walters


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"Ohio Soldiers Injured" The Independent. (Massillon, OH) October 31, 1898, p 3. (info. on Manual/Emanual Mack, Co. C).

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