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The Junior Officers' Wardroom  Aboard the Cruiser OLYMPIA

By Patrick McSherry
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The OLYMPIA's Junior Officers' Wardroom is flanked by the officers' country companionways on either side. The wardroom itself is centered over the vessel’s keel.  This wardroom is much smaller than that of the senior officers’ wardroom, since the number of officers who used this area were a lesser number (only those below the rank of lieutenant), and off lesser stature in the crew hierarchy. This would have basically been the "living room" and "dining room" for the junior officers. Here they visited, ate, and spent their free time. The group who used this space were diminutively called the "steerage mess."Again, the space is finished in varnished chestnut. Whereas the Senior Officers' Wardroom had a skylight, the only natural light into the Junior Officers' Wardoom comes in via the portholes that open out into the hot and noisy engine hatch.

Junior Offcers' Wardroom Aboard the Cruiser Olympia

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