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K Troop, 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry

Living History and Reenactment Group

(Now a piece of history itself...K Troop is no longer in operation)

K Troop on July 4, 1998

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K Troop and compadres on the Texas railroadK Troop, 1st United State Volunteer Cavalry is based out of the Texas State Railroad State Historical Park in Palestine, Texas (about half-way between Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston.

K Troop is the official Living History Representatives of the Texas State Railroad and Texas Parks and Wildlife. The organization has represented the Texas State Railroad State Historical Park with Living History exhibits and encampments of the 1898 period over most of the State of Texas. K Troop shows what life was like in 1898 during the Spanish American War.

Our main goal is educating the public about this very important time period. Very little is seemingly known by students and parents today about how important this time was in the history of the country.

Living History exhibits include several tents, such as Mess Tent (with "mess," or a meal, being prepared), and complete and functional 1898 Troop Field Hospital, a Headquarters Tent and Fly, a Commanding Officers Tent and Fly, “A” Frame Officer’s Tents, “Dog Tents”, and a Guard Post Tent.

Also shown are the weapons used in that time period, such as the Gatling Gun, a Black Powder Cannon, a “Potato Digger” Machine Gun, and a “Maxim” Machine Gun (Spanish).

Equipment used for displays are vintage or faithful reproductions.

Uniforms are the “Rough Rider” uniform. There are both Mounted and Dismounted Troops.

K Troopers have been in the TNT “Rough Riders” mini-series and in several television specials on the Spanish American War filmed in the Railroad Park.  Last year, K Troop hosted the National Centennial of the Spanish American War at the Texas State Railroad State Historical Park where PBS filmed the participants for the PBS Special “Crucible of Empire”.

Cannon firing

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