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Hat Insignia of the Spanish American War Period

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One of the more frequent requests we receive at the Spanish American War Centennial Website is to help identify photographs to determine regimental affiliations etc. of those in the image. One of the easiet ways to do this is to examine the hat insignia. Several of the hat insignia are listed below. Click on the caption below the photo for more information on each item.

If you have a hat insignia that should be added, tell us about it!

Spanish American War Artillery Hat Insignia

U.S. forces - Artillery hat insignia

Spanish American War Infantry Hat Insignia

U.S.forces - Infantry hat insignia

Spanish American War Cavalry Hat Insignia

U.S. forces - Cavalry hat insignia

Spanish American War Embroidered U.S. Navy Cap Ribbon

U.S. Navy Cap Ribbons

Spanish American War Spanish Navy Hat Ribbon

Spanish Navy Cap Ribbons

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