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The Firemens' Washroom Aboard the Cruiser OLYMPIA

By Patrick McSherry
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Moving forward on OLYMPIA's Berth Deck, a companionway passes both ends of a small space which is the firemens' washroom. The washroom has a sink running the full width of the space. Hatches on the opposite bulkhead open to ladders that lead down into the boiler rooms.

After a long shift down in the extremely hot and dirty boiler rooms, the firemen and others who toiled away in the space would come up the ladders and out into the washroom. Here they would get cleaned up as much as was possible before proceeding to the deck and mixing with the remainder of the crew.

Firemans' washroom aboard the cruiser Olympia

This is a view of thefiremens' washroom. The space has a tiled floor, and a sink (at left) running the full width of the space. In the bulkhead at right are hatches that lead down to the boiler rooms.


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