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Spanish American War - Spanish Campaign Medal

By Patrick McSherry

Front - Spanish Campaign Medal  Back - Spanish Campaign Medal

The medal issued to William Hilyerd of the 1st Kentucky Volunteer Infantry

The Spanish Campaign Army Service medal was originally issued by the United States government beginning on January 11, 1905 to all members of the the U.S. Army who served at sea enroute to, or who served on the ground in Cuba (May 11 to July 17, 1898), in Puerto Rico (July 24 - August 13, 1898) or in the Philippines (June 30 and August 16, 1898). It is similar to the Spanish Campaign Marine Corps Service medal and the Spanish Campaign Navy Service medal.

The front side (left, above) has the statement "WAR WITH SPAIN" around the top. At the bottom is the date "1898." Depicted in the center is a  spanish fortification, possibly a blockhouse. To the right is a stalk of sugar cane, and to the left a stalk of tobacco. Though the images are not the same, the ribbon of yellow and blue, identical to the Navy and Marine version of the medal.

The reverse side (right, above) has the statement "UNITED STATES ARMY" around the top, and "FOR SERVICE" below the eagle. The center bears the image of an eagle alighting on a shield, cannon barrel and a collection of flags. Below the words "FOR SERVICE" are thirteen stars.

The medal was designed by Mr. Francis D. Millet.


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Hilyerd, William - Medal of  William Hilyerd.

"The Spanish Campaign Medal (Army)" -

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